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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Chris Wilson on

      Why no response to the folks who paid extra for the line out and were then shafted by your poor planning? I had to pay for the iPhone 5 adapter and Iost line out. Seems to me you don't care once you got our money.

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      Richard Sacks on

      I phone 5 adapter has made a great product awful. I feel totally taken advantage of. Want a refund. Have no use for these at all

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Spencer Callaghan on

      After installing my iPhone 5 adapter I must say I'm a bit disappointed.

      I can no longer easily undock the phone with one hand, one of the major selling points of the Elevation Dock. It also requires me to use up a lightning cable.

      I understand that you guys didn't have the Lightning specs when you launched this product but I hope now that they are out in the wild that you will offer a cheap way for original Kickstarter backers to get a replacement circuit board as soon as one becomes available.

      Any hint as to when that might be?

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      Mark on

      Will you be developing a lightning-compatible circuit board replacement for the Elevation+ (with audio line output)? It would be -very- difficult for me, as an early supporter, to understand why you would not develop a ED+ product for iPhone 5 users (in which case retrofit boards could be sold too!). Thanks!

    6. R J Pages on

      Adapter arrived today. I took my Apple Lighting USB cable inserted it into the adapter and tighten down the clamp screw. Then I got a little file and filed down the sides of the lighting connector just even with the little dimples that hold the connector into the phone.(make sure you round off and sharp edges) I put the adapter into into dock screwed it all back together and it works great and the phone lifts right out with one hand, leaving the dock behind!
      However I agree with the masses... to little to late!
      I can't use my audio out anymore so it is only a charging station ;-(

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      Alan H. on

      One handed removal with the iPhone 5 adapter is a flat out lie. You can no longer undock with 1 hand with an OEM Apple Lightning cable.

      Shame on you Elevation Lab.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Jason on

      This company conned us! I will admit original dock for iphone 4 and below worked as said and was great. but then when they realized their product would soon become a paperweight, they scrambled and came up with the adapter which simply doesnt work!!! THE BEAUTY OF YOUR ORIGINAL DOCK WAS BEING ABLE TO USE ONE HAND!!! That isnt possible now. Its a major struggle to get it out at all! Why did you lie and try to sell us an inferior substitute! Please people return your adapters if they dont work as theyre advertised and supposed to like the original product! And as far as them saying its better if you sand down the wire end, are you crazy!! Thats your job!! Maybe you should have sold us it with the wire sanded down yourselves!!!

    10. Erik Berls on

      My only guess with the people who can remove their phone one handed is that you've got a cable on the low end of tolerance spectrum and/or multiple insertion/removals has worn things down a bit.

      I actually went with the Shapeways made adapter (ordered it two days before us Kickstarters got late notice about the availability of the machined ones). With that adapter the phone is not quite as perched on the connector as with the one above (see photo above with how far out the white of the cable sits above the red of the adapter). That adapter is a *pain* to insert however.

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      milkshame on

      Thank you for sending me a dock that didn't worked at all with iPhone 4S and for make me spending now 23$ extra to receive the adapter to let it works with an iPhone5. You sent the dock very very late and we don't deserve to be conned this way. Anyway, hope no-one will fund your eventual future projects.

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      Charles Friedberg on

      Terrific way to thank your months behind on delivery with abysmal, infrequent updates 'informing us so', finally deliver it just in time for it to become a paperweight in usefulness, and ask supporters to pony up more money. Kudos Casey, kudos. I'll buy 50.

    13. Mike Enos on

      Guys - I got my iPhone 5 adapters today, and they work great. Very happy to be using my ElevationDock again.

      I'm also fully able to undock it one handed; don't know what some of you guys are complaining about there.

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      Jeremy on

      I received my iPhone 5 adaptor here in NZ. It's a very nice piece of machining and a great solution (my dock is the basic one without line out) - however, after all the waiting I am absolutely GUTTED that I've stripped the aluminium thread of the adaptor where the clamp screw screws in!! It didn't seem to take much force for this to happen, and the thread engagement could/should be longer. I'm sure I won't be the only or last person to have this happen.

      I've tried to wedge something between the dock and the adaptor in an attempt to clamp the Lightning cable tight enough so it doesn't move - will see how it goes.

      Casey - how about you add a counterbore to the bottom of the adaptor, slip an o-ring over the Lightning plug body, then clamp onto the o-ring once in place. The o-ring would squash down so that the adaptor still clamps onto the plug for stability, but also has the added friction of the o-ring. The cost of the o-ring is peanuts, and I'm sure the additional machining time would be minuscule also.

    15. Thomas Rand-Nash on

      hello. i still have yet to receive my dock. i realized that i moved, but i gave you the new address quite early, and your team assured me it would not be a problem. please advise as to how i might finally get my dock. thank you.

    16. Adam Selby on

      It's more than snug, it's extremely tight. I can't do it one-handed without using the entire side of my hand. Disappointing purchase..

    17. Adam Sentz on

      @Lisa - I understand that it's your job to do damage control, but give me a break. I'm neither a moron nor a weakling. I can literally pick the dock up by the phone and shake it like I'm shaking up a bottle of ketchup and the dock stays on. It is physically impossible for me to remove the phone from the dock with one hand; the dock comes with it no matter what.

      So your solution is for me to spend another $19 on a Lightning cable and ruin it with a Dremel? Awesome.

      I get that Apple screwed your company over switching the connector when they did. I know that you can't get Lightning plugs. And I know that you have a lot of customers furious that you delivered their 30-pin dock to them months after the iPhone 5 came out. None of that excuses your false advertising.

      I'm aware that I can send it back, but your refund policy is that you keep the, lets be honest, exorbitant $5.42 shipping charge, and I pay to ship it back. So I'm pretty much out $10 for the adapter, plus $59 for my obsolete dock.

      Is Elevation Lab afraid to stand behind their products? Or will you give me a full refund?

    18. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Adam - If you push down behind the phone with your pinky, you should be able to undock it one handed - I'm doing it with the dock on my desk now. Maybe try the side of your hand. If you're not happy, you can return it no problem. If you want a lot less friction, many folks have emailed us that they sanded down the Lightning connector above the little divots on the side and it works like our custom low-friction 30pin connector. -Lisa

    19. Adam Sentz on

      I just installed my Lightning adapter. The simple fact is that Elevation Lab are liars.

      "But with the ElevationDock's weight, just some pressure from your pinky and you can remove your phone without the base moving."

      That's a complete lie. I can't undock my iPhone 5 with one hand. Period. It takes two hands. This defeats the purpose of the dock entirely. If this bothers you, don't buy one.

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      Michael Hopp on

      I received my Lightning adapters today. Overall, I'm disappointed in where things stand. This will be a rehash of what others have said, but ah well. The dock worked great for the couple months I was using it my 4S. Tough timing for the Elevation guys with respect to the 5/Lightning release, exacerbated by the crazy delays: if the Elevation dock was delivered on time, people would have gotten much more use out of it.

      And the Lightning adapter is a letdown. It is made to the same high levels as the dock, but the functionality is disappointing. The plug sticks and requires two hands to remove an iPhone. The space constraints under the dock require an extreme bend in the Lightning cord, which makes me fearful about the negative impact on the $30 cord's longevity. In order to get the cord to fit at all, you have to push the Lightning cord up so that the base of the cord (the top of the white plastic piece, which sits against the iPhone when the cord is inserted) is sticking up above the base of the dock. So rather than the iPhone 5 resting along the full width of its base in the dock, it is only resting on the small area around the Lightning plug. These issues are out of Elevation's hands, at least until they come up with a setup like what they have for the dock connector, so I will give them a pass there. However, the Lightning adapter kit inexplicably excludes an update to the rubber piece that the iPhone rests against when docked, so that the iPhone 5 is free floating due to its decreased thickness. If you have a 5 docked and press on it, such as to touch the screen, all the force of your push is absorbed by the Lightning plug/port interface. This is something under Elevation's control and therefore very frustrating for me.

      I've emailed Elevation to ask about this and will update my comment if they respond. For now I'm just going to use the dock with my old iPhone, as I'm not willing to break a cord or my iPhone 5's Lightning port due to the Elevation dock's issues.

    21. Ashley Snowdon on

      Absolutely disgusted with the way Casey has treated us backers. I'm not going to waste my time listing the reasons as almost all of the comments below mention it. Will never be supporting ElevationLabs again. Oh well, lesson learned.

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      Paul Brenner on

      Wait, am I supposed to understand that after I kickstarted this project, paid for my docks, and then (eventually) received those docks, you aren't even going to give me free stuff for the rest of my life whenever apple changes the iphone?

      Because that sounds pretty much exactly how the world works, so how is everyone surprised?

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      Renee Bashor on

      I made my last comment several months ago, and was disappointed because I hadn't received my dock. I believed I had been stupid to have backed this project. Little did I know - I received it, it worked for a week, and then "told" me that my phone could not be supported.

      Great paper weight!

      I've learned a lot from this experience. I believe that this was a somewhat sincere project. From my own experience, and from reading other comments, I think this was a flawed project from its inception. There was a fabulous marketing job for something that didn't really exist and which ended up not really being what was promised. I think that I was silly to back something flashy, when I really couldn't afford it, and when I could have bought what I really wanted from an established company.

    24. AC on

      What about those folks who ordered a dock with the line out option? Do we just pull the entire board and replace it with the new adapter?

    25. Ruslan on

      Casey, I've paid 79$ for Elevation Dock+ and 20$ for International Shipping, I got it 1 mounth ago without Lightning adapter!!! Now I have to pay again for new adapter and shipping! WTF?! And what about Audio Out??? Hey People, what happens? I was tricked I'm sad. О_о I propose to unite and file a class action suit!

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob Cordosi on

      Wow! What a dick move! Thanks for leaving the people who FUNDED YOU, in the dark! How quickly you forgot about us after you got the product out. You promised several times that the adapter would be free and you didn't even give us a heads up about its availability. We, the backers made you. We, the backers supported you through the whole campaign. We waited patiently, with very few complaints for you to release the product and this is the thanks we get. Thanks for nothin. Thanks for screwing us on the connector adapter. Thanks for screwing us that purchase the audio out dock. Thanks for leaving us in the dust. At the very least you could have communicated with us about the adapter. I am at a total loss as to why you just decided not to let us know. Would you care to explain why you went this direction?

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Young on

      Hi there.

      Pretty disappointed that the dock took so long to ship, that it was not held back until the adapter was available as requested, that I have not been able to use it, that I now have to pay another ~35% 'tax' to actually get some use from it.

      Maybe i will order the adapter - maybe I will just throw the dock away and bitch for eternity - you've ruined kickstarter for me


    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jablonski on

      Awesome, not only did I receive an outdated product, but I also get the following awesome features:

      - Doesn't work with Dock+, so all of that extra money I spent for audio out... pointless
      - Weeks late (and more weeks with shipping)
      - Adapter doesn't address the frictionless functionality (another selling point) of the Dock.
      - Announce it to non-backers first and then announce it here when it's already on backorder.

      Look, I'm glad I got my product, even if it was months late and shipping even later. However, they've horribly handled this campaign and it's updates. The updates were few and far between when it came down to the wire, the last minute changes have sent this product into a different direction and overall these new additions feel very cheap.

      I'd rather have waited until you introduced a proper lightning adapter. You basically hosed all of us who bought a Dock+. Not only that, but one of the most major selling points, frictionless release, got hosed as well. I'm aware I can shave down the sides of my connector, but that isn't what I was told would need to happen.

      I'm tired of these updates putting lipstick on a pig. Come up with a better solution. This one sucks.

    29. Erik Berls on

      It was a great *idea*, but they fell down across the finish line, plain and simple.

      @Oluseyi: excepting that people don't always have an option to "Don't upgrade [their] iPhone". ElevationLab implied they would take care of their backers. At this point I see multiple levels of "punt". From expensive adapter + shipping, to loss of features, to "just use your finger". Fortunately, there are other vendors out there who producing a iPhone5 dock, with a custom board for the connector, and made of steel.

      As for my 2 Docks, (one is a +), if the packaging wasn't destroyed in shipping, I might have gifted. I'll probably take the dremel to one or both. There's a particular shade of red anodizing I wanted anyway.

    30. Orlando Wood on

      Guys, thank you for the dock and thank you for trying to fix the unexpected update that apple threw your way. This isn't easy and I think it's easy for people to act like Kickstarter is a service like amazon and the projects are multi-nationals who turn out product constantly.

      Anyway, thanks for creating a great product, thanks for trying to update it and congratulations for getting your project off the ground.

    31. david helmreich on

      Pretty disappointing guys. First you make this available to folks other than backers first and to add insult to injury, you charge shipping for the adapter?

      Turned an exciting experience into a shitty one.

    32. Michael Jones on

      Just reread the blog and it states in June 4th that they would "make available" the changes for lightening adapter. Oh well. My idea and their idea of make available are not the same. Mea culpa.

    33. Michael Jones on

      Wow, could have sworn the lightning update was promised as that, an update for those of us that funded the project. Really disappointed.

    34. Oluseyi on

      Mmm, the smell of entitlement sure is strong around these parts! You backed a project to create a superior dock for the iPhone as it was known at the time, and you got just that. Promises of future enhancements with no loss of functionality were based on the then-current expectation that the Dock connector would remain; that the Lightning connector decreases the utility of the Elevation Dock - or, really, any other peripheral you had bought for the iPod/iPhone ecosystem - is "just one of those things." Don't upgrade your iPhone if it's that big a deal to you.

      Saw Marco's post on the adapter a while back. Not planning to upgrade until the new year, but might go ahead and order the adapter early. Thanks for the update, Casey, and great work, Elevation Labs!

    35. Greg on

      The adapter ships in two weeks. So by two weeks, you mean six months?

    36. Missing avatar

      Adam S. on

      @Adam Selby,
      I understand the decision to delay the announcement to us, but I disagree with it. We're the original backers of the project. It would have been better business sense to let us know first about the Lighting adapter availability, instead of Facebook users (or simultaneously). There are about 2300 Facebook likers and 12,521 Kickstarter backers as of this comment posting. They could've quietly launched the web site, let the orders trickle in from web site visitors for a few days (I'm sure there are a decent amount--enough to "make sure everything was working before a big KS update"), and then officially announce it to BOTH Facebook users and project backers at the SAME time. Heck, how about even a day later? "the first 1000 adapters were spoken for in a couple hours"--so why wait a week to let us place our orders? I respect them; I think the product is great; and I think they've done just about everything else right. Just not this time. It's not a huge deal, but it's worth acknowledging.

    37. Richard Courtenay on

      As an aside and in addition to my other questions. Any plans for other colours?

    38. Wayne A Arthurton on

      I don't understand how anyone can hold the project responsible for the new iPhone. That's part of kickstarter. It's a gamble. We lost. Great idea, but its for the product a year ago.

      Will either give away or sell. Maybe will lend out until some magic solution happens. :)

      Anyone who is a hater, I'll take them off your hands. I have tons of friends with 30pin devices that will not be upgrading for a long time.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matt Massey on

      I could SWEAR that you all promised to ship an adapter for iPhone 5 when it came out. I am going to look back over the blog posts, but I know that it was a promised feature. "At no cost to our backers". I know I saw it somewhere.

    40. Richard Courtenay on

      It'd be good to hear what you were planning in regards to the following

      a) Eventually adopting a frictionless design for the cable. Presumably having a cable where the notch goes right to the end would almost accomplish that.

      b) Audio out for Dock+ owners.

      I know the lightening thing kind of messed you up, but reports are coming in of device manufacturers starting to produce accessories (see The final accessory at that site is a custom cable, which means something must be known or in place that could potentially address the frictionless adapter part. Audio Out might still be an issue, but it'd be good to know if or when you will be looking into it.

    41. Dan Moore on

      I received my dock a few months ago and besides the packaging being completely damaged (part of being an online business is control on shipping) I was incredibly happy with this dock next to my bed at my home. About a week later, and it's outdated.

      Definitely understand that the iPhone 5 dock changes were not your fault, but the dock was released and immediately outdated (I used mine for about a week before I upgraded iPhone 4->5).
      a $21 (rounded up after SHIPPING) "fix" that's an extra 3 weeks out (because I missed the leak that you COULD have prevented - hell, make the site work but DON'T ALLOW ORDERS) is very disappointing.

      I'm not a mechanical engineer and I don't understand the frictionless component, but that was the selling point of this dock. Seems you've lost it with iPhone 5, and I now have a $75 paperweight.

      Because of these downturns, I wouldn't recommend the dock. Sorry guys. Was an impressive start. Hope you can turn it around one day.

    42. Adam Selby on

      @Adam S, Casey explained why in the update. And if you followed the project in any other outlet (i.e. Facebook) you would've been able to see it.

      @Erik, some people have reported filing down the sides of the lightning connector when using a plastic 3D printed insert. I'm sure the same thing would work here. Lightning has two little nubs on both sides of the connection.

    43. Ankit Gupta on

      I have to agree somewhat with Kurt and Jason. It's disappointing (although I do know it's not Elevation's fault!) that there's not the option to continue using the microUSB cable that came with our docks and have a microUSB to lightning adapter like this one:
      Maybe if there is the option somewhere down the road to get an adapter that has a frictionless lightning connector in place of the current 30 pin connector so that I don't have to use another lightning cord, I would consider buying it, but for now I am going to pass. I'm looking forward to seeing where the dock goes from here but for now I can't justify spending nearly $40 on top of what I've already paid to get my dock working again (and that too, not even low-friction...)

    44. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      "But with the ElevationDock's weight, just some pressure from your pinky and you can remove your phone without the base moving."

      I almost hate to say this because I really respect these guys but for any iPhone5 users who are potential buyers, keep the above wording wording in mind. "Some" pressure and "without moving the base." Unless they've added an extra pound to the weight of this dock or you exercise your pinky at the gym, the friction from the Lightening connector is going to make removing your iPhone5 a two-handed procedure like any other dock. I'm sorry but it just is. I know because I've been using the Lightening connecter with my Elevation for two weeks. And I'm a 6'5 guy with powerful, Ron Swanson-esque hands.

      Yes, Elevation looks great. But for me, the entire point of buying it was so I could easily remove my phone. Without that, I don't see it being nearly as practical. If you use an iPhone4, this is moot. But if you have an iPhone5... until a frictionless Lightening connector comes out (and don't expect one anytime soon since they're proprietary) or you greatly value form over function, I simply can't justify recommending this to anyone.

    45. jason carlin on

      So it'll cost me $70 (plus tax and shipping) to update my two Docks, and I lose audio line out support on both?

      I am incredibly disappointed. I paid a premium to support this product and it's just gotten more expensive and lost features.

      Not to mention the fact that my two docks shipped with TWO busted circuit boards and one bunk cable. I was shipped replacement circuit boards and a cable last week and no one even thought to offer me a lightning adapter instead.

      Guys, this has turned into a lousy experience several times over.

    46. Missing avatar

      aparkar on

      Any plans on making a Dock+ compatible version? That is, with audio out.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Baudis on

      Is there a special ordering/discount for backers who want more? May have been asked previously...

    48. Missing avatar

      Brent on

      Here is what Casey said previously on the audio out (doesn't sound possible right now because of teh way apple designed it). I'd rather be able to use the dock with my new phone now and if they figure out some way to get the audio out down the road, all the better.

      Apple's new connector is all digital, requires a proprietary authentication chip, audio-out would need digital to audio conversion, and their custom connector end has very complicated metal and plastic overmolded construction - a tall order to roll your own. Apple supplies all lightning connectors directly, hasn't supplied them to any suppliers yet, but when they do, Apple MFi requires and audits only finished and packaged goods and would not approve a swappable PCB insert . If Apple went with an open standard like microUSB, it would be a different story. But our cord mount works great, we have been using and testing them for weeks.

    49. Aviv on

      Wonderful update! Wonderful product and world-class people.... Casey, you've done an amazing job with the entire project. Nobody could have imagined the gigantic scope. And to keep from going over to China for the lightning connectors, great work! They look beautiful!

      Guys, let's give Casey some credit here! He's a young entrepreneur doing his best to make a world-class product! In my books, he's doing phenomenally well! GOOD WORK CASEY!