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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.

Lightning Strikes

Posted by Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab (Creator)

Apple debuted their new connector yesterday for the upcoming iPhone5, its 80% smaller, all digital and works in both orientations. We will be designing and making a bolt-in swappable mount for the new cord as soon as we can get our hands on a sample. The width of the new phone didn't change, so it should fit well in the pocket and make these future proof.

On the manufacturing front, we have less than 15% left to get through bead blasting and anodizing. This, as you know, has been a very frustrating step in this big project. The new vendors we brought on have had a high percentage of rejected parts - mostly from uneven surface finishes on the hard to control micropolishing step where they dip the docks in 210° bathes of mostly nitric and phosphoric acid. As we have learned, the chemistry in these bathes changes throughout the day so samples have to be frequently taken to the lab for titration and then chemical levels adjusted.  We had to bring them to a halt a half dozen times to get their processes right and have been working with them directly on their shop floors. Refinishing those non-passed parts makes them take about 4x as long to do because they have to be inspected, stripped, re-blasted and anodized again. I think these final docks should go out the week after next if our anodizers stay the current course.


Casey & ElevationLab

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    1. Missing avatar

      Reidar Lovlie on

      The Elevation Dock is really a beautiful and elegant piece of machinery! I received mine the other day, and was very satisfied with how eaasily the iPhone was retrieved from the Dock.
      However; I wanted to change the shoret USB-cord and - in spite of pressing with my finger - the usb-contact came loose from the small PC-board. There is no hope of soldering it back in place,
      so I hope you may sell me the contact - PC-board with the mini-USB so I can re-place it - and
      enjoy the Elevation Dock fully.

      Reidar Løvlie
      Renen 16
      N-5099 Bergen

    2. Ian Rinestine on

      Surprised that Casey hasn't posted about this, but the solution for those of us with iPhone 5s can be purchased at

      Disappointing that there are no discounts for early dock purchasers, but this appears to be the best option at this point.

    3. Noah Waxman on

      Any update on how to buy iPhone 5 cable for this?

    4. M Moon

      So how do we obtain the Lightening cable parts for our Elevation Dock?

    5. Missing avatar

      DanCath on

      Lighting cable/adapter ETA?

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Taylor on

      I ordered this almost in the beginning. I did not add the amount fo r shipping to Canada and was later emailed by Casey personally that he would cover it, thanking me for the support. Then I kept getting numerous emails from Kickstarter asking me to send more money for shipping. I kept forwarding the email back from Casey proving that it would be covered by Elevation Labs. Finally they relented and said yes that's fine. But it was 5 months after that that I finally received my dock (in October) but now I have an iPhone 5 so the dock is entirely unuseable by me. Now they want $21 (includes shipping) to send me an adapter.

      They should be sending FREE adapters to those who received their docks after a certain date, especially those of us who contributed and bought one very early on and had to wait until the iPhone 5 came out to get their dock. At minimum the adapter should be free with free shipping. Or the adapter should be free and we pay for shipping. Or, if that's too much to ask then not free but at least provide a discount code that can be used once on the Elevation Labs website to order the adapter. I mean, please, SOMETHING!!!!!! It's not our fault that the docks shipping so late (yes there are reasons for the delays but then don't make promises when you are trying to raise money).

      And, um, why in the world is the adapter plastic bright red? Sheeeesh!

      I supported this company from the beginning, the excessive delays were

    7. Victor Leal Garcia on

      Can i get a free shipping code for the adapter? I already expended so much in the dock (U$99)

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Imam on

      I think a $20 ( including shipping ) for a red adapter is a bit much especially who were true believers of the Elevation Dock to bring this to reality. Maybe we should be given a free shipping code?

    9. Anthony Barker on

      Had the Dock for a month or so now. Great quality, finish and is a well tailored product. Like some others have said, the packaging could have done with a little more thought involved, but hey, it's what is inside that counts, even if you do have to murder the box to get at it! :)

      Also like the others, I too have taken on an iPhone 5 by the time I had received the dock and hoping there maybe a cheeky little discount for us backers? $15/$19 is all well and good but for the time it has taken to receive the docks for some people it is a mild kick in the balls.

    10. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Malapert on

      Casey, the docks are absolutely beautiful and I am a proud backer of the project. But more and more people are getting anxious about the Lightning connector and it's been nearly two months since your last update... could you let us know where you are at with the swappable mount ? Any licensing issue with Apple we should be aware of?

    11. Everykey Inc. on

      Why are the adapters bright red? Doesn't seem like it fits the color scheme of the dock, I'd much prefer a white one that matches the Lightning cable or even a black one.

    12. Alleyoop

      My Dock arrived in Austria and since I might get a company issued iPhone 5 I wondered if there are any updates regarding this :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      I can second the Shapeways insert. I have used an insert to convert one of my docks. It works well, although I need to file down the connector a bit to stop the connector "gripping" the iPhone 5. Overall, it is a great temporary fix while EL sort out the converters.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jodi Hansen on

      I got some inserts printed via Shapeways and they arrived today. I have opened the bottom of my Elevation Dock now to try and insert the 3D model. However, I have the Dock+ with audio jack, so I think that I would have to pull that out to get the 3D model inserted?
      This defeats the purpose of the Dock+ version. I don't want to ruin my dock. So, does anyone know what I can do? Do I pull out the red board completely so as I then just use the Dock with an iPhone 5 cable? If I do that, will I be able to replace it later with the official Dock+ insert for iPhone 5?

    15. Missing avatar


      Received my dock in UK. I am on iPhone 5 so I am waiting for the swappable mount. The dock is very good build, I got a USB cable with a micro USB end with my dock. Now I have to get a female male USB cable. On top of that I got a customs charge of £13.78 to get my dock. The packaging is totally crap. I think Mr casey should have send out the docks with the mount for iPhone 5 since it was so late.

    16. Missing avatar

      Conor Porter on

      My fiancee is truly enjoying the Elevation Dock but seeing as I bought it for my own use I'd like to know when I can expect to plug in my iPhone 5.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Devlin on

      Matte Black Dock+ arrived in Ireland. Excellent finish and build quality, thanks guys!

    18. John Luker

      Finally. It's here. Dock is as expected. Packaging sucks. Big time. Really bad. Awful.

    19. Nicholas Rovisa on

      Love my elevation dock. So much so that I'm waiting to upgrade to the 5 until you've confirmed the bolt-in swappable mount. Any word on when we'll be able to get our hands on this?

      Oh yeah.. and thanks for all your hard work, guys!

    20. Missing avatar

      lieven wyseur on

      dock arrived @ Belgium !

    21. Missing avatar

      Graham on

      Finally got mine and all looks good. I am in Singapore. But looking to upgrade to iphone 5 later this month and will be useless again until an adapter comes out. Hurry please!

    22. Kc Chen on

      The good news - dock arrived today, in Taiwan

    23. Missing avatar

      Boris Meixner on

      FInally after more than 9 months since I pledged my dock arrived (Germany) - everything looks good and works fine. Still need to try to open it and swap cables though. cheers

    24. Mitch Cave on

      Any update in the Lightning connector? I unfortunately have yet to receive my dock and since I upgraded my phone the dock will also be useless to me until that time... =(

    25. BigToe on

      The good news - dock arrived today, in New Zealand. The bad news - I've bought an iP5. And no, I don't want to be mucking about with any swappable items. Putting the thing on TradeMe today.

    26. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Took a long time, but just received my dock. It was worth the wait. A beautiful, solid, well-machined device.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      WIll the lightnign connector replacement work with a case on the phone? The stupid Apple adapter doesn't.

    28. John Luker

      Still waiting. Maybe by the time the iPhone 6 is released...

    29. Lucas Simon Phai on

      I haven't receive the dock yet I'm in singapore.

    30. Carlos on

      I've sent an email 5 days ago to Elevation Lab because one of my docks has the cord connector broken... and still no response. Damn, I know they are busy, but I paid 59$+20$ (shipping) + 40$ (customs) to get a DOCK!!! I expect great customer service.

    31. Chan Thye Chuan on

      Seeing how some people are getting malfunctioning products and getting zero replies about it, I can only hope this damm thing isn't broken before I can use it. Somehow the 6 month delay and lack of communication really makes me wonder why did I even back this in the first place. If you are looking for feedback, I can only say that all the dammed time you wasted with your empty promises and bad forecasting just makes whatever quality product you are delivering totally insignificant. Yea, you might want to think about that.

    32. Missing avatar

      300rwhp on

      for those in canada I got my dock last week. It works as promised since the beginning. The packaging is excellent and I like my dock.

    33. Caesar on

      Received my Dock on Friday oct 12th. $79 and 9 months later I have a dock sitting without a iphone. Switched my phone to samsung galaxy s3 two month ago.

    34. Carlos on

      Received my two docks. Looks INCREDIBLE, but there is one problem: one of the docks simply doesn't work, and when I opened to see inside the microUSB connector is broken. I also was surprised with the packing, the boxes were with some dirt and damaged in some points.

      Well, I've written an email to ElevationLab to seek a solution, and I also hope to see a Lightning update soon because I have here my iPhone 5 !!!


    35. Missing avatar

      Kyphos on

      For the 15% still awaiting their Dock, esp those in Canada, I can report there is a glimmer of hope.
      On Oct 2, I received an e-mail from Nicole @ Kickstarter advising that my black Dock had been sent to their fulfillment company for shipping. Then on Oct 8, I got another e-mail indicating that it had shipped, with delivery expected in 6 to 10 days. Unfortunately, no trackng number was provided, so there's no way to know its whereabouts. Fingers crossed that it makes it's way across the border, and has only a brief visit with Customs where it will be assessed duty, taxes, and brokerage fees.

    36. Scott C. Merrell on

      Hi, guys - in your update #14 (also posted this on update #14 page, but thought I should move it up front in case you aren't reviewing older post strings), when talking about the circuit boards, you noted, "One luxury we don't have are a bunch of production Docks in the wild to see if and where anything fails." I guess I just became a beta tester.

      I was an original backer, received Dock+ in black, and loved it, but today the audio out line stopped working. iPhone still plays through its own speakers and charges in the dock, but does not recognize line level out.

      Tried several different audio cables and even headphones to get it to work, to no avail.

      Tried swapping between my phone (4) and wife's (4s) to no avail.

      All devices have been on surge protector since the day I got them, too, so not anticipating a power or surge issue that might have fried the board (and definitely not just this one part of this board).

      Even tried unplugging it all and putting it all back together on the off-chance it was just a loose connection - no dice.

      Would like to know how to get this repaired, or how to secure a new bolt-in circuit board so that I can go back to using the audio out feature.

      Truly love the dock when all features are working - may even buy more for other rooms if we can get this circuit board issue addressed.

      Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.

    37. John S Hansen on

      Please post news about iPhone 5 update...

    38. Dave Warren on

      Regarding the Lightning connector, one thought that comes to mind: Is the authentication chip even a problem if Casey adds a lighting-in connector using Apple's own cable and simply passes each of the pins through to the device?

      Sure, this would require users to buy their own Lightning cable, but I, for one, already have a Lightning cable at every place where I'd put one of my beautiful-but-not-compatible docks and would have no problem permanently docking.

      This wouldn't get audio-out either, but again, that's a price I'd be willing to pay, I really just want to charge anyway, my docks only have audio-out because I once you go black, you really don't go back, even for docks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Fountas on

      I have a suggestion to make to all the iPhone 5 OWNERS. You might want to consider backing this project (I have):
      If it gets backed, you wont have to worry about receiving (who knows when and how much they'll charge now that they already have your business!!!) an adaptor from ElevationLabs! In addition, you'll have an iPhone case (which from what I hear is a must since iPhone 5 gets scratched quite easily), double battery life, extended memory and better photo quality in low light settings. That's of course if this is not another "ElevetionLabs type company", making you wait 6 months (and counting) more than what promised to deliver...I want to believe it isn't, since it doesn't have as many backers and machining is not involved. Food for thought...

    40. Missing avatar

      Frederik Visser on

      Same here - ETD Apr 2012. Still waiting. Since upgraded to iphone 5. This has been extremely frustrating as the little feedback I've received have been so vague.... I give up.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rocco Juliano on

      happy i received my dock and it worked great with my iphone 4s... but now my iphone 5 misses docking so much. any updates on getting a lightning version?

    42. Nick Peelman on

      glad I'm not the only one still waiting with an Est. Delivery of April...

    43. Missing avatar

      Argo on

      "Estimated delivery: Apr 2012"

      That' Still waiting

    44. Missing avatar

      Joanne on

      Love my Elevation dock, it's beautiful. I will need the iPhone 5 add on too as I just upgraded my iPhone to the 5.

    45. Ahmed Khalifa on

      i am still waiting! how come some people got and some didnt!

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Mine arrived last week in the Netherlands. I had to pay about EUR 20 in import tax. Nevertheless, very happy with a nice product. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Adam Diamond on

      I have mine, and I'm very pleased. I will need the iPhone 5 add on too, but I have to say this is an amazingly great piece of equipment.

    48. Chan Thye Chuan on

      Still waiting. Or not. Already gave up all hope on kickstarter and elevation lab as a whole. Totally zero notifications since February. Probably gonna discourage anyone I know from supporting any of them. I mean LunaTik was a good thing but kickstarter on a whole has been terribly irresponsible in terms of quality checking their developers especially, on big projects like this. Thanks alot for wasting hours of my time just checking or sending emails regarding sending a reply or just writing these feedback comments.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jodi Hansen on

      I'm still waiting on mine as well, but now I have an iPhone5, so I need the additional parts as well. Actually, I can't even use the docks (I ordered 2) until I get the iPhone 5 I am wondering if I can get them shipped at the same time?

    50. John Luker

      Still waiting. Patiently. For now.