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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.

Final stretch

Posted by Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab (Creator)

The 19000th dock and back plate has finished machining. Whew.

Our two bead blast/anodizing vendors that we talked about in prior updates are still having problems delivering to us at their promised speed and quality. I personally apologize to the remaining minority of backers that have not got their docks yet, it has been extremely frustrating communicating to you what has been firmly committed to us and not being able to deliver at that speed.

Our surface finishing process, which matches the beautiful finish on Apple's aluminum parts, takes twice as many steps as common anodizing and there are dozens of variables that affect the final finish - all have to be carefully controlled and repeated. Its doubly hard doing it at this huge scale. Parts that do not come out right are stripped, re-blasted and go through the process again. (1000+ rejected parts in the past month). A third anodizer has been brought on to help this final push and beyond.

If you haven't got your dock yet, it will not be long.  And reiterating, we do plan to make a bolt-in swappable upgrade if Apple does change their connector.

Thank you,

- Casey and everyone at ElevationLab

(If you need to contact us, please email kickstarter[at] and not through the Kickstarter messenger. If asking about your shipment date, its as fast as our vendors can anodize them and that has fluctuated daily.)


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    1. Dev Mukherjee on

      Love it, done such a great job. hand up for i5 connector here as well :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jamie Wilde on

      My Black Dock+ finally arrived today. Looks good (no scratches) and appears to work well :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Susman on

      Hi, please can you advise when I will receive my doc as I am still waiting for it in the UK. Also please send info for i5 conversion. Thanks.

    4. Chanakya Shah on

      Where is my dock??????????????????????????????

    5. Chan Thye Chuan on

      Aha. So all I can gather here is:
      1) I am never getting this items and can go suck it because even if they refuse to deliver the goods, I cannot do shit about it because I am an international buyer.


      2) No one is listening. That's why there is no email response. No kickstarter response. No comment response.


      3) I eventually get the dock but it sucks.

      Yeap. I think that's the only few scenarios that seem absolutely possible from all the 'feedback' and lack of communication despite 8 months of patience and restraint to continue to find a logical explanation to the total lack of effort to communicate or response to messages sent. I was assuming that all that premium paid was at least enough to hire someone to sieve through all the emails on a daily basis.

    6. mohammad on

      Also, it will take time to get the new connectors...When companies like monster, belkin, and others dont have these yet, that means theres a reason. However, we need updates....anything.

    7. mohammad on

      Just got my tax. Canadian resident--under 100 i dont think they charge brokerage...regardless I am happy.
      Everyone needs to chill out on the new connectors. This company advertised the product as being made for the 30pin. There are already 100s of articles on the internet stating that Apple is getting first dibs on the new connectors, and arent licensing them out ot third parties just yet. If they ARE covering the costs for new connectors, thats awesome--but i dont expect them to. You can't really hold them liable for this! JMHO--and i will be lining up for the ip5 next week. :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I just got my Dock delivered, a heads up for any other Canadian backers: They shipped through UPS and we get charged for brokerage and tax, the delivery of 3 Docks cost me $45 in Taxes/Brokerage fees.

      As mentioned by other people, the packaging is a bit awkward to open and the short USB cable is really short, probably should have just used the long cable as default. Aside from that, everything seems great!

      Hopefully we'll hear from Casey soon about the new iPhone 5 connector...

    9. Chan Thye Chuan on

      Woohoo. Officially ignored by Elevation Docks. Comment here, no response. Message via Kickstarter, no response. Email-ed directly, no response. Give it another 2 more months and I probably can add scam to the list of disappointments. Even though Double Fine is the only project which I backed that is actually making effort to deliver what they promised, I highly doubt I will recommend another kickstarter project to anyone. Guess Gizmodo was right after all. Kickstarter is just a messy heap of ideas that is hardly of any substance.

    10. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      New dock connector for the new phone and haven't even received the dock to use with the 4S yet. Any chance of getting the new dock connector included with the old one for those of us who had to wait to get the dock until after the iPhone 5 announcement?

    11. Gianluca Tranchedone on

      Also my dock arrived yesterday with the announcement of the new connector… :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Tero Keränen on

      Is it possible to get the new Lightning connector by default if my dock has not been shipped?

    13. Zac Bowling on

      This is annoying. New iPhones and this thing still hasn't shipped. Come on man.

    14. Matthew Kinman on

      I just got my dock on the same day that the iPhone 5 smaller adapter has been confirmed. Hoping we are getting the new adapter sent out asap cause my phone just died and I will be getting the new 5. Please let us know with an update!

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Please include iphone5 connecter in the package, I haven't got my docks yet, I just don't wanna wait months just for the connecters, :( , so please. Thank you if you read this.

    16. Justin Pakes on

      Just a dock would be great. One month since this update, still nothing.

    17. Anthony Barker on

      +1 on all comments regarding the new iPhone 5 connector. I have yet to receive my dock and seeing as I have waited this long there is no harm in waiting a little longer if an iPhone 5 solution was bundled in. Thanks.

    18. Jack Walsh

      Hi folks. Taking a look at all the comments here; with 11,000 backers and almost 200 comments here (many of them unhappy), it appears you have satisfied 98.2% of your customer base. Good job so far! It's too bad that a lot of folks haven't received their product yet, but I have no doubt you will ensure proper delivery to each and every one!

      PS, I have both my docks, and they are fantastic in every regard. Thank you again!

    19. Missing avatar

      John Reinhold on

      Now would be a good time to post the plans and timelines for the new connectors. I want to upgrade our two 2.5 year old iPhone 4 - yet we purchased 4 Elevation docks (that's $236 worth of docks) that we wouldn't be able to use if we upgrade to the iPhone 5.

      Simply some information on plans and timelines - I understand that it takes a little bit to engineer a replacement but given the poor communication lines this past year here is a genuine opportunity to show customers that you are committed to customer satisfaction!

      P.S. We love our docks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Arnaud on

      Agreed with other commenters, at this point I'd rather wait a bit more and have the alternative connector included so updating to the new iPhone will not be a problem

    21. Felix Schuller on

      Didn't get mine, either. Did you already ship internationally? I live in Germany, maybe it is at the customs because they want me to pay some taxes? I don't know, not a sign from anywhere ... =/

      And what about the new cable - do you give this to backers as soon as it is available? Or do we have to buy it somewhere?

    22. Scotty Vernon on

      No sign of my docks either. I'm moving house soon! Something i didn't think i'd need to worry about when i submitted my delivery address for the order survey over 5months ago.

      Really disappointed.

    23. Tobias Sueling on

      So here we go: half a year down, still no docks and now Apple redesigned the Dock-Conector.
      So even if i get my docks till the end of the year, i´ll have to wait another few month for the upgrade which will cost me shipping to europe another little fortune... i hate it. Where´s the " i want my money back"-button ?

    24. Sven Walther on

      It's been more than a month since the last update. How about keeping us in the loop? An update only takes a few minutes to write.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sue turner on

      So over kick starter - backed two projects ad still no products - beginningo thinking have done my money - disillusioned- months and months and no contact - you guys need to do better

    26. Missing avatar

      Carrier Dingo on

      Received my dock two days ago and posted this yesterday in an old update by mistake, re-posting here to give hope for those waiting still...

      Annnd here it is... a beautiful chunk of metal, clearly a lot of thought went into this and the materials ooze quality. Even the USB cables have a luxurious feel to them (never thought I'd be saying something like that). I realize elevation lab are catching a fair amount of heat for the delays, so let me just say... I don't care about the delay at all! The modular circuitry gives me hope that the dock will be compatible with the next few iterations of Apple's iPhone design, I'm not on the upgrade treadmill so I'm going to get at least a full year of using this with my 4s before I have to think about the dock connector change. Clearly the manufacturing time was a lot longer than anyone expected, but then again these guys are having to make a LOT more units than they expected due to the popularity of the project... and they are a small shop. All I know is that I couldn't work a CNC lathe, design a circuit board, run a bead blasting operation or an anodizing tank to save my life... so thanks to Casey and all at Elevation Lab for making this possible at all. Well done, very happy backer here!!

    27. Kelvin Liu on

      In Australia, still waiting.

    28. Court Campion on

      US Backer here. I've had my Dock for a few weeks now and I can tell you this thing was worth the wait. It's gorgeous and hefty and the iPhone just sets right on top. Great idea on getting started with a new dock connector if it changes tomorrow. Would love to even see these sold for close to cost or included gratis for Kickstarter funders.

    29. Kwan Tuck Soon on

      I finally received the dock. Well, 1 day before iPhone 5 is announced. Hope a dock adapter fits. Fantastic finish and built quality. I'm from Singapore.

    30. Missing avatar

      Navid Varjavandi on

      Hi, I'm a US backer and I'm still waiting for any shipping info... is it still on its way? Any update guys for the last few of us patiently waiting?


    31. Mario on

      This is unacceptable! I funded this project in February, the product is over due 5 months!!! How could you allow this to happen?! The new iPhone is coming out tomorrow and the dock I'll (hopefully eventually) get will be soon obsolete with an old connector! WTF?! I'm not backing any projects any more...

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Katzen on

      Still no dock for me. Can I get a refund? Might be the last time I fund through Kickstarter.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Seng on

      One month since this update and I haven't receive my dock. It is already 5 months over due. I can accept delay but no updates on our delivery is really bad!

    34. keith polizzotto on

      Haven't received my order yet really Annoyed!!

    35. Missing avatar

      TG on

      I haven't received mine yet either.

    36. tribal-sunrise on

      One month after the last update - nothing.

      It's really disappointing :-(

    37. Chris Fraser on

      Have not received my order. :(

    38. Hajialexandrou Marios on

      Still not received my order...

    39. Missing avatar

      Johan Kool on

      Backer in Singapore: finally got a shipment notification email. No tracking number provided, so not sure where it is right now. But it's coming!

    40. Missing avatar

      Stojan Karlusic on

      I still haven't received my units yet.

    41. Byron Buie on

      Hi there

      I wonder when you will shipping my order to Canada

      Byron Buie
      Elevation Dock Backer
      4640 Lancelot Drive
      Richmond, BC

    42. Ahmed Khalifa on

      I still didnt get mine!

    43. John Passarella on

      My black Dock+ shipped WED, arrived today in NJ. Impressions: As others have mentioned, the packaging could be better. Trying to get the pieces out without ripping the cardboard apart was challenging. Dock+ feels weighty and well made.

      The attached USB cable is so short, I wonder if the default should be the longer USB. I immediately swapped it out... and ran into a little problem. The one screw (of 2) was so tight the slender little allen wrench almost stripped the head of the screw. There was a little instruction paper reminding me to press down on the port before I pulled the mini USB connection apart. Even so, it was very tight and in a cramped space; I actually had more trouble pushing in the new connector and had to apply a good bit of force to insert it. I wasn't sure if it was far enough in to work but I did hear the charging beep when I docked my iPhone.

      Dock operation: I have a PureGear hard-shell case (that slips into a holster). The case is thin, but I had to pry out and flip the rubber bumper so the thin extrusion side faces out rather than the thicker default. I mention the case as a caveat, because the removal is not as frictionless as I had hoped. Even with the iPhone leaning back, when I lift the phone out, the Dock+ rises off the table for a brief moment before the iPhone pulls free and the Dock+ drops. I haven't removed the thin hard-shell case to try it that way, because I wouldn't want to have to pry the case off every night for overnight charging. I think that would eventually loosen/weaken the shell, which has already saved my iPhone from one drop.

      In conclusion: the Dock+ release is definitely better than my current (bedside) Seido dock, which I intend to move to my computer station for mid-day-charging if necessary. I think the weight of the Dock+ is the key to that. But I had been hoping for the frictionless release we all saw in the Kickstarter pitch video, even with my thin case attached. I may try the dock release at least once without the PureGear case on, but I don't see myself carrying the iPhone "naked" on a regular basis. Who knows? At some point, I may change cases and use one that slips off easily. One last note: I haven't tried the audio out yet, so I can't report on that.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kyphos on

      Has anyone received a black Dock+ in the last month or so? On July 27th, Elevation e-mailed me to advise that all orders would be fulfilled by Aug 17th. Then on Aug 24th, they e-mailed indicating that there were production problems with black units. The new date given was Sept 7th. That date has come and gone. I've received no further e-mails, nor shipping confirmation, nor (obviously) the Dock+.

      If any black units have emerged from their pipeline in the last few weeks, please post here so that those of us in the minority can have some small glimmer of hope to cling to.

    45. Missing avatar

      vladefros on

      I was one of the later backers and just got my elevation dock yesterday. I got the one with the audio line out and i love it! It also fits my iPod (yes I still occasionally use my iPod since it has more music than an iPhone can hold).

      I have to imagine the rest of you will be getting it in the next week or two.

      On a separate note, I have backed a dozen Projects on kickstarter, but I am also an investor in numerous private companies. I understand those of you that get frustrated from the slow delivery. It was annoying for me too, but I wasn't at all surprised by it. Making things is almost always behind schedule. It's just the nature of development and manufacturing. Think about how many times big companies like apple and rimm have delayed their release dates for a product. These are companies with large experienced teams of people and they still often fall behind schedule. We are not being very fair to expect a kickstarter funded team to be on time with their product. The place where I will lay blame on the project creators is that they gave such an aggressive delivery expectation for their backers. But it's a mistake I've seen so many start up companies make, that when I'm looking at business plans for potential investment I always assume they will be behind schedule.

      Its understandable to be frustrated, but try to give the creators a bit of a break. I'm sure they didn't anticipate selling over 10,000 docs, and they made the usual mistake of underestimating the various production problems that are usually run into with new products.

    46. John Luker

      US backer. No news.

    47. Missing avatar

      ratik aurora on

      I backed this project right from the start and I am certain I was one of the very first few to do so. Am in International backer and I still haven't gotten my Dock or received any news about it.
      Have tried to post messages here before and also get in touch by other means all in vain.
      Have waited more than patiently but have now run out of patience. Been waiting forever without so much as an update!
      And I now intend to take action against this.
      I demand a refund considering the new iPhone is right around the corner and there is no guarantee this dock will work with the new iPhone.
      I am disgusted with this behaviour and taking International backers for granted is not done!
      Never going to back another projected here thanks to you
      Do reply for once!!

    48. Missing avatar

      John Dill on

      U.S. backer. Have heard nary a whit about my dock. Signed up late, so I assume I'm at the end of the queue, but am finally starting to fret. C'est la vie.

    49. Missing avatar

      Rose Red on

      I'm in Canada and still no sign of mine.

    50. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      I just got an email asking to verify my address (I'm in Sweden). So international backers are finally getting their docks. The delay has been unfortunate, but it looks like the wait is about over.