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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mitch Cave on

      So I kept checking the Kickstarter page for an update... The website is updated but not here. Kind of sad really, when this Kickstarter is what got this company up and running.

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      Carrier Dingo on

      Annnd here it is... a beautiful chunk of metal, clearly a lot of thought went into this and the materials ooze quality. Even the USB cables have a luxurious feel to them (never thought I'd be saying something like that). I realize you are catching a fair amount of heat for the delays, so let me just say... I don't care about the delay at all! The modular circuitry gives me hope that the dock will be compatible with the next few iterations of Apple's iPhone design. Well Done!!

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      Carrier Dingo on

      Just received an email with a shipping confirmation for my dock!

    4. Chan Thye Chuan on

      I know I know. 12,521 backers. All over the world. You guys are trying your best. But to be honest, we are not whining because we hate you or want to be an internet troll. In fact, we are not whining, we are giving constructive opinions and telling you that if you inform us via email when you have sent the docks to us it will be like so appreciated and make us feel the wait was a whole lot more, tangible. I mean, how hard is it? maybe it will take more time but I doubt you people cannot handle writing 500 emails based on fixed templates in one day? You keep claiming the docks are sent but no emails are received, no docks received. What do you want us to do? Trust you with a leap of faith? This is after all a business. Not some religious organisation.

    5. Nick Gray on

      It's been 7 days since I've gotten an email response. This is unacceptable. This is some of the worst "customer service" I've experienced. Please respond to my, very important, email.

    6. keith polizzotto on

      I hope to get mine soon!

    7. Shayne Dique on

      I hope it's for free after waiting this long for an iPhone 4/4S dock. otherwise that wouldn't be fair

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      Matt on

      Edit, found the answer in another post. Yes.

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      Matt on

      Will you be supplying a modification to this dock to work with the new iPhone 5 connector?

    10. John Passarella on

      Hoping my Dock+ arrives before my AUG 19 birthday. Back in FEB, I never thought the two events would be a toss up.

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      David Albert on

      Okay -- I took a chance and it came out smoothly, turned around as you said, and now my phone fits! I like it!!

    12. Missing avatar

      David Albert on

      Do you just pull it out? It doesn't feel like it will come out, and I don't want to ruin it. It just comes out and then goes back in the other way?

    13. Mike Wohlrab on

      @David Albert: flip the rubber piece on the back around. Thats how you adjust it based on how well the phone and case sit in the dock.

    14. Jeremy Tran on

      I feel like I'm never going to get mine!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Albert on

      Mine arrived today. It looks beautiful? I figured out from the attached instructions how to change the USB cord, but is there an instruction manual for how to adjust the support for different case sizes and for what all the features are?

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      Kavish Maharaj on

      Got mines today, thanks I love it!

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      Eric Amend on

      Just got mine today... Thanks Casey!!!

      Hope you make a killing with this great product... Best of luck to you and Elevation Labs!!

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      Akbar on


    19. LILIS on

      Still haven't received mine. I wish there could br some kind of a mechanism to find out if your next in line, or see when my dock is due to arrive.

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      ReedBJ on

      Got mine a week ago and love it. It is beautifully simple, incredible quality, and everything I hoped it would be. My only regret is that I didn't order a few more! Best of luck and thank you!

    21. Joshua Harris on

      I'm tracking my matte black and silver dock+ & they are out for Delivery in Portland & I live in Mississippi. WTF? Shipping Address is perfect. I'm a little confused.

    22. Aaron Martin on

      This is freaking ridiculous, man. I'll be able to use my $60 dock for a week before the iPhone 5 comes out. Hooray!

    23. Angela P. on

      Just received my matte black and silver dock+ and they rock! The only thing I think needs a bit of work is the packaging. The boxes arrived a bit crushed, but luckily everything survived. (PS. Thank you for having this manufactured in the US!)

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      Orogenesis on

      I received all three of my docks (2 Dock+ & a standard). Both of my Dock+ audio-out ports were broken when I took off the panel to switch out the cord. Looks like the torx screw holding in the board was over-tightened causing the port to pop off. I also sent an email, so hopefully this isn't widespread and it gets resolved.


    25. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      All of you complaining about the complaining - why are you even looking at the comments? If you are happy with the way things are going, the only reason you need to come here is for new updates.

      Remember: The USA was founded by a group of people who were willing to complain about things not being right. One of the fundamental principles of the country is the right to complain. Yes, you have the right to tell people to quit complaining, too, but like I said, if you're happy with the way things are going, you shouldn't even need to read the complaints.

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      Warren on

      I agree with Tim and Seq. Casey's doing an amazing thing, building manufacturing in America. Stop complaining about how some rumored iPhone that might eventually get released won't work with the dock. That's CRAZY - there are only a couple dozen people in the whole world who know for sure what the next iPhone will look like, and they ain't sharing.

      I got my dock last week and it's been great. The packaging was well done, all the parts were there, I was able to switch the short cord for the long cord. My iPhone with its bumper case fits nicely. Thanks Casey.

    27. David Ho on

      HI Casey
      What is the time frame for international orders i.e. to the United Kingdom?
      My pledge was the $85 + $20 shipping

      many thanks

    28. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      @Kenneth Holley That extra plug on the back is a line out for audio since the Limited Edition dock is a Dock+

    29. Tim "Red Beard" Griskus on

      @mjensen Also you don't know me and making assumptions on my customer service because of your self proclaimed awesomeness in the customer service field is very narrow minded. I have multiple customer service awards in my field and I'm a very personable guy, but the complaints on this page when there are clear instructions on how to contact them is just unreal. Society has gone the way of I paid for it and "I WANT IT NOW!!!" The pace of everything in this instant on society is sickening. That is all, good day.

    30. Tim "Red Beard" Griskus on

      @mjensen what makes me laugh at you is that you think I'm angry. That in itself is Hilarious!!! I hate people who whine and complain. Deal with the delays I would rather the project creator work on the product then go on here and "apologize" during the delivery phase, apologize after. My comments on here did what they were suppose to do. Get other such as yourself all riled up and bent. My work is done.

    31. Kenneth Holley on

      Okay, I just received my docks today. I was a $250 backer, so received 2 standard docks and one limited edition (green) dock. The limited edition dock had NO long USB cable nor allen wrench enclosed - it's like they were just left out during packaging. Also, the limited edition has what looks to be an external power plug on the back (in addition to the USB cable), but no instructions on what this plug is, what voltage, where to get one ... nothing. The docks themselves are beautiful, however packaging and missing items have left me somewhat disappointed ... particularly considering the patient (LONG) wait.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Rabe on

      Regardless of what Seq or Griskus think. just because this is a Kickstarter project does not mean that ElevationLab is free of all obligations. The abysmal communication is what is keeping everyone on edge. They just said the following : "And again, if you need to contact us, please email and not through the Kickstarter messenger. "
      The problem is that they don't respond to the emails or provide timely information.
      To top it off, I got my dock today and it's the WRONG one. So, not only do we have no information and have no way to contact Casey or Elevation (at least no way to contact them and actually get a response ), there are also poor fulfillment mechanisms in place.
      The poor project management is what makes me mad and I think my feelings are widely held. Help! I have no idea what to do now. Casey and crew seem to think they have no obligation to respond to any question or issue. I hope other Kickstarter projects aren't run like this. There needs to be some escalation process in place when there's a project team that fails to communicate and provide basic project support.

    33. Missing avatar

      mjensen on

      Wow. The anger and indignance expressed by Seq and Tim "Red Beard" Griskus boggles my mind. That's some childish stuff. Look boys, I've studied and consulted on business leadership and customer service for more than 15 years, so when I say that good business owners apologize when they make a mistake, it's because I've seen what happens when business owners ignore their customers or fail to take their complaints seriously.

      For the adults who are interested, I'm happy to report that I finally received 3 basic Docks today, which I backed on 12/15. I received an email shipping notification a week ago, though no tracking number, and they arrived well-packed in a box via UPS ground. They are a very nice piece of kit, and are working fine. No problems syncing and the engineering is solid, just as expected.

      Good luck, Casey & Elevation Lab. I hope that your Kickstarter success and the lessons you've learned will be useful for many future endeavors. My professional advice (and you get what you pay for) is NOT to hire Seq or Griskus for customer relations.

    34. Tim "Red Beard" Griskus on

      Bravo Seq, Bravo!!!! The thing is I'm waiting on other projects thru kickstarter now for well over a year my outlook on being a backers one of backing a new idea and seeing it come to life. I do not NEED this dock because I don't have one I do not see kickstarter as a store it's a way to get someone's unique idea out and to be a part of something new. However most of the people complaining arent the ones doing all the project management or dealing with distributors etc, etc. I just got my dock last week and it's now exactly where it was going to go on my desk at work next to my other kickstarter projects. To the people that are complaining please don't back anymore projects on this site you're a waste of space and your parents failed at raising you. You suck at life.

    35. Seq on

      Wow there are some people here with a REAL strong sense of entitlement. Blind to the good fortune it says about their lives. It must be nice that your lives are so good and rich and prosperous (compared to MOST on this planet that struggle to even find food or clean water every day), that youve got nothing better to do than than whine that a connector/charger for your very expensive personal phone isnt coming to you as quickly as you had hoped and the person responsible isnt feeding you words of regret. And on top of it many of you are whining mainly because you are fortunate and rich enough to buy the iphone 5 RIGHT when it comes out, despite that you probably have a good working iphone already. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY A NEW IPHONE THE DAY IT COMES OUT. - and what is even more pathetic is you are making your case to whine about having such fortune in your lives based on RUMORS as to when the new phone will come out and what connector it will have. Last year there was a world of rumors from builders, pictures of cases, etc etc of the iphone 5 coming out. It didnt. Sure, there is more probability there will be a new phone, but no one here knows that for sure, or what the connector will have. And again - NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO STOP USING YOUR CURRENT IPHONE WITH YOUR BRAND NEW DOCK when the new phone comes out.

      It must be great to have been born into such fortune and such rich places on the planet (you beat the odds as to where you were more likely to have been born) that you can have the newest most expensive cellular phone and toss out the old one every time there's an update.

      I hope you appreciate at least that since you are so ready to whine about other such trivial things most couldn't dream of having in their lives. As you post your angry gripe demanding apologies and faster service, there are other humans worrying about where the next meal will come from, or if the next glass of water wont cause a deadly illness.

      When you get your dock the day after you buy your iphone 5, and when youre done writing angry posts on the internet as to why life is so unfair to you, why dont you make someones year and give your old phone and fancy new dock to someone that could never dream of buying such new things at top dollar and be happy that actually helped someone less fortunate than you rather than just whined about how you dont have it good enough.

      My post seem a little extreme? Yep - probably does - and so does posting on here how angry you are that Casey isnt sending you apologies for the delays in your newly produced and released glorified phone charger/connector.

      Your life must be pretty damn good.

    36. Paul Borokhov on

      Btw did anyone else notice how all the delays are due to the American part of the operation? People wanted an American-made product and they are going to get one. But we should remember what Tim Cook has said about scaling in the US – this should surprise no one.

    37. Randy Chase on

      Nicely said Micha

    38. Michaël Martin, Esquire, MSIR on

      Hello Gentle Readers,

      I ordered two, and my wife ordered one on the Kickstarter support program. Based upon the information clearly and openly shared by Casey, I think that the high demand and some manufactoring challenges overwhelmed a somewhat basic idea and planned realization. We are staying positive; Casey has been and is most open to us. And if all goes well, my wife and I, who perhaps twice Casey's age, we will receiving our elevation docks in about four weeks or so. Be patient and support projects, as this, which demonstrate ingenuity and perhaps some fun & enjoyment. Not to maention the sweat of hard work.

      Thanks Casey, and Regards to All Supporters of this really fine idea that is becoming produced,


    39. Mike Heller on

      Everyone that is complaining about their docks taking a long time has clearly never worked in a production environment. Casey and Elevation Labs is giving us clear numbers and showing us just how immense of a project that this has become from their initial estimates. I think that they are doing well all things considered.

      Keep it up guys!

    40. Missing avatar

      Allapon Hutasingh on

      I guess this project was overwhelming by demand of people who "back" the project. That is right, you support them to do this so called "Project". And yes, Elevation Dock is just reward for your help.

      I said it quite sometime and I will say it again any way. This project start as quite small project, they needed only 75,xxx to cover their expense to start the business. It turned out, it is 1,xxx,xxx project with 12,xxx customers to satisfy!!

      I read some comments from Casey, he said that he got some help from his friends who also have office to go and can help him for a short period of time. Yes, you will ask him again. Why do you quit your job and do only this project to serve "me"? Would you please cut him some slacks?

      Also, about customer service, try to imagine yourself that you will have at least 100 e-mail a day ask about your work, which still work on that every single day with a lot of uncontrollable factor that he have to face without any back office to help you like someone quote that they are in service business.

      And yes, I am still waiting for my Elevation dock+ to arrive any day in this 3 weeks or longer. But at least, we will have a great dock to use with your iPhone for a long time!!

    41. Greg Hunter on

      Randy Chase is exactly right. The fact of the matter is that we're buying these for our iPhones, a great product made by a corporation that manipulates us and makes us wait for our products and pay huge prices for the privilege. But we forgive Apple again and again and again, because the product works for us and once we have it in hand we forget how life was without it. It'll be the same once we have these docks.

    42. Randy Chase on

      No. The reality is almost everyone that gets the product will be happy and will overlook the waiting experience. This is not an uncommon scenario. If the product is excellent (and this one is), people will be happy. Could communication have been more frequent and better? Sure. But it is not going to kill the business. No way.

    43. Missing avatar

      mjensen on

      @Roberto Felgueiras, it's the most basic rule in customer service (and kindergarten): if you promise to do something and then fail to do that which you promised, you take responsibility, you say you're sorry, and you fix the mistake. That is how you build a loyal customer base, one that will stick by you when things don't go perfectly. Open any book on customer service if you don't believe me.

      What is disrespectful is pretending that Casey can ignore these fundamental business practices and still build a successful company. Do you think he is a child that needs to be protected from the truth? Most small businesses fail, and it's not because they have bad products. I'm well aware of what I backed--an entrepreneur who I hoped could create an innovative, sustainable business--and I'm disappointed that ElevationLab is squandering this opportunity to build positive, long-term relationships with thousands of potential customers.

    44. Adam Brooks on

      My frustration is mainly about the lack of communication. Let me show you what I mean. Estimated shipping April - let's assume that means end of April. Everything seems to be looking good until April 27th - then we find out there will be a 30 day delay. I expected (incorrectly) that this month would be used to CNC, anodize and laser the docks. Find out middle of May that we are looking at shipping the 5th of June. As June drags on, we find out that docks are trickling out. June 28th "Will be shipping about 500 per day through July to wrap this up." OK, so first 25 days of July I figure that I should have my dock by first week of August.

      July 26 and all of a sudden there is another big delay. 3 weeks to get the rest anodized. Still lasering, assembling, packing, shipping after that. So probably 4 weeks out. Somehow I think this was pretty clear a lot earlier than the 26th and really should have been communicated to us.

      I'm hoping that we don't get another update August 15th talking about another delay that has suddenly popped up right when this delay is taken care of. I guess we will have to see. Either that or maybe my dock will arrive and I won't care about any more delays. Either one.

    45. Mike Wohlrab on

      Well said Roberto!

    46. Roberto Felgueiras on

      wow, a lot of people complaining. I get it about the lack of tracking. but asking for apologies for "delays"?


      This is not a custom order, or a simple online purchase. You all are acting like this assembly line, and setups were already lined up and ready to go... it was an established product that you were next in line for. It's not. you "BACKED" something – something that was little more than an idea that grew exponentially as it amassed record backing. Wanting to complain about Casey no apologizing is just weak. He wants to get theses out as quickly and as high a quality as possible and you want him to come out an apologize like a manager at a restaurant when your steak took too long? Please! You don't just snap your fingers and create a original design, assembly line, AND now which partners will deliver on promises if you haven't done it before. We backed a start up... let him get it going off the ground. I'm sure he learn't a lot for future endeavours, but start ups take time to get it right. Next time, wait till it's mass produced then buy it from amazon.

      That's extremely disrespectful of someone you are supposedly trying to support.

    47. Adam Sentz on

      I really like the dock, and I think it's cool that it's from a company in Portland, but their customer service has been so abysmally poor that I'll think twice before doing business with Elevation Lab again. What a shame.

    48. Loïc on

      apologizing for the delay that never ends, it would be nice he take care of all customs fees for international backers as" the hidden radio" (another kickstarter project).

    49. Missing avatar

      mjensen on

      Another useless update, another delay, what a surprise. Has anyone else noticed that Casey has never apologized for these delays, never taken any responsibility whatsoever? It's always "their vendors" who are at fault. Now he tells us that we should just shut up and wait because they received a lot more money than they expected--ridiculous! I've backed a lot of Kickstarter projects, and most of them have had delays, but the project owners took responsibility and that's the difference here. I've never complained about another project, but this is the worst example of management I've ever seen.

      Chris Campbell, why don't YOU read what Casey has told us instead of what you WISH he had said! The only information we have EVER been given about shipping order came 6 updates ago when Casey said "they will go out ROUGHLY in the order they were backed." ROUGHLY is right since it's clear from the comments posted here that the shipment order is basically random. I'm sick of people claiming they know otherwise, when Casey himself has never said anything else about it.

      Once again, still waiting on 3 basic Docks, silver, no laser, pledged on December 15th.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeff321 on

      5.5 months since funding. By the time I receive mine I'm barely going to be able to use it before the iPhone 5 (with new connector) comes out. :(