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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Marc Feldesman on

      I pledged relatively early. Any chance of getting a realistic ETA. I also live in PDX.

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      Charles King on

      How do we know if our dock has shipped or not? This just keeps dragging out... Post says docks shipping around June 4th and now its the 27th with no dock and no shipping info. This sucks!

    3. Jim Young on

      My dock arrived and I love it! I immediately plugged it into the wall and started using it daily. The connector is still a little "sticky", but the weight of the dock helps. Nice work, gorgeous craftsmanship.

    4. David Ho on

      See elevational lab facebook page, more photo updates

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      William Rush on

      My dock has not yet arrived. By the time it does, iPhone 5 may be just a couple months away. Your note above says you will make available a way to upgrade the dock to IPhone 5. What will the cost associated with this upgrade be? Thanks much

    6. Jarrod Merkel on

      Any updates on the shipping process, I was really hoping that mine would arrive this week ?

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      Tom Moccia on

      @colin about where were you in the order of backers? First 3rd? Middle 3rd? Last 3rd? That would help determine where we are in the process. Thanks in advance.

    8. Richard R on

      @Colin Rowan...I am a little concerned when you say it doesn't fit with an Apple bumper on your phone the original description said specifically the dock is designed to work with or without a case.
      Can you clarify what's happening with your dock?
      Even the pictures show the iPhone with what looks like a bumper sitting in the dock with room to least it looks it looks that way.

    9. Mike Wohlrab on

      @Robert, it doesn't look like its possible to track it. They are shipping as quickly as they can. As soon as they get the docks milled, and the components in, they assemble, test, and ship same day.

    10. Robert O'Brien on

      How can we track our order?

    11. Missing avatar

      Colin Rowan on

      Andrew: it rocks back and forth (left to right). It doesn't seem to slide all the way down into the dock. I'm hoping I'm 'docking it wrong.'

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      Jeffery Miller on

      Cant we all just get along? For GODS sake most of the entities on KS are "Starters" - HELLO!? We all knew we weren't buying a PC from HP or a freaking Chevy. We're buying a new product from a new guy and issues are to be anticipated. It's called the bleeding edge of technology for a reason. So make yourself a nice stiff drink, sit back, be rational in your expectations and enjoy the hell out of some of the coolest stuff no one else has when it arrives.

    13. Andrew Westle on

      How does it not fit in the dock Colin?

    14. Missing avatar

      Colin Rowan on

      Just got mine in the mail. Very nice. A little bummed that it doesn't fit with Apple's bumper. Seems like that's one of the "cases" that would work.

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      Tom Moccia on

      @David So you came up with 36 shipped per day by the picture? Are you kidding me? Did it ever occur to you that all the shipped docks may not fit in a single photo? Or just perhaps they shipped a large batch of docks then decided "Hey this would be a cool photo for the update". Or maybe they had this batch of docks on the table took the picture then shipped many more after these had been packaged and shipped. I didn't know it was a prerequisite to have every single dock that ships that day in the picture.

      I am as anxious as anyone to get the dock and yes, I it would be nice to know when my dock ships and a tracking number. But it is what it is. Unsubstantiated numbers of units shipped just gets people aggravated. I respect you opinion but you opinion has turned into a bitch session.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Mike Wohlrab on

      @David, you do realize that Casey isn't selectively choosing to ignore just your questions / concerns, but neither himself, nor the Elevation Lab team has responded to ANYONES comments on here since the beginning. They have directed all questions / concerns to their email. I can almost guarantee you that they are shipping more than 36 everyday. I estimate there are about 15,000 docks they have to make. Divide that by 36 (per day) and they will be shipping docks for the next 416 days. So, if they ship 36 docks per day, every day including weekends, it will take over 1 year to ship the original order of docks from this project. I'm pretty sure they can and are shipping more than that.

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Tom Moccia on

      @David Please when you quote a number like "36 units shipped a day" please reference where you obtained your information. Otherwise your just pulling stuff out of your butt

    20. Mike Wohlrab on

      I may have gotten bored and created a Petition!
      I encourage all that agree with the petition to sign it. I will be sending an email to the Elevation Lab team with a link to the petition as well.

    21. MOKU on

      Looks like one backer got his today... Aaron Linville just post in the comment area.

    22. Willis Gomez on

      No, No, No, I'll buy David's units right now...

    23. Tim S on

      Oh what a surprise @David is complaining. The day must end in a 'Y' if he's back here moaning about something.

      Change the record it must be stuck.....again.

    24. MOKU on

      No, I'll buy David's units right now...

    25. Greg Hunter on

      I'll buy David's unit right now. Save him the trouble of waiting any longer.

    26. Mike Wohlrab on

      Someone should start a petition for Elevation Lab to refund @David's donation.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandon Wagner on

      @David Shut up. Just shut up, seriously. Donating to a kickstarter project has inherent risks and you sound like a crybaby idiot.

    28. Rj Ciccaglione on

      I think some people are confusing backing a kickstart campaign with shopping at the mall.

    29. Adam Selby on

      @David, what makes you so entitled?

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Mike Wohlrab on

      @PhotoGuy, I don't think we get tracking numbers at all. The way the wording is made in this update, they shipped on the 5th. Someone received their dock earlier this afternoon, which leads me to believe they did overnight shipping, which is really amazing.
      I would like a tracking number, but it would also make a really great surprise to have it all of a sudden show up. I don't think they would be able to say what 'group' they are shipping as they said once they come in, they ship right back out, so its a really quick receive, inspect, package, and ship phase that it might make it difficult to say. I would think they are shipping in order of pledges received - First to pledge, First to receive.

    32. Missing avatar

      PhotoGuy on

      How do we know which batch of people we are in for the shipment dates? Do we get a tracking number or just an awesome surprise at our door?

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      Sue Ellen Colter

      Thank you so much for making these in this country. If a few more people were like you, there would be more employed people in the USA.

    34. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      Steven, keep in mind that Casey originally expected to be shipping the products on April 28. The only way he could have done that was to already have a lot of the parts ready to go. He has had to wait for the parts he listed in Update #14.

    35. Karan Kapur on

      waiting .. :)

    36. Steven Pacheco on

      They say "good things take time." So I'm wondering how the hell you pulled this off so fast. Great work and as everyone else, I'm extremely excited to get mine! Thanks for the hard work.

    37. Phil Glockner on

      I'm moving this week, how do I update my ship-to address?

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Brenner on

      Hooray. And now the feeling of regret for having waited so long to become a backer. I'm sure my dock is something like #10,000 in line

    39. Mark Fewell on

      Casey. Well done, and your attention to detail and concern for future usage is much appreciated.

    40. John Passarella on

      So the Dock+ units will start shipping a week later than the regular Docks? Sounds good.

    41. Missing avatar

      James Dewey on

      Great news that you are shipping! Since I'm often away from my condo days at a time, I will need to make arrangements for someone to check to see if a package is at my door. What shipper are you using? And will individuals be notified with shipping number? THANKS! JOB WELL DONE!!

    42. Matt Graham on

      You just made my day when you said that this dock is upgradable. You're awesome!

    43. Missing avatar

      Rob Cordosi on

      Awesome! Casey, you could teach some other folks with Kickstarter projects, with much less complex design, a few things. Can't wait to get my dock and thanks for staying ahead of the curve with the new iPhone coming so soon.

    44. Fares Fayad on

      Great news! Will there be a way for us international backers to track the shipments? Thanks.

    45. David Ho on

      Casey that's awesome news thanks for the update!!!

    46. Francesca Varisco on

      Great news!! Thanks for the excellent job!! :D

    47. Hugo Horta Ruivinho on

      The iPhone 5 part was all i wanted to ear (read) -> happy dance!

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Thanks Casey, looking forward to receiving the babies :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      I pledge allegiance....Well done guys. I just love the low key execution and delivering to commitment. I am a little tired of some of my other kicks winding me up and letting me down. Congrats and thank you.