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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
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Mfg + lasers

Manufacturing update

The plastic support piece, that we changed the steel mold on, is now fitting great. PCB board assemblies are now working great. Custom A/C adapters are in full production now, should be done by the end of the month. All will be air shipped to us. We should be able to have all the pieces at the end of the month and start shipping on the 5th.

That's our custom extrusion we are machining over a mile of docks from. Its just .03" oversize the profile of the docks and this cuts machining waste by about half. The docks themselves are made with recycled aluminum.


We are opening our lasering web app to everyone - Thanks to the folks who had beta tested it. You can enter your Kickstarter email and postal code to see your pre-order (this may take a few seconds under load), choose your docks that you want lasered and optionally get more. On the next page you can select a location for the art and upload your pictures.

Easy way: You can upload a black on white image in jpeg or png formats, no grayscale or photos, and select the location you want it lasered. We can burn at 600dpi, so your art should be at that level for best detail - please don't use a little 200x50 logo saved off of your website. Something like 1000x1000 pixels would be better.

Advanced users: Use our .ai template to place your vector art exactly how you want it and we will laser it at max resolution. Remember to outline text in case we don't have your font.

Lasering leaves a matte white mark. It is a subtle look on the bead blasted docks and very high contrast on the MatteBlack and limited edition colors. On those colored docks, I would err on the side of very minimal lasering if you choose to do it.

If you don't want to laser, worry not, the docks look gorgeous as they are.  It is $25 for setup + $10/dock for custom lasering on either the front or top of the dock. $35 + $15/dock for both positions. 

The lasering site will be up until May 25th. We will then have to lock everything down to start shipping. 

OtterBox Defender

As promised in our FAQ, the OtterBox Defender fits in the dock when you snip off the bottom flap, if you want to still use your flap (its not going to save your phone from water), send us an email and we will mill out the front for it -


Again, for shipping address changes, please send to and not through the Kickstarter messenger. Laser related can be sent to

Thanks again,



    1. Creator Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab on May 17, 2012

      You guys overloaded the site! Working with Rackspace to get it back up now.

    2. Creator CatalysTim on May 17, 2012

      Absolutely stunning work, Casey. Looking forward to my Elevation Dock from here in Malaysia!