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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
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    1. Alexis Garriott on

      @Akbar, posting identical posts, just changing the names of the project leaders, about how unhappy you are with X project makes you look ridiculous. If you are SO unhappy with so many projects, maybe you shouldn't use Kickstarter.

      Kickstarter isn't eBay or Amazon, it is a place where someone is usually making something that has never been made before, by a team that may not include a Foxconn manufacturing plant. I doubt that any of your lives are hinging on the delivery of your iPhone dock, so just calm down a bit here. I would like updates just as much as the next person, but honestly, I would rather they spend their time getting the rest of the docks out in July than posting another update that says "still sending out docks".

    2. Fares Fayad on

      @Aviv I sent it to as I mentioned a few comments earlier. I received a reply a couple of days ago but had lost interest in lasering after all this wait. Thanks for replying though.

    3. Andy Simmons on

      The last update says "We should be able to have all the pieces at the end of the month and start shipping on the 5th." Casey has given us a planned production milestone and a target date for that milestone. I don't think it's reasonable to expect any communication prior to that milestone date. Granted, that target date is tomorrow, but I feel like communication has been sufficient up to this point.

      Now, if we don't see another update this week (I'd expect at least a "we've shipped out the first units!" or a "shipping has been delayed!" update), I'll start to get antsy.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Styles on

      I agree. We need an update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Brenner on

      Maybe I'm alone in this, but I've been really happy with the level of communication and even the timeliness of shipping. Every single projected I've funded on kickstarter has run into unforeseen challenges, so I'm in no way surprised that one of this scale ran into holdups. I'm just happy that Casey made the hard choice to delay the shipment so that the product comes out perfect instead of rushing it out the door to meet deadlines.
      It is also easy to say "they should communicate more" but some people just get even more angry when those types of updates come out (this is, afterall, the internet). Its clear that each update that has gone out has been carefully thought out, and has probably come at the cost of precious lost sleep. In the end, we will all have our docks not terribly long from now and waiting or frustration will quickly be forgotten.

    6. Rian on

      I guess we could all use an another update from Casey. Keep us updated. That's all I want to ask.

    7. Daniel D'Agostino on

      Nice product! Delays are common when bringing a product to production, but more updates would be helpful and are very easy to do. I've created products that ship in the tens of thousands and it's not easy with a one, two, or three employee company. However, it is easy to keep your customers in the loop. When I accumulated $2M in pre-orders for one of my previous products, I often sent updates via email to let them know if there was an Engineering Change, a supplier was late, first articles were rejected, etc. I've found that when you keep customers in the loop more frequently, they tend to be more understanding and less upset.

      If I released a mfg update and received 45 comments from customers over a two week period, I would WITHOUT QUESTION spend a few hours to make it 90 comments and ensure that everyone's questions were answered.

      Just my thoughts.


    8. Ted Riolo on

      What I think is a little frustrating is that the whole point of kickstarter is to buck the past trend of start up investing. You're able to skip a lot of the BS and go straight to consumers. Am I frustrated that the shipping has been pushed back 6 weeks (and counting possibly) sure, but I'm more upset and the lack of any kind of communication.

      Other people have said that by complaining about delays you're breaking the whole point of funding a start up. Maybe... but Casey and his team are also missing the point of how a lot of ordinary people paid him a lot of money for an idea. And the least he/they can do is respect that 12K people are out nearly a hundred dollars each right now, and he's the one who set the expectation of shipping times.

      Obviously things come up, and problems get encountered. So why not embrace the opportunity to be public about these missteps. How long does it take to login to kickstarter and post a 3 sentence update about the project? "Hey guys, our circuit board samples showed up today, and they're not quite right. We expect another batch in a week. Let you know how it turns out" Done.

      That way when we all get amped up since its about time to start shipping, and we get an update about it being pushed back, its not a total shock.

      It costs nothing but 5 minutes time, there really is no excuse.

    9. mike smith on

      @ dawas.. is English your second language.. I hope so since that run on sentence made NO sense at all

    10. Missing avatar

      tshehan on

      hmmm, some people are so brave; leaving rude comments online, not the type of thing they would ever say face-to-face.

      Get your expectations in line with a kickstarter (start up) project. If these people were seasoned veterans of the production process... they wouldn't be here, and we wouldn't be funding them. And as Mike said a few comments above - this is the nature of the production beast; timeframes slip, conditions change... BTW, the new phone is coming out until October (according to usually reliable contacts in the industry), so be patient and enjoy your dock for 4-6 months before you upgrade.

    11. Missing avatar

      dawas on

      When will be shipped the pieces to their owners with the knowledge that I shared with you in the event of a change the form of iPhone 5 to form a new Will Stdamunha because I will change my two for your next Apple
      For information, not even communicate with me about shipping

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      @Casey hi, it is 5 days until the shipping should start. Could you give us indication how will this be happen and whether you are on track to achieve this goal?
      Thanks for all the work

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Behring on

      Everyone here is complaining about these things being late. This is the nature of Kickstarter. This is the nature of manufacturing. Projects don't run according to plan and get behind schedule.

      And apple updates the phone every year, maybe the people complaining should have considered this before buying a $70 dock at the end of the iPhone's cycle.

    14. Tim S on

      Casey, thanks for the update. Keep up the good work can't wait to use your creation with my iPhone4.


    15. Missing avatar

      James Brown on

      What promises did Casey and the Elevation Dock team break? Only an impatient jerk like @David Luong fails to realize the purpose of kickstarter. You are assisting someone jump-start a business. Casey delayed shipping for 6 weeks and everyone now says screw it? Let me ask you, have you ever made 12,000 products? I have, and it is not easy. All Casey had was a prototype, and he's now learning how to mass produce a product! Give the guy a break!

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott W on

      what is going on, are they ever going to ship these things out? When they do, they should come complete with a 75% discount coupon on a dock that fits the new iphone as well.

    17. mike smith on

      uh oh.. i-phone 5 body leak images have a new connector :|

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Mike Wohlrab on

      Have you emailed kickstarter @ (again)? They don't watch these comments on the updates, or on the main comment section. The said the best way to reach them is through email. If you sent them a message and they didn't respond, it may have gotten lost with all the other tons of email they get.

    20. Missing avatar

      Luke Gordon on

      Stupid arrow. I would like to know as well.

    21. Charlie Poulin on

      Sorry to bug you guys, but I'm still looking for clarification on the Otterbox Defender w/ flap modification. See my above comment. Is the milling going to change the way the dock works with phones without a case or with different cases? Is the milling going to effect the look noticeably? When is the deadline for requesting this modification? Hopefully all is going well for you guys.

    22. Adam Selby on

      Luke, you want a refund of a donation?

    23. Aviv on

      @Fares - Which email address did you send your email to? (Very sorry for the delay in responding)

    24. Missing avatar

      Luke Gordon on

      About the Otterbox Defender "solution". This not a solution. It seems to me that you guys ran out of time thinking of a solution fro the dock to fit the case and this is all you can think of.. We were told that the dock would work with the Defender case and in my opinion, milling out the front is not making it "work" with the case. If the dock doesn't look like the beautiful dock it was suppose to be with the front milled out, is it possible for a refund?

    25. Charlie Poulin on

      If we have the dock modified for the Otterbox Defender case with flap, will it affect the performance of the dock with no/other cases? How different will it look and will it affect the laser etching areas? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

    26. Adam Selby on

      Elevation Labs needs to learn how to set proper expectations.

    27. Fares Fayad on

      And I still haven't heard from anyone. Really expected more from you guys, specially to your backers :/

    28. Bruce Carlson on

      @Casey, I'm beginning to get concerned. What began as a great idea ... is still that. How can you expect to have any creditability with promises that keep slipping. I will have the next generation iPhone before I get the dock (maybe) for my current iPhone. Very disappointing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephan Thomassen on

      @David, please provide a statement from Apple that says they are going to make a change. It's all just complete speculation.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      @Greg, so you have read a statement from Apple that says they are not going to switch to a new cord design? Could you give us a link to this?

    31. Greg Hunter on

      Is there anyone who really believes that the iPhone 5 is going to be all that different? Apple is going to use the same cord, and while there may be some difference in the caseback or the bezel or something else they're not going to radically alter the size and shape.

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott W on

      Its going to be out just before the iphone 5. Perfect, i'll have a good month with it til i get the new phone. Terrible.

    33. Fares Fayad on

      Note: this was 4 days ago.

    34. Fares Fayad on

      WTH! I emailed you guys at about having issues with your web app not finding my order and no one has bothered to reply!

    35. Juan Luis Madrigal on

      Does anyone know what I should do so I can change my shipping address. This project has taken a very long time and I am changing residential addresses. But I'm glad to hear news on it being shipped in the beginning of next month :D Can't wait to get mine.

    36. Mike Heller on

      @Doug Technically.. the 4S is the iPhone 5

    37. Adam Selby on

      Doug, you don't even know what a future iPhone will be named, much less the design. C'mon man.

    38. Doug Collins

      I hope I get my dock before I switch to an iPhone 5

    39. Missing avatar

      Bart on

      I second the desire to see the milled out area for the otterbox defender. Would be useful to make a decision.

    40. Missing avatar

      Glenn McQuaig on

      Me = Kid at Christmas. :-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Remco S. on

      what if you want yours as clean as possible (thus without a complete covering with laser edging?)
      a small logo sure.. but defacing the entire dock with a big ass logo :( this is entirely in contradiction with the apple minimalist design style :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Allapon Hutasingh on

      I like plain and simple. Glad to hear that dock will ship on June 5, can't wait to see it!!

    43. Aviv on

      @Stefano -- You can email with your information. He'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support! :)

    44. Stefano Mastroianni on

      I'm entering my email address and ZIP Code (I'm from Italy) but the response is "Oops We could not find your order. Please double check that your email address is correct and try again."
      What am I doing wrong? I pledged $138 for 2 glass bead Docks + International shipping.

    45. Paul Borokhov on

      So, looks like there's no way to etch an Apple logo onto these?

    46. Missing avatar

      Tom Moccia on

      Great to see the update. Looks like we are on the last leg.

    47. Cris on

      Thanks for the update guys! It's looking really good from here. The Elevation Dock has already his place reserved on my new desk next to his MBA and cinema display. Can't wait to have it in my hands.
      Really happy that you sorted out the production issues, that's what I call professionalism and taking care of informing your backers!
      All the best.

    48. Missing avatar

      Luke Gordon on

      Can we see a picture of the dock with the front milled? Just a suggestion, but, would it be possible to mill out a rectangular hole where the flap can rest into? I just don't want the docked milled in the front because it is a beautiful dock and in my thoughts of what the dock would look like without a front sounds ugly in my opinion.

    49. Mike Wohlrab on

      If we choose to purchase another doc, via, such as the sunorange, will it be serialized?