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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      Just wanted to chime in and say I am still very happy with my ElevationDock. Since i switched to the iPhone 5, i lost the easy-of-removal, but the dock still looks so damn nice compared to everything else.

      I wonder if there is an easy way to Dremel the Lightning connector down just a hair to get reclaim some of the easy-to-remove functionality of the dock as originally intended.

      Also, if Apple ever relaxes their guidelines for Lightning based connectors and devices, will ElevationLabs release updated Lighting inserts?

    2. Ricardo on

      I did received mine!!!! it's wonderful, I only missed the audio part :( - not an ElevationsLab issue.

      Thank you!!

    3. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Daniel - Thats really great to hear!
      Kenny - Yours shipped 8/2/12. Best/fastest way to contact:
      Arnold - We'll do that next update, its around 45,000lbs of aluminum extruded here in Portland.

    4. Kenny Wang on

      I didn't receive my dock too. What is going on? How can I track it? it's been a long time.

    5. Daniel Huber on

      Still my favorite project backed, and I've backed some cool things. Love the future proofing with a swappable connection. The only problem is I find my phone lying face down on the nightstand in front of the dock many mornings... and my girlfriend's phone on the dock!!! Looks like I know what someone's getting for her birthday! ;) Thanks Casey.

    6. Arnold A Sitorus on

      So, who is the winner of the "guess how much will the aluminum be used?"

    7. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Bob - Right on, thats great!
      James - Thats cool.
      Claissa - We've tried both your email adresses and haven't heard back, please send a note to Yours shipped back on 9/28/12.
      Ricardo - A second dock was shipped to you in Columbia on 1/4/13. We have had some other problems shipping to your country too. Please email

      Thanks! -Lisa

    8. Ricardo on

      I did not receive my dock yet... what to do?

    9. Missing avatar



      On January 13 I posted here a comment saying that I didn't receive my dock. You guys said that you'd email me about that but I haven't received anything... Can you guys please help me solving this issue?


    10. Bob Thompson on

      Just a note of thanks...I now own three of these - one from the KS campaign and two from the recent "seconds" sale. Two are for my 4S - one at home, one at work. The third is for my wife's 5 at home. We are very happy with the docks and get lots of compliments on them. Great work.

    11. JAMES CROW on

      Just to reiterate, Willis's fix works great and it's really easy.

      I couldn't find my Dremel tool so I just used a file to shave both sides of the lightning connector until the notch on both side was gone and now my 2 Elevation Docks work just like they did with the iPhone 4. I'm not sure if Casey can endorse this fix or not but I don't fault him at all for problems with the new connectors. I backed his project to work with the iPhone 4 (which it did) and I thank him for coming up with a solution to make it work with the iPhone 5 before Apple made the new connectors available to him.

    12. JAMES CROW on

      Thanks for the fix Willis!!! It works great!

    13. Victor Leal Garcia on

      Hey.... I still didn't' received my dock... What should i do??

    14. Willis Gomez on

      For those with iPhone 5: I got the new lightning attachment from Casey website and I got a second cable.
      What I did with the cable connection to be able to remove the iPhone with ONE hand is:
      I shaved the side of the connection in the cable with my Dremel Rotary tool like this one just enough so the little hooks of the iPhone 5 don't have a wedge to hold to it. And thats all. It Works beautifully. Hope this helps.

    15. Michael Krilivsky on


      Thanks for the response.

      However, this was not noted when buying the connector. And even though you're working on it, it doesn't solve the issue of me paying $120 total for something that I can't really use. Having raised $1.4 mil, do you think you can spare a refund for the device and iphone 5 connector ($100 total) that I bought from you? I'll eat the $20 for the extra iphone cable I had to buy that you guys didn't supply me with.

      Of course, if you had a solution ready and I had to wait a week or 2 or even a month, I would be fine with that, but it doesn't sound like this one is going to be solved anytime soon.

      Let me know

    16. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Onepercent - Not sure on that, I would check the USB connection inside the dock to make sure its fully seated. If it persists, send a note to
      Lachlan - We will email you today. And in general, always email us instead of going through the kickstarter messenger.
      Mike, Noah - Yes, Apple's new cord is not low-friction like our custom 30pin. That is something we are working on.
      Detlef - Right on.

    17. Michael Krilivsky on


      I emailed you guys with no response. I bought the dock for the iPhone 4S. It took a VERY time to come in and being an apple enthusiast, I purchased the iPhone 5 and barely was able to enjoy the dock for the 4s. I had to then wait a long time and not have a dock. Then, instead of sending me the part for free, i had to buy your connector and a $20 cable from apple only to find out that it didn't work properly anymore. The dock sticks like the tester demo docks in your video display and that is super annoying since I paid $85+$15+$20+s/h to prevent that issue in the first place lol

      Can someone please make me a happy customer?

      Thank you.

    18. Lachlan on

      Hi there,
      I also haven't received my Elevation dock. I sent a message in via Kickstarter's "Ask a question" a week ago, but received no response.

    19. Missing avatar

      onepercent on

      Hi Casey,

      I've been having some trouble with my Elevation Dock.

      My dock is directly connected to my iMac through USB, and when I dock my iPhone while the iMac is not asleep, it doesn't register with the iMac and is neither being charged nor able to be synced with iTunes. However, when the iMac is asleep and I dock the iPhone, it will wake up the iMac, begin to charge, and then return the iMac to sleep.

      Please help me troubleshoot this. By the way, I'm using the old 30-pin connector with an iPhone 4S on a mid-2011 iMac with OS 10.8.2.

    20. Missing avatar

      Detlef Otten on

      An elevation dock for the iPad (mini) would be nice. I'm happy with mine still using a 4S.

    21. Trevin C. on

      Same concern as Noah. I installed the iPhone 5 lightning connector kit the other day and the friction is so high on the connector that the entire dock lifts up. So the elevation dock is now like all the docks the original KS video ridiculed!

    22. Noah on

      Do I need to do anything to make my iPhone 5 come up out of the dock with one hand? When I try to lift it up like the Video shows, the entire dock is lifted up off my desk. I really thought this dock would be different, but it's just as hard to remove as every other dock I've used in the past. Anyhoo...

    23. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Clarissa - Thats not good. We will email you today. Thx -Lisa

    24. Missing avatar


      I live in Brazil and so far I haven't received my dock. Casey, can you get in touch with me to solve the problem?
      My email is

      Thank you!

    25. John Cachero on

      Months ago when I received my iPhone 5, I reluctantly accepted that I had purchased an $80+ paperweight. A moment ago I thought, "Surely, they have to have an elegant solution for the backers who helped raise nearly $1.5 million"... I thought wrong.

      I haven't asked for a refund and will likely never do so, but I am seriously disappointed with how this situation has been handled.

    26. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Chris -- We are just now catching up with back orders from the holidays and haven't shipped to any retailers yet. Send a note to and we can help you out.

      Craig - Your dock should have shipped months ago, checking it out and will get back to your email.

    27. Craig Jessup on

      UK, still waiting for my dock. Have left multiple messages via Kickstarter to no response, so just fired off a direct email to ElevationLab's "hello@" address.

      Fingers crossed they can get mine sent out ASAP!

    28. MOKU on

      Casey, did you guys decide to pass on selling the Dock's to retailers? I've been emailing you guys for months and months with no answer...

    29. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Dim3m - Send a note to and we can get you a board to swap out, no problem.
      Joey - Yeah if its tall enough.
      Shawn - Apple doesn't make it easy with a proprietary all digital connector. Working on a solution.

    30. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      @Casey, after looking closely at the audio connector. It seems that the circuit board was screwed in an angle. It's flushed on the audio connector side and at the 30 pin connector. There is about a 2-3mm gap. There should have been a gap between the dock and the circuit board on the audio side. So the screw behind the audio connector, pushed/ forced the audio connector against the dock opening. I don't have an allen wrench small enough to fix this. Help please.

    31. Joey Lee on

      Just wondering, if I get one of those Lightning to 30-pin Adapters, could I use my new iPad4 with the Dock?

    32. shawn on

      i have a dock+, and received my lightning adaptor yesterday. i like the build of the whole dock, but giving up audio out with the adaptor is a disappointment. i bought the + for the audio out, so not having it makes the adaptor useless. this HAD so much potential, but now am left with a paperweight.

    33. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      @Casey, after looking closely at the audio connector. It seems that the circuit board was screwed in an angle. It's flushed on the audio connector side and at the 30 pin connector. There is about a 2-3mm gap. There should have been a gap between the dock and the circuit board on the audio side. So the screw behind the audio connector, pushed/ forced the audio connector against the dock opening. I don't have an allen wrench small enough to fix this. Help please.

    34. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      @Casey, So I opened my dock to change out the cable and the audio connector popped out. Like it was just sitting there all this time. I think it was soldered poorly. Now it doesn't work that well anymore. What to do?

    35. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Is it not possible to make the iPhone 5 adapter to be designed with a higher position to accomodate the audio cable re-route to the metal hole left by 30 pin connector which is wider than the Lighting connector?

    36. Mark Thompson

      Okay, I understand that Casey (and yes, I feel mildly foolish) ... How about doing a new dock then that has this functionality? You may even persuade me to buy one, 'though at the moment I'm likely to buy the inferior looking Belkin so I have the functionality I want and had with my 4S and the Dock+ ... I quite like the look of the shiny blue Dock :)

    37. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Lester - Really nice pictures.
      Ricardo - Your dock shipped 10/2 to Columbia. Send a note to
      Matthew - That's Apple's design. Working on our own version for the future.
      Mark - There is metal in the way.

    38. Mark Thompson

      I have the Dock+ and my iPhone 5 arrives today. I won't be ordering the Lightning adapter. I'm wondering why something like he Belkin solution hasn't been implemented: - if I have to use two hands to take the iPhone 5 out of the dock anyway, why not just implement the 3.5mm jack as part of the outing adapter kit - at least we'd retain audio out, even if it's not line level. I'm disappointed - I'll be buying he Belkin dock for $29.99 to replace the Elevation Dock+ which becomes an $85 paper weight.

    39. Matthew Arnold on

      Adaptor is not what I thought. Lose the non friction element. Waste of $20 I am sad to say, I had hopes.

    40. Missing avatar

      Maureen on

      Just received the lightning adapter for my Dock+. It is such a pain to install and I had NO idea that I would lose the audio out. What a waste of money. I paid $20 for the adapter to lose the audio out line that cost me an additional $20. Unbelievable. I am done with Kickstarter.

    41. Ricardo on

      I have not receive the product neither any email, what should I do?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason Miller on

      The tracking number I was provided:


      does not track anything...This is the verbiage from USPS:

      "Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office. "

      I have NOT received my Orange Dock. I don't need or want a Lightning adapter. Just a Dock!

      --Jason Miller

    43. Missing avatar

      Julius Mapalad

      I, sadly, have to agree with the assessment of the lightning adapter. The main reason for such an amazingly high pledge level was the video that illustrated the one handed removal of the phone from the dock. With the lightning adapter in place, it does require two hands every time.

      I do hope that an Elevation dock with a low friction lightning adapter will be made available and more importantly a retrofit for all original Elevation docks. I understand the challenges, given all the changes. I would just urge you to keep your customers and backers updated on that progress in a timely fashion and hopefully be able to deliver that retrofit.

    44. Tom Gormley on

      I got my adapter today and realized as a backer with the Dock+, I pretty much am screwed out of $20. Not only have I lost the line out feature, but I had to pay $20 for the adapter... I ended up paying $10 more than retail. Feels good to be a kickstarter....

    45. Carl Feldhaus on

      Received my adapter today, it is snug and with audio but glad to have my dock again. I was searching and saw this, looks similar to the Elevation in ways.…

    46. Cody Russell on

      If you end up releasing a new Lightning adapter that has the actual plug built-in and supports an audio port, I'd be willing to buy that unless it's prohibitively expensive. If you do release one of those please consider giving us original backers a break on the price. :)

    47. Cody Russell on

      @Casey Hopkins:

      Just received my lightning adapter today, thanks very much! It's fantastic. I had been using one of these Makerbot-printed adapters, but it didn't have screws to fix it in place the way yours does and so when I pulled the iPhone out of the dock it would just pull the Lightning cable through. Using yours that doesn't seem to be happening at all, it feels really secure now.


    48. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Simon - Your dock shipped back on August 8th, will email you with tracking.
      Amir - Looks like it was cancelled yesterday.

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