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We're a band bursting with new sounds and songs. Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing for our wallets. Help us fund our record!

Greetings! We are Hoots & Hellmouth. We've been making music and driving it around the country for years now. Maybe you've seen us?

Well, we've got a giant batch of new songs but no record label to put them out, so we're gonna have to fund this next record ourselves from start to finish...which adds up. Cue Kickstarter! We're utilizing this fund-raising site to reach out to you, our people. Y'know, kinda like when the NPR radio station in your area breaks from its normal programming to beg for pledges of monetary support?

Well, maybe not that annoying, but you get the idea.

We've already got some studio time booked with Jim Roll (Frontier Ruckus, Breathe Owl Breathe, Chris Bathgate) up in Ann Arbor, MI, which we're super excited about. And, like we said, there's tons of new material that you're gonna dig (see The Window In The Woodshed for previews). However the financial burden of making a record goes well beyond studio rates...

Here's how we figure it'll break down:
$6000 - 6 songs, recorded, mixed and mastered for release as a CD EP. $7000 - 6 songs on CD/digital + Publicity/Press (It'll be hugely important to let the world know we have new stuff!)
$8000 - All above, plus limited edition vinyl (maybe even colored vinyl? Mmmmm!)
$9000, $10,000... $15,000 - ***More songs!*** yes, by the time we hit the 12-15K range, we're talking about a real live, full length, long playin' record.

Oh man, wouldn't it be great to see this EP become a full-blown LP?? (Yes.)

Ok, so there's the what and the why. Now for the how. To your right, you will see a bunch of little incentives to help you help us. We've tried to create levels of giving for friends of all socioeconomic standings, so that everyone can pitch in, whatever amount. Music, shirts, supper, house concerts...vintage H&H stomp boards (!?!??!)...there's something for everyone over there. Give it a look.

Thanks for your help, everyone. We've always been serious about community. This just ratchets it up a notch, eh? And even if you can't afford to contribute money, perhaps you could pass this along to someone who might. Any and all efforts to reach our goal are greatly appreciated. We're excited by the prospect of a fan-supported recording experience!



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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    3 backers

    a copy of the "$15K challenge covers EP" (title subject to change) and a chance to select one of the songs!

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    42 backers

    Access to the exclusive blog featuring audio and video from the studio, PLUS a digital download of the work when completed.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    69 backers

    Access to the exclusive blog from the studio, a digital download when completed, PLUS a commemorative t-shirt featuring the finished record art.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    29 backers

    Access to the exclusive blog from the studio, a digital download of the work when completed, a commemorative t-shirt featuring the finished record art, PLUS an special digital live record compiled from live tracks we've been collecting for the last 4 years!

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    45 backers

    All above, PLUS a super sexy tote bag emblazoned with special art and stuffed with a signed, hand-numbered, limited edition silk screen poster of original artwork from timber!, patches, stickers, organic seed packets and other assorted craziness.

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    2 backers

    All above, PLUS 2 tickets to the show of your choice and dinner with the band beforehand (you pick the restaurant or leave it up to us). We'll even let you write the setlist! Make requests! if we know it, we'll play it! Heck, if we don't know it, we'll play it!

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    11 backers

    access to the blog, the tshirt, the download, the tote bag (see above!)... PLUS a house show! At your house! Invite your friends or we'll just play for you. Either way, we're totally rockin' your living room, dude. Also, we're cooking dinner. Bam!

  • Pledge $1,250 or more
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    2 backers Limited (2 left of 4)

    A show at your house AND an original, stage-used H&H stomp board. That's right, you've seen us haul 'em on stage, you've watched us stomp the heck out of 'em, you've seen the dozens of setlists we've scribbled on 'em and the lucky ones among you have seen Andrew break through 'em. Every time a stomp board is decommissioned, it goes into Rob's basement for sentimental reasons. Well, now they can be yours whatever the heck you want with 'em! Form your own H&H franchise! Cut 'em to fit and hang on your wall! Make a table! This is limited to 4 people because, well, that's all we really have!

  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    Hey, Big Cheddar! What can we say? You're now executive producer of this record and honorary president of our new record label. Come on down to the studio, tell us what you think. Should "Old McDonald" be on the record? OK... we'll totally think it over. And also, you'll get a t-shirt.

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