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We're a band bursting with new sounds and songs.  Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing for our wallets.  Help us fund our record!
We're a band bursting with new sounds and songs. Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing for our wallets. Help us fund our record!
215 backers pledged $23,882 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Elyse Realey on September 22, 2012

      Missing your music at Philly Folk Fest. I still never got any of my rewards, no rush guys, jw. If your in Philly anytime soon look me up!

    2. Missing avatar

      Natalie Ingle on July 29, 2012

      Christopher, glad you got yours but I never got mine at the same level. :(

    3. Christopher on May 26, 2012

      To all those worried about rewards, I got mine today ($100) and it's pretty sweet. Thanks, guys! Impressive packing skills, too! It was almost like opening a Lament Configuration box only without all the sharp bits!

    4. Aaron Lococo on May 11, 2012

      I'm starting to think we've been forgotten.

    5. Joe Minkiewicz on January 17, 2012

      Same question here... still working on the t-shirts?

    6. Christopher on December 2, 2011

      Greetings, gents! I've the same question as Aaron below. There's no rush... Just curious! Thanks!

    7. Hoots & Hellmouth Creator on December 1, 2011

      aaron... let me check!

    8. Aaron Lococo on December 1, 2011

      You good fellas still working on getting T-shirts and stuff out, or did I just miss mine?

    9. Missing avatar

      Denise Daniels and Family on September 7, 2011

      I'm so proud of you guys. The record label naming idea is really clever and heartfelt. Thanks.

    10. Steve Montgomery on August 12, 2011

      Heard a lot of the new tunes last week in Kalamazoo, and I'm very excited to hear the new album (Salt). Also, thanks to Rob for the shirt. What better way for the 215'ers to pick up their t-shirts than by going to a show and getting it in person!

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on February 7, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Karl McWherter on January 14, 2011

      Can't wait to see you tomorrow at Landhaven!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Sadler on December 14, 2010

      Ann Arbor can't WAIT to see you in January!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      ricslac on December 13, 2010

      Wishing you continued success on the project!
      Nice having you cutting wax here in the mitten. If you haven't got enough snow in A2, c'mon out west to the big lake where winter is beautiful. See you in Kzoo for the indoor fest!

    15. Missing avatar

      yessur on December 9, 2010

      Bummed I missed out on the chance to chip in! Come out to Reno, NV and I'll just hand you the green there!

    16. Weathervane Music on December 7, 2010

      Holy Moly! Congratulations guys! Your audience is exceptional!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff,Betsy, porter Wearren on December 6, 2010

      So proud to be a part of the movement! Can't wait to hear the progress! You guys have a one in a million type of sound and seem to be pretty good guys

    18. John Jackson on December 5, 2010

      SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool :)

    19. Erica & Jeff Cullum on December 5, 2010

      Congratulations guys! So proud of y'all & can't wait to hear the new tracks! xo.

    20. Josh Barnette on December 4, 2010

      What a beautiful display of support! Thanks for letting us help!

    21. Missing avatar

      andrea brandon on December 3, 2010

      thanks for the opportunity to contribute directly, guys. i'm not sure which recording i'm more enthused about -- the EP-turned-LP, or the cover-EP :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean Allen on December 2, 2010

      I am STOKED you guys were able to raise so much!
      I can't wait to hear the new album - and since it looks like you guys raised enough, I can't wait to buy the vinyl!

      You guys rock!

      Sean - Albany, NY

    23. Nicholas Hoffman on November 30, 2010

      Now for the 300 % Challenge!!! Just $566 more!!!!!!!

    24. John Jackson on November 30, 2010

      This is so awesome :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Natalie Ingle on November 29, 2010

      Uh, pretty amazing, fellas. You should definitely use some of the extra $s to get to cities who miss you... like Indy. :) But I'll take more music, too.

    26. JJ Sheffer on November 27, 2010

      Wish I had more to give - glad to see this is so well-supported. Can't wait for the new album!

    27. Missing avatar

      tatoomahmut on November 27, 2010

      HOLY CRIKE!!!! I am loving the community support! I can't believe you made it to 15K!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Mia Voss on November 25, 2010

      Ooooh - I like the 15k challenge. Upping it at this point is the right thing to do. I know exactly which song I would pick :-)

    29. Courtney Finneran on November 24, 2010

      ohhellzyeah! I love the grass roots vibe of this effort. WEST CHESTER misses our boys ;) xoxoxo

    30. Christopher on November 24, 2010

      This is really amazing! I'm happy to help this go all the way! How much for the classic Double Live??

    31. Steve Montgomery on November 23, 2010

      Hope you guys get to the $15K! Also hoping for some shows in the Midwest, South Bend, IN (hint hint)

    32. Missing avatar

      Joy E. Ward on November 23, 2010

      After listening online for a few years, I FINALLY had the chance to catch a show at the World Cafe. FANTASTIC! Happy to contribute to continue this fine music!

    33. Gena Chattin on November 22, 2010

      WOW! I'm so jealous of the ones who could pledge $1,000. You guys would cook an awesome dinner! Plus, yaknow, music, heh. Ditto on the "Full length or bust" comment!

    34. Missing avatar

      tatoomahmut on November 22, 2010

      Congrats on making it to 10K!!! Love you guys!

    35. Greg Wood on November 20, 2010

      Just pledged $100, that's all I can afford right now. Advice: Do it the only way you know how. In the meantime, I have some forks and knives I need to throw.

    36. John Jackson on November 19, 2010

      Even though I haven't commented for five days now, I still want to say how cool and great everyone is who's contributed to this. Thank you all so much. I have been looking forward to more new music from these guys for two years now. Seems like it's going to have the support it needs now, how awesome! :)

    37. John Jackson on November 13, 2010

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    38. Michael Weber on November 13, 2010

      These fellas have always been really big on community. Isn't it great how this community- all the friends and ties they've formed- is now coming out in full force to encourage their vision? I love it! Keep the dollars comin' people, I want a full lenghth!

    39. Missing avatar

      Chad Cimo on November 13, 2010

      YES!! We surpassed the 6K mark! And we're only about 500 away from the next level! Congrats guys - we can't wait!!

    40. Nicholas Hoffman on November 13, 2010

      So beautiful!!! Dammit I love all of you people!!!!!!!

    41. John Jackson on November 12, 2010

      Awesome progress!! So cool, great! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on November 12, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. John Jackson on November 9, 2010

      Mercedes, you're really great!!! :)

    44. Nicholas Hoffman on November 7, 2010

      I want a double disc album!!!!

    45. John Jackson on November 5, 2010

      I agree - FUL LENGTH! There could never be a such thing as too much Hoots & Hellmouth. And damn, if I had the $1,000 to give, I'd be all over it for the show at my house! For real, someday I hope to come up with a way to get a Hoots & Hellmouth show that I could bring a few hundred friends to :)

    46. Nolan Morice on November 5, 2010

      Full Length or bust! (or EP)