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In a time of Love & Romance, celebrate the Darkest, Dreariest, Most Demonic Dames & Relationships w Poetry & Art. Happy Anti-Valentine
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Threeways, Rockets and Baseball -- my 8 year anniversary

Posted by HooligansCO (Creator)

 8 years ago today, on this the day of Fools, I was walking home after a college reunion, to avoid driving drunk,

And on that walk home I was HIT by a drunk driver,

My first near death experience was in Africa when I was chasing poachers, and I was spared by a gorgeous LIONESS (READ NEW MEXICO SKETCHBOOK FOR FULL STORY FUCKERS)

But this was no near death experience, this was a pure death, plain and simple, I went from cracking a Seinfeld joke to total darkness, like someone turning off an HDTV and all that is left is that small white dot in the center,

Then the dot starts floating, it doesn't get any bigger or smaller, it just feels like you're moving towards it and it's teasing you,

Then you start to travel to one of your favorite moments,

Mine was August 28th 1995, my 1st threeway, and my first night of college, two of the greatest nights of my life combined together, and a threeway that I fell ass backwards into,

With that experience so fresh in my mind, it was that straight euphoria that stuck with me until all of a sudden, that dot started coming at me at full speed,

Then I hear the word CLEAR, and jolt of lightning goes streaking through my body,

And then I hear, "HE'S BACK"

8 years to the day, and I am a fucking full time writer chasing after windmills filled with fantastic failures and women half my age with tatts and boobs and all the greatest things that make you take your 41 year old ass into a steam room and pool every damn morning,

Life is still the greatest journey of all, and I thank God every day that he threw me back in the water and gave me another shot at life.

Can't wait to tell you the full story in this month's new FARO'S LOUNGE AMERICAN SAFARI SKETCHBOOK tributing ROCKET CITY HUNTSVILLE with a COSMIC BLONDE MASHUP of SUE STORM & SAMUS ARAN,

Come celebrate life and art and stories and blondes and bulldogs with the greatest storyteller God keeps loving on,



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