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In a time of Love & Romance, celebrate the Darkest, Dreariest, Most Demonic Dames & Relationships w Poetry & Art. Happy Anti-Valentine
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Dominatrix Harley -- Savage She-Hulk

Posted by HooligansCO (Creator)

 As always, I give you further proof that the universe gifts and grifts those who choose to serve it straight rocker style,

If you read last night's blog you will know I was in a shitty way, my main team is on vacation, and I had the kind of blues that hookers and cannabis didn't seem to be curing.

I know I have to push the Kickstarter for FARO SUMMER 1867 back a month, and that drove me nuts because I want to make sure that whatever I have planned as a back up for the April campaign better be fuckin good,

And I had nothing, blank, writer's block, fuck my life with a thorny dildo,

When the usual remedies become powerless, I always turn to the heavens for a good shout at the man upstairs,

And I always manage to call out a favor from the bulldog ghost I know is sitting alongside him putting in the good word,

I said, "Listen God, I'm not into this depression shit, podcast or no, I need my balls back, so send me a fuckin angel and let me get back to work,"

Five microseconds later I get a text from a lovely friend of mine, telling me she didn't care if I was in a bad mood, she was coming down to the lounge for billiards and cocoa and she wasn't planning on doing it alone,

My little demon walked in, just as I was about to lounge back and take in the Mariners Red Sox game on the giant projector screen and wallow in my misery,

She came in with her tattoos, her smile, and those tits,

Those big fat fuckin, mother fuckin, fat fuckin tits,

We played, drank and chatted for hours, she made my world funny, and didn't mind my drooling like a retarded outlaw while her precious gifts swung in the wind like a mighty sail welcoming me into port,

Last night she stepped up as a friend, and literally in the midst of our conversation, as I enjoyed both her intelligence and visual delights, I saw my little Pixi get demonically jealous that I using someone else's magic for an evening, and all was right in my world again,

Sometimes all it takes is watching the object of your desire acknowledge her daddy fetish with a simple expression and an amplified tone in conversation,

Oddly enough, sometimes the company of a gorgeous woman is not as cool as a pile of coke and strippers,

But my friends, the company of a gorgeous woman while the one you want gets jealous is better than a pile of cannabis and strippers, coke and hot wings,

Especially when you can combine their ages and just make it to yours,

Sorry for my one day on the DL but I am back mother fuckers, because that little playtime last night got my mojo back, and let's just say with one of my main man collectors SIR EDMUND of HOUSE DRUM shot me a brilliant idea later that night and I just took it and ran with it,

So my friends, the FARO SUMMER 1867 will start May 1st instead of April 1st, but never you fret, because the next FARO'S LOUNGE AMERICAN SAFARI SKETCHBOOK will be featuring the lovely state of ALABAMA with the theme of ROCKET CITY HUNTSVILLE and the cover shall feature the ultimate MATURE MASHUP of


Stay tuned true believers, and make sure to grab your copy of the MARYLAND MEGA CITY SKETCHBOOK, only 24 hours remain,



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