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An automated review and testing system for the Homebrew OS X package manager to speed up handling community contributions.
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Almost at £5000!

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We're blown away by your generosity! Thanks again everyone!

To answer some recent questions:

What will the t-shirts/glasses/stickers look like?

We've priced these items but not finished the final designs yet. Trust us though, they will look great!

What will you do with any money over the goal?

The initial goal was planning for a single, mid-range Mac Mini running all the OSs we support on a single box with VMs running in a Homebrew developer's house.

If we get enough money we'll have one Mac Mini per-OS running in a colo with decent bandwidth so we can self-host more of our current services and provide better uptime than we have relying on third-parties. 

Anything beyond this will basically be spent sensibly on future Homebrew development (so we don't have to ask for money again in the near future). 

Homebrew has its own UK bank account so you don't need to worry about your money, it will be handled correctly and professionally.

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