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Titan (Canceled)

Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!

Titan (Canceled)

Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!

Pledged OfPledged Of Goal
Funding Canceled
Funding Was Canceled On
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Welcome to the company, miner! In Titan, you’ll be playing as an employee of Stardrill, an interstellar mining corporation, and you’re being sent to Titan to strip mine that moon!

Titan is an expert level Eurogame for 1 to 5 players focused on network building and resource management. With the freedom to inprovise your own clever strategies and frequent player interaction, Titan's riches are yours for the taking!

You’ll arrive in orbit with a ship full of Rigs, Pipes, Drones and everything else you’ll need to accomplish your mission! The action takes place in a titanic mining crater, represented by a spectacular 3D, hard plastic, multi-level board.

Throughout the game, you’ll be deploying all this equipment into the mining crater; Building Rigs, connecting them to your network with Pipes, activating them to generate resources and using your Drones to optimise your actions.

The more equipment you drop down into the crater, the more space you free up in your hold which will allow you to draw up all the resources you’re extracting. Some of these resources are used during the game in order to accomplish corporate objectives, improve the performance of your network, or complete deliveries to other planets!

Other resources are used at the end of the game in order to gain (or lose) you Credits! Once the dust has settled, the player with the most credits wins the game, becoming Gold Star Miner, and will enjoy a host of privileges such as bonus Stardrill ration vouchers, first refusal on future missions, a glowing report for their corporate file and much, much more!

So, what are you waiting for? That moon isn’t going to mine itself!

  • A challenging Eurogame for 1-5 players.
  • A unique, immersive 3D board which adds interesting extra dimensions to an already fascinating puzzle.
  • Gameplay high in player interaction, as miners’ networks will inevitably overlap.
  • Fluid mechanics with very little player downtime.
  • Randomly distributed resource tokens and changing Objectives means that no game of Titan is ever the same!
  • A beautiful and unique object for your board game collection.
  • 500+ high quality plastic pieces (including resource cubes), boards, tokens and tiles that are all used for each playthrough. No redundant content.

Titan is a network construction game set in the distant future, in which you play as employees of Stardrill, an interstellar mining corporation. Stardrill has acquired the mining rights to Saturn’s largest moon - Titan - and is sending in a team to strip it of its resources. The game’s huge 3D board represents the mining crater on Titan’s surface.

Your task is to fill the hold of your ship, represented by your player board, with as many units of valuable resources from Titan as possible, in order to earn the most Credits by the end of the game.

 To help its teams with their task, Stardrill has supplied a selection of Extraction Rigs - buildings which can be placed anywhere on the map. These Rigs will allow you to obtain different types of resources. As you’re all employees of Stardrill, once placed these buildings can be accessed and used by any player!

Place pipes branching out from your main base to create the extraction network that will bring resources into your Cargo Hold. Each time you link a Rig into your network by joining a section of pipe to it, it activates, gaining you a unit of the resource of that colour. 

 Once obtained, these resources will have to be managed carefully, as you only have a limited amount of space in your hold! Once full, no more resources can be added without spending or jettisoning others first.

 Some resources have value during the game and can be spent to free up space in your hold, while others only have value at the end of the game - so you’ll need to keep an eye on the space you have, and time your Rig activations carefully.

There are 6 resources available on Titan: Deuterium, Hydrocarbons, Silicium, Titanium, Water, and Tholins.

 However, not all of these resources are desirable. Titan hosts large quantities of Tholins, an organic substance which could potentially cause you to lose Credits at the end of your mission. Picking some of it up is impossible to avoid as you dig deeper into the centre of Titan, but don’t let it get out of control – as well as losing you Credits, if you take Tholins into your hold when it is already full, some of your precious cargo will be contaminated!

Stardrill has also supplied you with a team of trusty Drones that will lend you a claw on your mission. As well as transporting valuable resources and moving Tholins away from your network, Drones can dock to an Extraction Plant to increase its yield or make it less costly to upgrade. These handy machines can also destroy sections of pipe for you; or in other players networks...

Earn Credits during the game by placing and upgrading Rigs, completing Stardrill’s special Objectives, and fulfilling Planetary Orders.

At the end of the game, you’ll score Credits depending on the contents of your hold! The more Deuterium you have, the better, as long as it hasn’t been contaminated…

The Employee with the most Credits at the end of the game becomes Stardrill's Gold Star Miner!

Please note that the rules document above is still a work in progress and is not a representation of the final product.

You can download the Rulebook HERE.

We've teamed up with Tabletopia to bring you a digital prototype so you can try the game for yourself! 

You can access the site HERE.

The game board is THE major component of the game and what makes Titan truly titanic. It's normal that you should have quite a few questions about it and this section is meant to answer them!

 Before we begin: We've been working on the technical aspects of this project for about as long as we have any other part of it. Today, our 3D files are 100% complete and have been validated by our production partner's engineers. We not only have a full 3D prototype printed in house but also a factory prototype ready for tooling. So, everything stated here is based on physical examples, not estimations or digital concepts.

How big is the board?

Big! A slice has a length of just over 30cm (11.8 Inches) and a height of just under 8cm. So, when assembled, the full circular board has a total diameter of 61cm (24 inches)!

How does all that fit into the box?

The back of each section slides out so that they can be stacked within one another for storage. This greatly reduces the space needed to store the game although the box will still be larger than average, about 30x45x15cm, so it'll still fit into an iconic piece of Swedish furniture. When setting up to play, the back plates are quickly and easily slipped back in.

How is the board assembled?

The board comes in 6 pieces. You simply push all the parts together to form a circle. Then, once the circular "core" tile is dropped into the middle, the notches hold it all together. Due to the size and weight of the board we found that this was sufficient for the normal rigours of tabletop gaming and did not require any fiddly components or lengthy assembly. As it is, the board takes about 30 seconds to set up.

Are the coloured parts printed onto the board?

Nothing is printed onto the plastic. These coloured sections are actually punchboard tiles. When you open the game for the first time you'll be instructed on how to "assemble" each board slice, inserting the punchboard into the recesses of each section. The punchboard fits just tightly enough so that it is held in place without crushing or warping it. This means that this assembly only needs to be done once, not every time you play. Also, this is the same principle for the Rigs and other plastic components with coloured sections.

What is the board made of?

The board is made of injected ABS plastic with a thickness of around two millimetres. This keeps the weight down without compromising on sturdiness.

What about the plastic warping or breaking?

We have been VERY insistent about the importance of the board with our production partners. Reinforcements have been added to the underside of the board to eliminate warping and the possibility of it being damaged during transport. The factory has also been instructed to take particular care when removing parts from their moulds.

As you've not doubt guessed, we are VERY confident in our board design. We've covered the major points we could think of here but we'd be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have!

KS Exclusive modes - As a supporter of this project you'll be recieving a special pack which will allow you to play:

  •  Solo - Measure your mining mastery against STARBOT, Stardrill's state of the art excavation robot. Prove to the higher-ups that a state of the art AI is no match for human ingenuity in this strenuous single player experience!
  •  Automata - Want to add some extra tension to your experience? STARBOT can also be included in your games of titan as a 3rd, 4th or 5th player!
  •  5th Player - With an extra set of planet excavating essentials there can now be five of you taking on Titan!

Advanced Operators: Once you’ve gotten to grips with Titan’s  basics rules and mechanics, you can use these advanced cards to take  your strategies even further! As mentioned in the rulebook, Titan’s regular Operator cards are for aesthetic purposes only. These new cards give each player some different scoring conditions for the end of the game.

Drone Objectives: In the Titan core box, there are three categories of Corporate Objectives: Rigs, Network and Resources. This stretch goal is a new type of objective: Drones! These objectives will require you to perform certain actions with your drones in order to earn bonus credits! The additional board is placed below the standard objective board in order to track your progress!

The development of Titan has been a marathon with the game going through multiple version of rules and material since HGG began work on the project in early 2017. With such a unique concept and product, it took us time to gather the necessary feedback to point us in the right direction, which has brought us to where we are today.

All Core box content and any other content revealed during this campaign has been fully developed and tested.

Graphically,  the core box is complete and only a few minor elements are left to finalise for other content.

Pre-production wise the entirety of the project has already been reviewed and approved by the manufacturer so we’re expecting no serious issues during production. This is especially true for the plastic board (see "The Board" above). 

Therefore, we’re expecting a very smooth finalisation phase, post campaign, and look forward to getting your games to you on time, if not earlier!

Titan is Matthieu PODEVIN's first published game, the result of 8 years of work and research. He likes precise games with refined mechanics where luck is not a factor.  Passionate about everything related to science, history, geography and art, game design allows him to express his ideas. He is extremely proud to be able to offer you Titan, an immersive and unique gaming experience that ties in all his passions.

Illustrator and character-design specialist, Loïc Muzy has been  working in the world of gaming since 2008 and as Holy Grail Games' in-house illustrator and Art Director since early 2018. He started by designing miniatures for wargaming, then made a name for himself in the  world of board games (Fire team zero, Mythic Battles, Orcquest,...). He  has also worked on video games projects, such as some based in the Warhammer 40000 universe. He's best known for his illustrations for Call of Cthulhu (role-playing and other derivative products). Loïc has been painting figurines for over 20 years, and is passionate about fantasy universes.

Holy Grail Games is a board game publishing house that was born from its creators’ desire to make great, unique games. HGG brings together the experience and passion of Jamie Johnson (Producer and professional herder of cats), Olivier Melison (entrepreneur, chef and game author) and Eric Dubus (History teacher, game author and human megaphone). They couldn't do that however without the help of the rest of the team, including Georgina, Quentin, Owen, Raphael, Jonhatan, Jean-François, Kayla...

Well, the real question is - why not? Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general are amazing tools for game publishers and have revolutionized our industry. Financially it is one of the most beneficial routes of  publishing and helps us ensure that everyone involved in the project earns a good living from each game. At the end of the day, this is what allows us to continue doing what we love! Kickstarter is also an amazing  communication tool, allowing us to reach out directly in a unique and  engaging way to those most interested in what we have to offer.

But that's not all. Beyond good business sense, Kickstarter allows us to prioritise quality over quantity. It allows us to only deal with games that we love and believe in 100%, taking the time and care necessary to push their development as far as it will go.

With the leeway and support afforded to us by these kind of projects, we can take a normal gaming experience and make it extraordinary. Via both material and content, our aim is to have all our games provide a  unique, exciting, engaging and luxury experience!

We are aiming to deliver the game by September 2020. This may seem like a long time as the game itself is already quite advanced (as detailed in the "development" section). However, knowing the intricacies of board game design, manufacturing and shipping, we'd rather include a good margin of error in our estimations in order to avoid disappointment.

Shipping costs are not included in your pledge. We have however done our best to reduce the costs as much as possible. After the campaign has concluded we will ask you to pay for shipping during the "Pledge Manager" phase.

"Friendly Shipping" means that you'll pay no import tax in Europe, the US & Canada.

The chart below shows the maximum estimated cost of shipping the game to your region. This is barring any unforseen circumstances outside of our control. Exact costs will be indicated during the pledge manager phase but we hope to be able to provide you with prices lower than what is indicated here.

Purchasing multiple boxes and/or expansions will incur an increase in postage costs

Additional copies of the core game will cost around 6€ in shipping

We regret we are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

Please note that Holy Grail Games does not make any money off of shipping costs.

If you have any questions about shipping, please don't hesitate to ask us in the comments section!

Risks and challenges


This is not our first Kickstarter. This is HGG's Sixth project so we are very familiar with the running and fulfilment of a KS project as well as where to look for any potential pitfalls. We currently have two other ongoing Kickstarter projects: Dominations and Rallyman: GT. Both are currently being printed and should be shipped shortly after this campaign ends. We are active on both pages, providing regular updates, answering questions and generally keeping our backers informed at each stage of the project.


We're estimating a September 2020 delivery date. This corresponds to the time we believe will be necessary to prepare the game for manufacturing, produce it and ship it to you. It also includes a safety margin too in case we come across any unforeseen circumstances.
It is in our best interests to get the game to our backers as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to deliver before this date and/or ensure that there are no delays. However, it may be that a situation arises that is out of our control, such as issues with shipping, customs or problems at the factory. Should anything cause this date to change we will of course keep you updated.


All pledges can be refunded -minus KS and Strype fees (10%)- up until the closing date of the Pledge Manager, no questions asked. After that date we will not be able to process refunds.
If, for any reason, we are unable to produce the game we will provide a full refund to all our backers.


We always welcome feedback and constructive criticism of our projects and games. However, we will not tolerate the abuse or harassment of HGG, it's staff or other participants of this Kickstarter. HGG reserves the right to refund and remove any person found in violation of these standards.


Any costs shown in $ are based on the exchange rate in effect during the first day of the campaign.
By pledging to this Kickstarter, you acknowledge that the final appearance, materials and content of the rewards are subject to change and may differ from what is presented whilst the Kickstarter project is active.

You agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods.

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