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A magazine exploring the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity in timeless print
A magazine exploring the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity in timeless print
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Two Metric Tonnes of HOLO – Shipped!

Posted by HOLO (Creator)

And now to wrap this all up: it gives us great pleasure to report that our Berlin-based distribution hub is buzzing with activity. As of today, approximately two metric tonnes of HOLO magazines, t-shirts, stickers, and bonus gifts are on their way. Thanks to the great work of our partners at OML GmbH & Co. KG, EU-based backers should get their shipments within a week (if not by the end of this week). Those in North America and other continents can expect HOLO in their mailbox by the end of the month. HELLO WORLD indeed!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come: back in 2011, a whole year before we launched this campaign, we pitched this project to many of the top art and design publishers in the world. While initial feedback was promising, nobody was willing to take a chance on a magazine about ‘emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology.’ But you and the many people who supported and contributed to this cause did. Thank you—for your enthusiasm, trust, and patience! Over the past fifteen months, however, more than a magazine emerged. HOLO gave rise to some wonderful art (hat tip to Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Eno Henze, Niklas Roy, Marius Watz and Zimoun), it brought together numerous unlikely collaborators and forged many new friendships as well. And we’ve only just begun.

Moving forward, we will primarily be communicating through email newsletters with only sporadic updates here on Kickstarter. Additionally, we will keep enhancing the HOLO section over at our sister publication CreativeApplications.Net (CAN), so please swing by there (or our Facebook and Twitter accounts) for HOLO-related news in the future—including our plans and timeline for HOLO 2.

Until then: enjoy the magazine, let us know what you think, and please send or share* photos of HOLO in the wild. And if your friends want a copy as well, point them at our shop. :)

— Alex, Filip, Greg, Sherry

* on twitter use @HOLOmagazine, on instagram use #holomagazine – thank you!

P.S. We’ve just shared a whole bunch of photos of the magazine over on CAN – check them out here.

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    1. HOLO Creator on

      Hi Andres, we have seen extremely delayed arrivals in a few countries—and unfortunately Chile is one of them. We ship Deutsche Post Priority which is really speedy but—ultimately—delivery can only be as fast as the local mail service of the recipient's country permits. If there are any delivery problems the shipment 'bounces' and comes back to our distributor and until this happens we can only assume a shipment is in transit—we'll need you to wait a little longer. Please hold tight (up to) a few more weeks or contact us at if you'd like to continue this conversation.


    2. Andres Ortega on

      It's May 23rd here in Chile and I still haven't received mine too (neither the magazine or the tshirt). Any news?

    3. HOLO Creator on

      Hello Alex/aandnota

      I sent you a reply via email as well as Kickstarter.

      Sherry / HOLO

    4. aandnota on

      It's May 9th and I still haven't received mine. Should I be worried?

    5. Jonathan Lumb on

      So what's the ETA for vol.2?

      j/k ;)