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    1. Jonathan Lumb on

      So what's the ETA for vol.2?

      j/k ;)

    2. aandnota on

      It's May 9th and I still haven't received mine. Should I be worried?

    3. HOLO Creator on

      Hello Alex/aandnota

      I sent you a reply via email as well as Kickstarter.

      Sherry / HOLO

    4. Andres Ortega on

      It's May 23rd here in Chile and I still haven't received mine too (neither the magazine or the tshirt). Any news?

    5. HOLO Creator on

      Hi Andres, we have seen extremely delayed arrivals in a few countries—and unfortunately Chile is one of them. We ship Deutsche Post Priority which is really speedy but—ultimately—delivery can only be as fast as the local mail service of the recipient's country permits. If there are any delivery problems the shipment 'bounces' and comes back to our distributor and until this happens we can only assume a shipment is in transit—we'll need you to wait a little longer. Please hold tight (up to) a few more weeks or contact us at orders@holo-magazine.com if you'd like to continue this conversation.