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Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness and its world-class collection of 80,000+ titles.
Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness and its world-class collection of 80,000+ titles.
Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness and its world-class collection of 80,000+ titles.
4,639 backers pledged $315,346 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim Sharp on

      Just got the poster and it looks amazing. A little off-putting that I was 1/25 to purchase yet I got print #130 something. Not a huge deal because it still looks great.

    2. Michele Heile on

      Congrats! Looking forward to many years of cool movies and movie madness!

    3. Aitor Bartolome on

      Congrats from Spain :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Katie Peifer on

      So so so happy this was a success! Love movie madness and love the Hollywood! YAY!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alec Knox on

      Great news! MM is one of the reasons I moved here twenty years ago and it's one of the reasons I want to stay (along with the Hollywood, of course).

    6. Missing avatar

      Cynthia L. Mason on

      Humanity! History! Art! Bravo!

    7. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Buhl on

      Yea, yea, YEA! Movie Madness is saved! Congratulations on running a terrific campaign.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Bonner on

      That should have said NOW not Not! See you soon

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Bonner on

      Super excited to have been part of the process. I’m headed down not to celebrate.

    10. Jeff Parsons on

      Portland history has been made!

    11. Greg Schramm on

      I wish I could make multiple pledges. :(

    12. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      @Nate: Good question! We'll likely recap the whole project once we're done, and we may total the amounts contributed outside the project then. (Hope you enjoyed Princess Mononoke!)

    13. Missing avatar

      Nate Allen on

      What's the total look like when you add in funds raised during the Princess Mononoke screening and the other fundraisers by local businesses? Just curious...

    14. Michael Morris

      And I'm from Alaska

    15. Michael Morris

      I'm going to make a special stop in Portland just to see this place sounds amazing

    16. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      @Sarah: Nope, BackerKit will charge you for any additional rewards at the time. Good question, though!

    17. Sarah on

      MAJOR CONGRATS ON BECOMING FUNDED! I’m so jazzed about the screening room!!

      Been reading through the comments/FAQ about doing more than one reward through BackerKit — wanted to clarify something: for those of us who want to do more than one pledge/reward, should we pledge now with extra funds to account for the combination of things? Or will the BackerKit run an additional charge for any extra rewards available?

    18. betsy & iya on

      We're. So. Excited. For. This!

      Thank you Movie Madness and Hollywood Theatre for this amazing opportunity and all you've done for Portland over the years. PDX Proud!

    19. Missing avatar

      Laura Fletcher on

      What a great update! Just added more to my pledge to support the additional project (and the current owner).

    20. Missing avatar

      william packwood on

      Outstanding campaign! Many congratulations on the success so far! Re: theater addition: assuming no increase in total square footage to the building, what part of the current floor space would a theater displace?

    21. Steven Staniszewski on

      @Michael Lassner -- Because you haven't been charged yet. KS projects ONLY charge when the Kickstater goal is reached and the campaign is over. The $1 you're seeing is the confirmation to verify that the card you used is valid.

      You're covered!

    22. Charmaine Skoubo on

      Really hope this historic place can be treasured and saved! Old Portland is disappearing far too fast.

    23. master_shemp on

      @Richard - Next time I'm in there, I'll have to specifically check for that. I know that there's a good size "Animation" category at the room straight to the back against the far wall (separate from the "Kids" section, where of course there's a ton of animation).

      Older movies are going to be as soon as you walk in and turn to your right - they're categorized by main actor/actress. There are also a lot of older movies sorted by director as you walk past the check-out counter and straight ahead on your left.

    24. Missing avatar


      @master_shemp There better be a lot of old anime titles (but it all depends on MM's selections) Otherwise going to have dig the oldies.

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Lassner on

      I pledged $100, and thats what the kickstarter page says I pledged. I used Apple Pay and that says I was charged $1. This might be worth you checking out. I hope this is not a systematic error.

    26. master_shemp on

      Hey Richard, Movie Madness has an amazing horror selection, but they have a TON of every other genre and specialty. Probably the largest selection of silents, widest range of TV shows from all over the world, as well as sections specifically devoted to different regions of the world. The whole thing is mind blowing.

    27. Missing avatar

      Duane Dickey@acom on

      Seeing the reaction from so many people ,it makes me misty, Movie Madness is not just a great video store ,it is a labor of love from Mike and his people. Having known Mike for many years and knowing the person he is this couldn't happen to a greater lover of movies and their history.

    28. Missing avatar


      Since MM is a video rental store, in terms of sponsorship, what kind of movie genres/titles do you offer? It's not just horror movies, right?

    29. Rick R

      I once had el topo rented in the 90s, and it was returned a week or three late. On my next visit, renting some Jarmusch most likely, the nice person at the counter nearly fell over laughing. She even turned the POS around, which was trickier than than in square era. It showed a $73000 fine. “Let’s call it $25,” and I was cool with that.

    30. BP Murphy on

      @Hollywood Theatre Haha, nevermind. It's because I'm logged in, so it shows up at the top as the pledge I've selected instead of in order under the VHS shirt.

    31. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      @Brian: Huh, it's definitely there! Should be listed underneath the ""VHS" T-Shirt". Refresh the page and check again?

    32. BP Murphy on

      Where'd the Frankie Tee go? Wanted to steer a friend towards it, but don't see the $50 pledge listed any longer. It doesn't appear to be in the "All Gone" section either. Just thought I'd check to see if it's a glitch, or they're all gone. Thanks! LONG LIVE MOVIE MADNESS (and HOLLWOOD THEATRE too)!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Russell Cohen on

      @andy Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it and look forward to Movie Madness continuing on!

    34. Andy McMillan Collaborator on

      @Russell We are buying the business from Mike Clark, who is planning to retire. Mike has offered the collection and the business to the Hollywood for $250,000 (even though the collection alone was recently appraised at $585,000), which is why we’re raising that amount. We’ll continue to operate the business under our nonprofit.

    35. Missing avatar

      Russell Cohen on

      I love Movie Madness! Glad to support your campaign! But, I'm confused. Why do you need to raise $250,000? Couldn't The Hollywood Theatre just take over the Movie Madness store (and collection) instead of buying it outright (or just pay Will Clark back some portion of revenue over time). Is there some $250,000 debt that needs to be paid by Movie Madness within the time of the Kickstarter campaign???

    36. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      @Susan: All good, Susan! Thank you for your support!

    37. Missing avatar


      Ignore my question from 6 minutes ago. I see the answer. Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar


      Can I pledge twice? I just did one for a t-shirt, but I'd also like to do sponsor a movie. Thank you!

    39. Missing avatar

      Scott McLoud on

      We have been throwing "bad movie" parties since before MST3K was on Minnesota public access. Back then, we had numerous choices aside from the Blockbusters of the world, small mom and pop video stores with some times alarming movie selections. Now it's Movie Madness or. . . (I don't wish to finish that sentence) to find the cult classics, the truly bizarre indie films, the occasionally creepy children's cartoon, and normal movies too! I will be there for you, Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness.

    40. Kelly C on

      Movie Madness means so much to me, even though I don't live in Portland anymore. It is true that it is more important than ever to preserve physical copies of art as corporate control of digital and streaming services means they can rip it away from the people. I rented every episode of Columbo from Movie Madness (after it was pulled from Netflix) and Movie Madness was where I cultivated my deep, lifelong passion for samurai movies (especially through hard to find titles). Viva la Movie Madness forever!!!

    41. Andy McMillan Collaborator on

      @Dawn: For $100, you can select a single film from their 80,000+ collection to be sponsored under a name of your choosing.

      When the project is over, we'll send a survey and ask you to send a shortlist of movies, in order of preference, that you'd like to have your name on. We'll put your name (or the name you choose) on the box of the first available movie on that list.

      Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for your support!

    42. Missing avatar

      Dawn Hewitt on

      What does it mean to sponsor a specific movie?

    43. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      @Nathan Harrison: We'll add as many additional rewards as we can to our BackerKit survey. No promises, but fingers crossed you'll be able to purchase both once the project has ended. Thank you for your support!

    44. Nathan Harrison on

      Happy to hear about BackerKit letting us add extra rewards later!

      Any chance of a combo tier including both sponsoring a specific movie, and curating a movie shelf? Both are so enticing, and if I didn't have to choose between them, I don't think I would. �

    45. Michael Hitchcock on

      Now at 43% of goal **in the first day** -- $107,660 so far and rising. W00t!!!!

    46. Carter Lusher on

      Hey Hollywood Theater,

      I signed up at the $25 level and would like to decline the pennant. Please use the entire amount for the campaign.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nate Allen on

      I believe that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter offered add-on rewards during the campaign, itself, via BackerKit, and while I don't think they 'counted' those funds in terms of hitting their minimum amount to fund a single pilot episode, they were counted when it came to their stretch goals, eventually funding 14 episodes, total. The Hollywood may wish to consider something like this, as well, as a suggestion.

    48. Levi Ethan Cecil on

      When I first moved to Portland, I lived within walking distance of Movie Madness. I rented there all the time. I couldn't think of a better pairing than MM and Hollywood Theater. I'm so happy to be able to contribute to such an important cultural preservation project!

    49. Hollywood Theatre 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the kind words, all!

      To clarify: yes, you'll be able to choose your t-shirt size when the campaign ends.

      And unfortunately Kickstarter only lets you choose one reward tier at a time. Good news, though! We’ll be sending our Kickstarter surveys through a service called BackerKit. This means that the project ends, we’ll be able to offer our backers a chance to add additional rewards (including our pennants, enamel pin sets and t-shirts). So don’t worry, you’ll be able to select some extra rewards if we’re successfully funded.

    50. Clancy on

      The FAQ has info about the ability to receive multiple rewards (add-on items). I received the Hollywood Theatre member email about some project being announced this morning. I was so happy to see this was what they are doing. After growing up in small towns, Mike's Movie Madness was the first place I had access to such a massive library of films. I love that the Hollywood is trying to save what it is, but also take it to a new level. Thank you to everyone involved and everyone who supports this project!

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