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$4,846 pledged of $12,000 goal
$4,846 pledged of $12,000 goal

Replacing Stephen Geoffreys

Greetings from Eggs!

I regret that the first update isn't better news, but I am now in the process of replacing Stephen Geoffreys. I'll explain.

Almost immediately after launching the Kickstarter campaign I found out that Stephen Geoffreys might not be as committed to the project as he'd previously indicated. We'd spoken on the phone in March and he expressed to me his interest in the script and in playing the part of Reginald. We spoke about the budget and payment and he told me he was in. At that time I told him I'd be in touch once I had a shooting date locked. I also explained that I would immediately announce his involvement in the project and that I'd begin to raise the budget shortly.

Since that phone call, I attempted to contact him a number of times, increasingly so in the week leading up to the Kickstarter launch. When he still hadn't replied to my messages after the project launched I began to worry. So last week I sent him another email specifically requesting his commitment to the project and letting him know I'd need to replace him soon without further confirmation. He still hasn't replied as of Sunday, April 29th.

As a result, I have removed his name from the project and I've begun looking for another actor. Unfortunately, I am unable to remove his name from the Kickstarter project link, so I have added a disclaimer to the main details. Please understand that as of this moment Stephen Geoffreys is no longer associated with the project.

If any of you pledged your donation specifically due to Stephen's involvement, please accept my apologies. I'll understand if you pull your pledge, but of course I hope that you won't! I remain committed and excited about the project and I'm determined to move forward with a new actor just as soon as possible!

I have reached out to one notable and experienced actor who I feel would compliment the cast and character perfectly, and I will certainly keep you all posted once the part is filled.

One unexpected downside to losing Stephen Geoffreys is the lost week of funding. During this past week, I held off from pushing the Kickstarter page in the hopes that I would not have to replace him. Now that the announcement is made I will begin promoting the project as diligently as possible, but an entire week of fundraising was lost.

PLEASE take a moment today and help us regain some ground by promoting the Kickstarter page. You can post the link to your Facebook wall, tweet about it on Twitter, email it to a friend or two (or fifty) who like horror films, etc., etc., etc. Be creative! Any word of mouth really helps raise awareness to the project.

I appreciate the pledges you've all made AND any efforts you can take to help us reach our funding goals.


~Ryan Stockstad
Director of Eggs (2012)


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