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Have you ever lost your socks in the dryer? Well, Supernatural Socks is a game about the ghost that takes those socks.
Have you ever lost your socks in the dryer? Well, Supernatural Socks is a game about the ghost that takes those socks.
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We're Halfway There!

Posted by Atheris Entertainment (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We're Halfway There

It's day 2 and we're halfway there, which is a moment worthy of this Bon Jovi song. 


Kickstarter Art Contest

OATS has sent us some incredible fan art and has gotten us inspired. We want to see more art! 

We will have an art contest. Submit your drawings of ghosts, socks, or both! Tag @AtherisGames and use #PlayAtheris & #SupernaturalSocks

Can't draw? Submit your story ideas in the Supernatural Socks universe and share them with us on BoardGameGeek

 If we receive any particularly fun art/stories we'll post it on our social media and in our updates. Further, maybe if we get enough submissions maybe we'll unlock another alternate art promo card. Hint Hint Wink Wink ;) 

Potential Expansion Cards

OATS has come up with some great ideas for some potential socks that we could add to the expansion set stretch goal. With the campaign funding so well so far we think it is a great idea to start looking at some potential cards to add! 

Here are some of his ideas:

-Tube socks  -Argyle Socks -Leg Warmers & Thigh High Socks -Sock Puppet 

Which is your favorite? Do you have any other ideas?

Retail Stores 

We've had a few local gaming stores back our campaign. We're incredibly proud to work with friendly local gaming stores (FLGS). We purchase a majority of our games through local stores, play there regularly, and try to support local stores as they are the front lines in our business. Local gaming stores help demo our games, share our brand with their customers and grow the hobby. 

We just wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the ones that is truly special to us, Gamesville Tabletop. Gamesville Tabletop is based out of Gainesville, FL, which is also where Atheris Games was formed while the founding team was attending the University of Florida. 

The owner of Gamesville Tabletop as well as the rest of her staff has continued to support Atheris Games and we're forever indebted to their amazing, gracious assistance and kindness. 

We would love to highlight other spectacular FLGS in future updates. Any of our retail backers who would like to be featured please email us at with your store information. 

Other Kickstarter to Back 

We're avid Kickstarter backers and truly want to support other creators. In some of our updates we will provide you with links to other campaigns we felt looked interesting. 

In this update we have the Legacy Line board Game Collection. We were particularly impressed with this creator's large catalog of games already, their communication and live streams, and the aesthetic of the games on the campaign. Though, we encourage checking out these other campaigns we always recommend doing your own due diligence as well. 



As always thanks so much for supporting Atheris Games! We cannot thank everyone enough for their support. 

We love seeing the social media avatars across social media platforms, be it Facebook or Kickstarter. We are also humbled by all the shares of the campaign link. 

We're so proud to be a part of this amazing industry, and none of it would be possible with out each and every one of you. 

We appreciate you and will take all feedback into account, which brings us to the issue of the US only tiers. We're currently looking into alternate shipping options to try to offer these tiers worldwide and are trying to determine ways to add Cul-De-Sac Conquest and Mutant Crops as separate add-ons, too. We'll update everyone on what we come up for this as soon as we know! 


Andrew & The Atheris Games Team 

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    1. Atheris Entertainment 3-time creator

      @Ed Kowalczewski: That is a great idea!

    2. Ed Kowalczewski

      Sock Monkey.

    3. Atheris Entertainment 3-time creator

      Jameson, that's a good idea, too.

    4. Jameson Gagnepain

      How about a Holey Sock?

    5. Atheris Entertainment 3-time creator

      Don, those are some great ideas for the sock puppet! Steven, one vote for leg warmers it is :D

    6. Steven Ray Lane

      I definitely vote for Leg Warmers and maybe an Olivia Newton-John inspired ghost

    7. Don Riddle

      I liked the Argyle Socks idea of a snooty sock. The sock puppet is a great idea but the ability would need tweaking. Since it deals with a hand, maybe it increases your hand size, or your draw power.