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Take a stroll through the mystical landscapes of this pixel art game to uncover the long forgotten past of an ancient temple. Read more

Denver, CO Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on April 2, 2014.

Take a stroll through the mystical landscapes of this pixel art game to uncover the long forgotten past of an ancient temple.

Denver, CO Video Games
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Proof of my Zelda tattoo. For all the skeptics out there:

Holy Cow! All Stretch Goals Met!

YAY!!! Spirit just broke $8000! You know what that means!

Thanks to all Spirit's wonderful supporters, we have reached all three of our Stretch Goals!

Here's a recap of what we've all achieved here:

  • Spirit will now be filled with all sorts of cool moments, mechanics, details, and ideas that used to only be wishful thoughts...
  • Spirit will now be TWICE as long! Holden is so excited about this that he has already written up the blueprints for the new extended game, and it is looking awesome.
  • With all the new levels, the Soundtrack must compensate by also DOUBLING in length!
  • Spirit will now be followed by a Sequel! or will it be a Prequel??? Who Knows! Well we do actually... but we aren't telling yet. At least not until the script is more fleshed out, as it is only a concept with some corresponding artwork right now. However, I have a feeling that our $50 Private Forum Backers will be getting the inside scoop far earlier and in more detail than anyone else...
  • Spirit will now be released for the following platforms and devices: PC - Mac - Linux - iOS - Android - Windows 8 - Windows Phone 8 - Blackberry 10

We've got less than two days left, so anyone who wants to forever be one of the people who made Spirit happen should hop on while you still can!


Spirit will now be a real game thanks to all you awesome backers!!!

However, we've still got some stretch goals to meet! So here's a detailed reminder of what is possible if we can meet these new goals:

$5K = More Levels, More Polish, and Spirit will be released for Linux, Blackberry 10, Windows 8/ Phone 8:

This means that on top of the original script that has been written up for Spirit, we will write in a handful of new levels, add in a ton of extra details and polished features like more interactive environments and interesting aesthetic touches, AND release Spirit for Linux, Blackberry 10, Windows 8/ phone 8. 

$6K = Double the Length of the Game, Plus Extended Soundtrack:

This means that on top of the additions from the 5K stretch goal, we're going to write in a ton of new levels, expanding the Spirit world to twice its original size, in turn creating a longer and deeper experience in the game. This also means that because the game will be much longer, the Soundtrack will be extended too, so expect more music to listen to inside and outside the game!

$8K = A Spirit Sequel !!!

After we finish up the fully extended version of Spirit, we will start working on a sequel to the game! How it relates to the story of Spirit will remain a mystery until we reach this stretch goal! I hope you're as intrigued as I am!

So anyone else interested in reaching these goals??? Let's make it happen!

Spirit is a game intended to bring out the imagination and desire for exploration in everyone.

In a remote mountain village, you have retired and built your dream home in order to live out your golden years in peace. Rumors of a mysterious temple beyond the valley have inspired you to set out and explore its ancient halls and crumbling ruins. Once you arrive, it becomes clear that deep within the temple walls, there is something magical that awaits you beyond this world.


Windows (Click Here)

(Follow the link and download the zip folder. Extract the folder and FIRST run the "oalinst.exe". Once OpenAL is installed you can run the game "Spirit Win32.exe".)

Mac (Click Here)

(Follow the link and download the zip folder. Extract the folder and RIGHT CLICK on the "Spirit OSX" application, then select "Open", then when asked select "Open" again.)

If you enjoy the demo, and want to see the rest of the game through, we need your help to make it happen! And if you're the type of person who usually plays games on their cell phone or tablet, Spirit will be released for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices too!

Spirit Poster #1
Spirit Poster #1
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Spirit Poster #2
Spirit Poster #3
Spirit Poster #3


After a lot of player feedback, a lot of our own playing, and a lot of deep thought, we have decided to add something very important to the game. We mention the addition of "puzzles" in the full game, though exactly how we were planning on implementing those puzzles was up to debate. But now, a decision has been made, and its one that we feel very proud of, as we think it adds another "mystical" element to the game, and doesn't take away from the already determined pace, atmosphere, and minimalistic gameplay.

We give you, the power of Telepathy:

Now before you jump to any conclusions, this "power" will not be used for violence or for wreaking havoc of any kind. In addition to the more realistic interactions you experience with the Spirit world, you will now have the very calming ability to stop and meditate, becoming telepathically connected with the world around you. This new power will open up all sorts of new ways to interact with the environment and surpass obstacles on your journey, giving you an even deeper experience with the universe of Spirit. We don't want to reveal too much about this game mechanic just yet, but let's just say that it will definitely come in handy once you reach the whimsical world within the Temple...

The team behind Spirit is only two men, so they have all the weight on their shoulders!:

Holden Boyles: Story, Artwork, and Music

Ciprian Stanciu: Cross Platform Programmer

It takes quite a long time to make and perfect even the simplest game, so over the course of production, this project will rack up expenses that we've calculated come to an estimated total cost of $4000.

However, if we can exceed this financial goal, not only can we make Spirit even better, but we can also add more content and gameplay!

  • If we can hit $5000: A whole new system of puzzles and levels will be added into the game, just for some extra depth and gameplay. Also, we will release the game for linux, blackberry 10, windows 8/phone 8!
  • If we can hit $6000: We will double the length of the game! Tons of new levels and content will be added in to the story for a longer and deeper experience in the universe of Spirit.
  • If we can hit $8000: We will create a sequel to the game! There are lots of mysterious left unsolved in the Spirit story, all of which would be revealed in an equally exciting expansion pack.

Check out all of our rewards and play the free demo (top of page) to find out what Spirit is all about.

If you either want a little preview of the music in Spirit, or you love it so much from playing the demo that you must listen to it outside the game as well, here are some samples from the soundtrack:

Also, if you want to check out some other games by Ciprian, so you're assured that we have what it takes to finish this game, check out some of his past projects like Touch Path or Relative Puzzle.

Risks and challenges

Although Ciprian has been programming games for a long time now, this is Holden's first step into the realm of game development. As a first time game designer, Holden has had to learn a lot about the mechanics and workflow of creating a game, and still has much much more to learn. That being said, the skills and talents Holden implements in other art forms fit in nicely with the role he has taken in this project.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • In case you get stuck, the controls for Spirit are super easy:

    Arrow Keys = Walk left and right, climb up and down ladders, climb up and down ledges, sit on benches.

    Space Bar = Proceed through dialogue, interact with people and objects, cut grass, break rocks.

    Enter = Main select button

    Esc = Return to main menu.

    And that's all there is to it! Now feel free to explore the world of spirit!

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    Thanks! Every dollar counts!

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    Thanks for the support! Your name will be in the ending credits of the game along with a short message from you! (including a clickable link of your choice)

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    The Game! Receive "Spirit" the full game on the platform of your choice! (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android), and be in the ending credits.

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    The Game and Soundtrack! Receive "Spirit" the full game, and the original Soundtrack, composed by Holden Boyles, and be in the ending credits.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    25 backers

    Be a tester! Be a part of a private forum of beta testers who will be receiving tons of updates throughout the development of the game, playable demos at various stages of game, and all kinds of artwork, music, and other related Spirit goodies. PLUS all of the above rewards.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Your face in the game! All of the above rewards, PLUS an illustration of you in the game! An 8-bit rendition of you will be large and clear in one of the levels in the game to be memorialized for all eternity!

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    Be a Modder! Receive a mod kit that will allow you to add, change, and build your own version of the Spirit world. Have our full support in creating and sharing new content for every player to be a part of.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Be in the game! You will be a character in one of the final levels of the game that plays a special role in the story. You will also be credited as Executive Producer of the game. PLUS all above rewards.

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