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Gull Action Figure Coming Along Nicely

Posted by Chris "Hoffmangler" Hoffman (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

We're chugging along on the book and The Gull action figure so I thought I'd post some progress pictures.

I haven't done this kind of work for years. It's a lot of fun to get back into it! The cape is vinyl and is worn like a coat. Just like the vintage Star Wars 3 3/4" figures.

This is the fourth mold. The last three had some sort of failure so the cast wouldn't work. Including once when part of the beak was torn off. The beak was resculpted and looks better than the original. Lucky break on the happy accident!

The beak was sculpted out of Green Stuff and the mold was made with Smooth-On Mold Star 15 slow. Featuring 14 points of articulation, The Gull can hang out with your favorite Star Wars, G.I. Joe, or Marvel figures! If you're looking to do something similar, I found this video very helpful:

This is the graphics for the card so far. Another throwback to the classic Empire Strikes Back figures. Backers of this level will have the choice of having the figure come in the package in a blister pack or separate with a mint card back.

Next update, we'll show off some of the layouts for The Gull #2 by Ben Vogler for the story "The Copyright and the Copywrong!"

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Chris Hoffman

Hoffmangler Studios l.l.c.

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