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Hoboe is a band featuring an amplified oboe, hoping to spread the gospel of rock oboe to the world...
Hoboe is a band featuring an amplified oboe, hoping to spread the gospel of rock oboe to the world...
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50 backers pledged $2,224 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Thanks to all of you! Rewards in the works...

Well, we did it!  or rather... YOU did it!

Our CD has been mastered and now it's almost ready to go!  Our next step in the process is to shop around for a label that wants to team up with the this proud rock oboe band and help disseminate Hoboe's music to the greater world at large.  This may take a while... we're figuring, we've already waited this long so we might as well prolong this ancient project even longer so that we can get it JUST right and have no regrets or doubts. 

By all means, if you have a label in mind that would be a good home for Hoboe, then please do suggest it to us!

As for the rewards, we want to start getting out those rewards to our supporters who helped make this whole thing happen.  Obviously, the CD's are not ready yet, but as soon as they are we will update you.

The other rewards however, we should start getting to you as soon as possible!

T-Shirts?  What size?

If you are owed a free admission, please tell us if you will be attending one of our shows and we'll have the tickets waiting for you at the door! (Eventually we'll be sending you nice laminated special admission passes!)

Local?  Let's meet up so we can personally thank you, and hand deliver your reward!

From away?  We need your address!

As our biggest supporters, we'd like to add you to our email list.  Please let us know if you would prefer not to be.

Please consider also "adding," "friending," "liking," or "subscribing" us on as many of these social network and multimedia sites as you can.  If you're with us there, your friends there will have greater exposure and access to us.

Thanks again everybody!  You make all of this worth it many times over.  We really do appreciate it!

Keep in touch!

-zen Ben

The Last Stretch

Big THANK YOU to our pledgers! We've hit our target of $2,100!

We're still promoting the campaign however, right through to the very end--until Monday, February 7th at 5:47 PM.

Please don't let up on promoting our link to this site:

We want to keep raising money for 3 basic reasons:

1. We need a buffer in case there are any last minute issues with people's credit cards, so that we can still be above our target.

2. The extra money won't be wasted. The next immediate cost after the mastering costs are the production and distribution of copies sent to labels.

3. If we have enough to cover the mastering and label-solicitation effort, then the remainder will help us cover the cost of our rewards so the band won't have to pay out of pocket for your t-shirts, tix, tapes, CD's, etc.

Anyway, big thanks. We'll be in touch with you after Monday to let you know the timeline on receiving your rewards. Love you! Thanks to infinity!

The IGLOO Sessions

As we near the final stretch in our campaign to raise money to master our CD, the story gets even better--Zen Ben built an igloo. It's Maine, and we're in the middle of a pounding snowstorm, expecting up to 20 inches! The igloo is a towering zen cathedral of fluffy yet icy white delight, topping out on the outside at around 12-14 feet and on the inside at 9-10 feet. Thus far, we have sat six people fairly comfortably on the inside. The igloo is carpeted, dozens of candles luminating it with the glistening glow of winter.

"Of what relevance is this to Hoboe's kickstarter campaign?", you might ask. Everything. In fact, the igloo was built to meet a challenge made by one of their friends. "If you successfully build an igloo, I'll donate $100 to your kickstarter campaign," he said. Now there's an incentive to build an igloo!

So we've created a new reward in the spirit of the challenge, in the spirit of our igloo. Match our friend's $100 pledge and we will send you, in addition to an autographed advance CD, t-shirt and tickets to live shows, a total multi-media package of the "IGLOO SESSIONS," complete with pictures, video and recordings of live music made by members of Hoboe and their friends while jamming in the igloo.

This is the raw stuff, the chilling truth, the behind-the-scenes look at Hoboe members in their completely human element--hanging out, jamming, laughing, talking and occasionally knocking over a candle or two. You'll hear new songs in their earliest developments, old songs freak folked to snowy hell, and maybe even a wintery cover song or two.

With the snow we're getting, this igloo should be set to last until most of March, maybe even April! You know what that means? There's going to be a LOT of jamming happening in the ice dome in the next few weeks, Cathedral "Z." That means more material to give you as part of the "IGLOO SESSIONS", an exclusive inside look into the minds behind Hoboe.

This is a special and rare package being offered only to pledgers who will match our friend's $100 igloo challenge pledge. We have no intention of releasing this elsewhere. You could get your hands on something rare and beautiful!

We have 6 days left, and $525 left to raise to hit our goal. If we don't reach our goal, we get nothing, nada, zilch... all pledges will be out the window.

$100 goes a long way towards making this campaign successful! Thank you to those who have pledged thus far, no matter how big or small the pledge. Every bit helps us get there.

Please share this link on your pages and in your email lists:

Let your friends know about us. Encourage them to drop $20 or any amount into Hoboe's spare change bucket. Time is of the essence. Even the igloo will eventually melt away...

We love you. Let's do this!


We have 16 days left, and $666 to go to reach $2,100... the cost of getting our debut CD mastered by the world's experts. With $1,444 pledged so far... We're so close!... thanks to the loving support of friends, fans and family like YOU!!!

thank you x 100!

Here's our "sweet sixteen" incentive, released on our 16th to last day of our campaign: the pledge that puts us at or over the $1,600 mark gets a bonus reward--a fruit and candy basket containing 16 assorted fruits, 16 assorted candies, and heck... we'll throw in 16 of those chocolate chip cookies made with Hemp Milk (the legal kind) that Zen Ben already will be making for Myra (the $1,400 mark won the cookies.. sorry if you missed that one, we only posted it on Facebook).

So yeah, sweet sixteen gets the basket of sweeties!

Share with your friends!

thank yooooooouuuuu!!!!

The 666 dilemna!

Gosh, we've got $666 and 16 days left to reach our goal... to fund our debut album.

Thanks for the support from all our pledgers.

We don't really want to be stuck at 666 too long, though...

Ir's simple math, and we need to rise up from this dark void and deep abyss of the dreaded 666.

If all 32 backers of ours acquired us a $22 pledge from one of their friends... or increased their own pledge by $22, then the HOBOE TRAIN will have finally arrived at the station.

It's not so much the price of the ticket, but how much you enjoy the ride. The steam whistle keeps a blowin'. Toot toot... all abooooooooaaaaard!

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Stay tuned for a SWEET SIXTEEN special deal!