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Start off your adventure as a true Tavern-born by raising your tankard in 28mm scaled 3D Printable Tavern!
Due to the High Demand we have opened up a Pre-order store on Backerkit!Missed out on our Kickstarter? Heres your chance to join the HORDE and pick up some amazing STL files
Due to the High Demand we have opened up a Pre-order store on Backerkit!Missed out on our Kickstarter? Heres your chance to join the HORDE and pick up some amazing STL files
303 backers pledged £21,715 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael Barnhart on June 7

      If you already have the Tavern done in the Easy Clip style, I am fine with that. I am never taking it apart after I build it, so I do not care how it is connected together. :)

    2. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on May 23

      @Roberto, Mark,

      The Tavern is still in progress. As a Modular interlocking system was requested it was delayed. We are hoping for a June release and we will be posting an update soon. Thanks for being patient with us and we hope you are enjoying the product's we've released so far :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Moore on May 19

      Roberto - Was wondering the same thing. Would appreciate hearing something from Hobgoblin. I just upgraded my 3D printer, excited to print the tavern.

    4. Roberto Elia on May 18

      Any news on the relese date for the tavern itself? I'm waiting it in excitement..

    5. Antonio Miguel Martorell Ferriol
      on May 2

      Have everybody get the well feed link from dtrpg or backerkit?
      I've not get any of them :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Moore on April 28

      Any new info? Also just printed out the carriage and wanted to express how pleased I was with the provided settings pdf. Learned a few things about Slic3r.

    7. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on April 23

      @ANderea, Update this Friday :) Sorry for the lack of updates!

    8. Missing avatar

      ANdrea D'AMore
      on April 20


    9. Baphomet on April 13

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    10. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on March 23

      No update this week folks, Massive update next week though!

    11. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on March 19


      We are releasing the products pack by pack, at the end of this month we should be releasing the entire 'Well Stocked!' Core Pack. We have all intentions on delivering so don't worry we will make sure you don't miss anything ;)

    12. Rhett Scott
      on March 18

      Ok guys, I hate to seem like a simpleton, but I have my carriage download. When should I expect the rest of all of the files I pledged for during the KS? Are the coming piecemeal? Starting when? I really don't want to miss these files, as I may have done in recent other KS projects.

    13. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on March 14

      @Nico, They've been sent out via Backerkit and DrivethruRPG :)

      @Sara, Just a reupload for when the Backerkit store goes down!

    14. Sara on March 13

      Was that a reupload of the carriage, or did something change?

    15. Missing avatar

      on March 9

      @Hobgoblin-3d When are previous reward items going out?

    16. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on March 9

      @Andrea, @JR, Please message us and we will send you your survey link :)

    17. JR West /Dark Dwarves Games
      on March 5

      the same problem need to access my survey page, please help.

    18. JR West /Dark Dwarves Games
      on March 5

      never got my link for the carrage

    19. Missing avatar

      ANdrea D'AMore
      on March 5

      Hi can you remember me how can access to my survey page in order to download the file of the carriage?

    20. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 28

      @Tom, You can access the carriage through your survey page :) 'These rewards are distributed to the backer and can be viewed on the digital reward page in their survey.'

      @Tim, We are just waiting on Backerkit to process the charges on accounts, as soon as thats processed you should have the carriage on your digital reward page :)

    21. Tim Upchurch on February 28

      So, I pledged through kickstarter originally and then upgraded my pledge through the preorder store. When should I expect my email for download? I know I completed the survery because I have my conformation email still.

    22. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 28

      @Tom, We are looking at sending out the older products within the next two weeks :) As for the Backerkit, Did you fill out the survey? If not please do drop me a message and i'll sort it out for you right away.

    23. Tom Parker on February 28

      Questions on today's update. Should we have gotten a download link from BackerKit already? I'm not seeing anything there.

      Also, for the older products we purchased as add-ons—some people never get around to filling out those surveys. How long are we going to have to wait for stragglers? 90% of us seem to be enthusiastic and ready to print things, and it's disappointing that we're all waiting on people who don't seem to care.

    24. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 23

      @Jake, We are waiting on the last 10% of the surveys to be filled out, once they're done we will prep to ship the older products :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jake on February 20

      Any idea on when we will all be receiving the first batch of files for those of us who pledged at the “all the loot” level? I know you guys mentioned the end of the month just curious if thats still the plan? Also do all the files come with the same terms and conditions of your website? And if so are you guys offering licensing for selling printed objects from the files? Thanks in advaced!!! Keep up the Glorious work guys!!!

    26. ianquest
      on February 7

      @Chris E Thanks very much, I missed that one! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris E on February 5

      @ianquest hopefully this helps;

      Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 21
      @Benjamin, We will be sending out Surveys shortly, once we have the Surveys done we will be looking at sending out the previous products as soon as we can

    28. ianquest
      on February 2

      @Hobgoblin For those of use who pledged at the 'All the loot' level, are the pre-existing files (mega prop packs etc) going to be held until July together with everything else? I I happen to have a game campaign running right now for which some of the dungeon prop files are absolutely perfect. It's a challenge having them just out of reach! :D

      Also, are you plannng a staged release of the new stretch goal files as they're completed, or is it going to be a big chunk of files all at the same time months later?

    29. ianquest
      on February 2

      @Adam O'Brien Kickstarter & Backerkit are two separate systems. The Kickstarter pledge was taken by Kickstarter at the end of the campaign - if you check the 'Kickstarter successfully funded' email, it will include a line like "Pledge status: collected". If it wasn't, you'd have received an email from them saying there was a problem with your payment, & had about 10 days to fix it before being dropped from the campaign.

      Backerkit has the value of your pledge put in as a credit, & your pledge level deducted from that. Any extra money pledged can be assigned to buy add-ons inside Backerkit. If you buy more add-ons than you have credit, it will ask for credit card details, but won't yet charge your card. You can change the add-ons at any point until Hobgoblin 'close' the Backerkit, usually shortly before they're ready to start fulfilling the campaign. When that happens, Backerkit stops accepting new orders & changing add-ons. Credit cards are then charged for any amount over the pledges, in a second payment. If you haven't allocated more than your pledge, there's no second charge.

    30. Missing avatar

      Adam O'Brien on February 2

      I've been unable to check my online banking lately. Did our pledge get taken at the end of the kickstarter like usual? Or is it being taken once we send the survey?

    31. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 2

      @Alberto, @Captain. All fixed. Sorry about that :) We forgot to tick a few check boxes!

    32. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 2

      @Alberto, @Captian, Have alerted the team, will fix this ASAP!

    33. Missing avatar

      CaptainRumm on February 2

      I pledged higher for Mega Prop Pack #2 but I can't get it in Backerkit! Need to fix this.

    34. Benjamin Walter on February 2

      Backerkit survey done. *Can't wait to feed my prusa i3 MK2S with the files*

    35. Missing avatar

      Alberto on February 2

      I want to add the Mega Prop pack#1 and can't find how to add it in the survey, only the cottages appears

    36. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on February 2

      Backerkit Surveys are now live and the Pre-order store is open :)

    37. Michael Barnhart on January 31

      I have increased pledges in Backetkit for other Kickstarters and it is just as simple as Chris said.

    38. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 31

      @Tim, I believe Chris covered this perfectly. Thanks Chris :)

    39. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 31

      @Jordan, The only thing thats is going to be delayed is the Tavern and that was stated a few weeks back due to us re-designing it and seeing if we can implement a version with OL/DL.

      Backerkit Integration shouldn't cause any delays :)

    40. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 31

      @Allan, Nope, you're good :) Surveys coming soon

    41. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 31

      @Boloney, No you haven't :) Surveys should be going out very soon.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris E on January 30

      Tim, You'll need to wait until the survey comes out and provides you a link and login details for backer kit. My experience with backer kit and the like is that you'll be asked to either confirm your pledge level or select a different one. Should you choose to increase your pledge level or add add-ons to your 'cart', you will then need to check out like you would in an online store to pay the additional amount for the items you have added.

    43. Tim Upchurch on January 30

      I pledged before the campaign was over so how do I up my pledge higher?

    44. Jordan Jameson on January 30

      so with the utilization of the backer kit, does this mean the original ship/e-mail timeline of February will be pushed further out? :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Allan Hise on January 29

      I’m still waiting for a survey.... Did I miss it?

    46. Missing avatar

      BoloneyMassacre on January 29

      I didn't miss the survey yet did I?

    47. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 21

      @Benjamin, We will be sending out Surveys shortly, once we have the Surveys done we will be looking at sending out the previous products as soon as we can

    48. Benjamin Walter on January 19

      @Hobgoblin-3D: That sonds good to me. What's about the finished addons from your already finished stuff?

    49. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 19

      @Benjamin, We will be releasing the Carriage from the first pack at the end of February. As mentioned in a previous update the Tavern building will be getting delivered at the end of March due to us trying to see if we can make it more modular, whether or not we can do that though is something we are still working on!

    50. Hobgoblin-3D Creator on January 19

      @Anthony, Thanks for the feedback! I've passed it on to the rest of the team, our goal for the next Kickstarter is to make it impressive and unique. Hopefully you'll love what we have in store ;)

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