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ARRANGEMENT fans! It's time to bring Sean Ferro to life the right way! Get involved now and help your favorite series become a movie!
283 backers pledged $15,775 to help bring this project to life.

We did it! Here's what's next.

Posted by H.M. Ward (Creator)

 Our first Kickstarter has ended and successfully funded! Hooray! High fives all around. You worked hard getting the word out there and making this possible. We raised $30,775 total ($15,775 plus my $15K contribution). 

What happens next:

  • will get a website which is being created now.
  • Pertinent information will be posted here in the updates.
  • Surveys will be sent to all backers requesting specific info. YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS SURVEY to get your rewards. I'll let you know when the survey is sent.
  • We have to wait for Kickstarter funding to pay in. It takes about 2 weeks for the funding to be collected by Kickstarter and reach my me.
  • During that time, I'm finalizing things with the screenwriter Laetitia DeWinter.
  • Proper paperwork and contracts have to be drawn up by our legal team.
  • Randy Becker has been invited to be one of the producers. He's got the experience we need with the vision that's required to make this movie epic!
  • Together, Randy and I will select the rest of our dream team. Schedules need to line up along with artistic vision.
  • I'll build the next Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds (approx dates March - May 2017).
  • Anticipated script completion date is May 2017, which will line up with the conclusion of the second (and hopefully final) Kickstarter for the production budget.
  • Funding from this Kickstarter will cover all screenwriting costs, and since we raised so much more than expected it will also go toward various pre-prodcution costs including, but not limited to lawyers, contracts, and producers.
  • The formatter and printer for the script rewards will be hired.
  • That takes us into summer 2017. At that time we will assess funding, and prepare for production, assuming funding needs are met so we can proceed.

I'll post major updates on here as we progress. I don't want to annoy anyone with daily updates so there should be 1-2 updates posted each month. I will get the social media pages fleshed out ASAP (FB is up but it's bare bones right now) so that if you have a question or are just super excited, you have a place to hang out and watch everything happen. The official Facebook page is here.

We did it! Hooray!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel like I didn't say it enough. There's no way I would have done this without you. 



H.M. Ward


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    1. Csr Fite on

      wahoo!! so exciting to be apart of such a fabulous book, now a "movie" :)

    2. H.M. Ward 2-time creator on

      @nancy - all updates will be posted here so no worries! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Nancy Dawson-brady on

      Please keep sending updates this way because I am not on face book. So proud of you. Now give us the last Book. Can't wait!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Courtney Lynch on

      Yay � I'm so excited we made the first round of the kick start a success.

    5. Missing avatar

      Courtney Lynch on

      Yay � I'm so excited we made the first round of the kick start a success.