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ARRANGEMENT fans! It's time to bring Sean Ferro to life the right way! Get involved now and help your favorite series become a movie!
283 backers pledged $15,775 to help bring this project to life.

Would you like to help with casting Sean Ferro?

Posted by H.M. Ward (Creator)

 As we continue onward toward our stretch goals all backers who pledged a $1 or more will have the opportunity to be involved with casting. I'm working with some very smart Hollywood people who know who loyal you are and how much you want to see this movie happen. 

Our total amount pledged as of right now is $8,694, plus my $2,001 = $10,695. To avoid paying additional fees (all transactions processed via Kickstarter are charged a processing fee) my contribution will be added directly to the separate bank account for the movie. I am not keeping any of the funds, they're all going toward production of the movie.

You may be wondering how these funds are being spent. Good question. All funds from this Kickstarter, less expenses, are going into creating this movie. 

This film is slotted to be (3) twenty-minute episodes that can be viewed individually or as (1) sixty-minute movie.

Funding will be spent on, but is not limited to, the following:  

  • Story & screenplay (aka script)  
  • Producers  
  • Directors  
  • Cast  
  • Production 
  • Staff  
  • Background Actors  
  • Set Design & Construction  
  • Set Dressing  
  • Wardrobe  
  • Hair & Make-up  
  • Set Operations 
  • Lighting Camera  
  • Production 
  • Sound 
  •  Locations 
  •  Film/ Data Management 
  •  Editorial Music 
  •  Post-production 
  •  Sound Titles & Opticals 
  •  and more 

This isn't a complete list, but it shows the major expenses so you can get an idea of the magnitude of this undertaking.

When we hit the $40K goal everyone who pledged a $1 or more will be able to participate in the search for Sean. I don't know exactly what that looks like yet, but we have a few ideas that all sound amazing. I'll let you know specifics when we get to that point. 

In the meantime, who would you like to see playing Sean Ferro?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Susan Williams on

      Ian Somerhalder or the model in your picture. Definitely someone tall, dark and handsome!

    2. Missing avatar

      Nancy Dawson-brady on

      I suggest the following for Sean: Jason Lewis from Sex in the city, Charlie Hunnan (Has to go with dark hair but great body and hair - Sons of Anarchy, Jared Padalecki from Super Natural (Needs blue contacts)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonna Hiltunen on

      I would love to see someone like Ian Somerhalder. He has the dark brooding and sexy look I imagine Sean has!

    4. Missing avatar

      Courtney Lynch on

      I would want someone who can look as hot are the model on the books. I need the actor to have the cut abs. I'm trying to picture someone I've seen that can pull Sean.

    5. Missing avatar

      Judy Holzer Unterberger on

      I think Colin Donnell would make an awesom Ferro. He plays a doctor on Chicago Med but infist discovered him when he played Tommy on Arrow.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Legg on

      While I am partial to the idea of an "unknown" in the role of Sean, and Justice Joslin does fit that bill...just sayin� (IMBD does say "actor" not just model), my main hope is just someone who can embody the character correctly. The acting is even more important than the looks IMO. But YOU will get the casting right. I've no doubt. I mean, nobody knows Sean better than you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Holly Smith on

      I would love to see someone new in this role. Someone driven with passion, who will take this role and bring Sean to life. Not try to mold him into who or what he wants. Realistically we need someone who isn't a big name due to budget, but I see that as a great opportunity.