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ARRANGEMENT fans! It's time to bring Sean Ferro to life the right way! Get involved now and help your favorite series become a movie!
283 backers pledged $15,775 to help bring this project to life.

We hit our goal! Now are you ready for the next few steps including casting Sean Ferro?

Posted by H.M. Ward (Creator)


So, I'm posting the'stretch goals' for you to see. A stretch goal is an additional funding goal set for this campaign in the event that we surpass the initial funding goal, and will be used to finance other aspects of this project.  

We hit our initial goal of $7,999, but there's still more to do. I'd planned on making multiple little campaigns where we can raise what we need for the next step, but we may not need to, depending on how much we can do now.  

In the event that we fund this quickly (and we did -2 days!- which is epic), we can keep going, which will give us the funds needed to unlock the next phase of production. That means we can progress faster than anticipated. Meeting stretch goals will take us further into the fundraising for the production.  

Below are our next 3 goals. We've already got the script goal met. The next few things will allow us to progress further in creating the Ferro film. You'll see that the 4th stretch goal is casting Sean & Avery! The stuff before that are things like lawyers, contracts, budgets, and locations.  

Goal 1: $7,999 was met and we have the script cost covered.

Goal 2: $12,500 takes us into the next stage (which is budgeting for the film) and you guys get a new reward - Mr. Turkey Original Artwork. 

Goal 3: $20,000 takes us well into production where we can get started on the movie poster.

Goal 4: $40,000 allows us to begin casting Sean and Avery. I'm working on a way for you guys to be involved in that process, so it'll be amazing! 

If this is as clear as mud, please ask. I'm happy to answer questions. If you have ideas how to make this better, I'm all ears.

New rewards will appear as we head toward the stretch goals. You can update your reward level at any time prior to February 4th at 9pm CST.


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    1. H.M. Ward 2-time creator on

      @courtney - this is the next section. It's been posted right at the top of the Kickstarter. Our next goal to unlock is $12,500 and a new reward featuring Mr. Turkey Art will appear. :) At $20K a new reward for a movie poster will appear. And at $40K we can start casting Sean and Avery! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Courtney Lynch on

      I'm so glad we made our first part of the goal. I would love ❤️ to contribute more and see the different rewards. I'm so excited this series is being made. When will the next part of the campaign be up?