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Help us print the second book of Minna Sundberg's award-winning Nordic fantasy and adventure webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent.
Help us print the second book of Minna Sundberg's award-winning Nordic fantasy and adventure webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent.
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    1. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator 3 days ago

      @ Agneta, Gabrielle, Daniela

      We have sent each of your private messages about your concerns.

      Thank you for letting us know about your particular situations.


    2. Missing avatar

      Agneta Åkerlund 3 days ago

      Hello! I'm also in a similar position as the previous commentators. I'm moving to a new city at the end of the month (Sweden). How likely is it that the package will make it (what is the estimated shipping time)? Is it possible to change the shipping address?

    3. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Berry 4 days ago

      I am in a similar position to the previous two commenters--I will be moving to a new address at the end of the month. Would there be anyway possible to change my shipping address?

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniela H. 4 days ago

      I'm moving overseas very soon and I'm very worried that my book won't reach me in time. I didn't change the address back in July because at the time, I thought that it would be shipping relatively soon and I wasn't sure what my new address was going to be. Would it still be possible to change my shipping address at this point?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ninja--Zade 4 days ago

      I was wondering if I can still change my mailing address, because I have just moved and I did not know my new mailing address until it was to late to change it

    6. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator 5 days ago

      @ Melissa Hall

      Hi Melissa!

      We will be posting an update about that this weekend, but the projected shipping time is sometime next week.


    7. Missing avatar

      Melissa Hall 5 days ago

      Hi! Just wondering if the books have started shipping yet? I was hoping for them to be a father's day gift for my husband, but now that that has passed, I'm still kind of hoping it might make it for his birthday at the end of August. Any chance it'll make it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      @Hiveworks Great. Looking forward to it.

    9. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @ Alex

      Hi Alex.

      Yes shipping will be starting soon. We had planned on starting in Mid-Late July but It looks like it will be closer to Early August that rewards will start going out.


    10. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Now that the preorder event has been over for a couple weeks, should we expect an update that shipping is starting?

    11. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @ PatchNpaw

      Hi Patch!

      For the sake of simplicity and the system we set up for shipping orders we strongly recommend that you stick to only the items in the special pre-order event store.


    12. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Vera LeBlanc

      Hi Vera

      The books will be mailed out once the pre-order event is over. So, mid-late July.


    13. Vera LeBlanc on

      When will book #2 be mailed out

    14. PatchNpaw on

      Hey @Hiveworks I would like to have a question. Would it be possible to order something from the regular Hivemill SSSS store and add it to the package as well? Most of the items are only posters, none of them would necessarily increase the shipping cost, I believe.

    15. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Grosshans on

      @Hiveworks : Thanks a lot for sending new links after I contacted you via Kickstarter!

    16. Frederic Ducros on

      @Hiveworks thanks for sending new links.

    17. Frederic Ducros on

      @Rob Crosby, lucky you. @Hiveworks, i contacted you through Kickstarter... Should I try another channel?

    18. Frederic Ducros on

      Same situation here. I did receive the email but never got to see I had, and now the link doesn't work...

    19. Rob Crosby

      Thanks @Hiveworks for reaching out to me - what great service and interaction with your community! Truly appreciated.

    20. Rob Crosby

      I also missed the KS message so am also interested in whether the download links can be refreshed for a day or two to allow us to grab them

    21. Crystal Rutherford on

      The password was in a different email - I found it so sorry for the question.

    22. Crystal Rutherford on

      I wanted to add on the Kitty plushie to my order but I did not get a password for Hiveworks site. It said that to use the password provided in the kickstarter email but I do not see any password. Help please?

    23. on

      Heeey, how bookprinting is going?

    24. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Grosshans on

      I have just connected today to kickstarter today after several months and noticed the message telling me to download the e-book... But the link is expired. Will it be posted again later, for distracted people like me (and, apparently @Ben Peters) ?

    25. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Ben Peters

      Hi Ben

      we sent everyone their links to the Ebooks and Wallpapers by Kickstarter message.

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      @Ben Peters They emailed out download links for the ebooks and digital wallpaper in early May. If you're still waiting, I'd say check your spam folder.

    27. Ben Peters on

      Hey there,
      what about the ebooks and digital wallpaper??
      I‘m waiting and waiting and... 😳

    28. Missing avatar

      Shane Stewart

      Reading book 1 now, this is a fantastic book!!! Looking forward to book 2 and wondering if plans for 3 are in the works yet??

    29. Missing avatar

      L. M. Kogler on

      So awesome that for an initial Kickstarter goal of $35K, backers raised just over a quarter of a million dollars! Can you tell we love this story? Thank you so much, Minna Sundberg & Hiveworks!

    30. Akkisuitok on

      Thanks for the update on the books! :D

    31. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Fortzon! Book 1 is being reprinted together with book 2 for this campaign, and it'll definitely return to the store once the books arrive and the ones to backers have been sent out! (I think the old stock unfortunately sold out during Christmas, so my store has been a bit sad and empty this spring.)

    32. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Akkitsuitok! The physical books are still at the printers (only the ebooks have been sent out). I don't know if we have a solid arrival estimate yet, but I'll ask and see if we can do an update with that info.

    33. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Shadow Stalker! The pages that are sideways in the ebook are part of a spreads that I designed vertically, so they look a bit silly in the ebook but they're really cool in the printed version.

    34. Fortzon on

      Is Book 1 still possible to buy in the future from your store or is it forever sold out? If it won't return, then could you please remove it from your store page?

    35. Akkisuitok on

      Is there any news on when the printed books will be sent out? It's been a while since the last update, and that didn't make mention of it directly. Also I'm interested in an answer to the sideways page as well.

    36. Missing avatar

      Shadow Stalker on

      Pages 141-142 are also sideways in book 2, will this have any effect on the printed versions?

    37. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke on

      @Sara - Page 108 is also sideways. I'd say they're both meant to be double-page spreads, but something's gone slightly awry.

    38. Eeva Nikkari on

      Hi, will the books ship within a month? I will move in June to a new address.
      (I live in Helsinki if that matters to the shipping time)

    39. Missing avatar

      Sara Blackmore on

      This is the first e-book i have ever purchased, i normally opt for print only so i am probably asking a dumb question, why is page 107 sideways ?

    40. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @claire - Backers of Warm Morning Drink ($115) will be getting book 1 as well, it was just an error in the selected message on our end. We'll be sending a follow up message with the book 1 ebook for you this afternoon!

      @snerple - Yes, when all the books are shipped out to backers, the books are put up for general sale in the Hiveworks store! We,ll make plenty of announcements about it, don't you worry!

    41. Missing avatar

      Squaremonger on

      @Hiveworks Comics

      The e-books look awesome! Thanks for sharing this gem over Kickstarter!

    42. Missing avatar

      snerple on

      Will there be an opportunity to purchase a physical copy of book 1?

    43. Claire Rochelmeyer

      Will the book 1 pdf be incoming as well?

    44. Missing avatar

      J. A.


    45. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @junelle - They are designed to match, the changes are mostly just fixes and different file formats/gutters needed - as they change per publisher. The cover texture, size, page quality is meant to replicate the original book 1.

    46. Junelle Ward on

      I just saw that you had to reshape book 1. Does that mean book 2 won’t quite match the existing book 1?

    47. Kageve Gonswic

      Sweet, cant wait to hear more about it!

    48. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @kageve - We are finishing up the book proofs for book 1 & 2 this weekend (we had to re-shape book 1 to fit the new printer's templates), and then they are off to print! We'll be doing a more detailed update when that is done!

    49. Kageve Gonswic

      Any news on progress? Any little tidbits of information you could share?

    50. Missing avatar

      J. A.

      So how is it going?

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