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Help us print the second book of Minna Sundberg's award-winning Nordic fantasy and adventure webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent.
Help us print the second book of Minna Sundberg's award-winning Nordic fantasy and adventure webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent.
3,525 backers pledged $250,665 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex about 21 hours ago

      @Ben Peters They emailed out download links for the ebooks and digital wallpaper in early May. If you're still waiting, I'd say check your spam folder.

    2. Ben Peters about 24 hours ago

      Hey there,
      what about the ebooks and digital wallpaper??
      I‘m waiting and waiting and... 😳

    3. Missing avatar

      Shane Stewart

      Reading book 1 now, this is a fantastic book!!! Looking forward to book 2 and wondering if plans for 3 are in the works yet??

    4. Missing avatar

      L. M. Kogler on

      So awesome that for an initial Kickstarter goal of $35K, backers raised just over a quarter of a million dollars! Can you tell we love this story? Thank you so much, Minna Sundberg & Hiveworks!

    5. Akkisuitok on

      Thanks for the update on the books! :D

    6. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Fortzon! Book 1 is being reprinted together with book 2 for this campaign, and it'll definitely return to the store once the books arrive and the ones to backers have been sent out! (I think the old stock unfortunately sold out during Christmas, so my store has been a bit sad and empty this spring.)

    7. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Akkitsuitok! The physical books are still at the printers (only the ebooks have been sent out). I don't know if we have a solid arrival estimate yet, but I'll ask and see if we can do an update with that info.

    8. minna sundberg Collaborator on

      Hi Shadow Stalker! The pages that are sideways in the ebook are part of a spreads that I designed vertically, so they look a bit silly in the ebook but they're really cool in the printed version.

    9. Fortzon on

      Is Book 1 still possible to buy in the future from your store or is it forever sold out? If it won't return, then could you please remove it from your store page?

    10. Akkisuitok on

      Is there any news on when the printed books will be sent out? It's been a while since the last update, and that didn't make mention of it directly. Also I'm interested in an answer to the sideways page as well.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shadow Stalker on

      Pages 141-142 are also sideways in book 2, will this have any effect on the printed versions?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke on

      @Sara - Page 108 is also sideways. I'd say they're both meant to be double-page spreads, but something's gone slightly awry.

    13. Eeva Nikkari on

      Hi, will the books ship within a month? I will move in June to a new address.
      (I live in Helsinki if that matters to the shipping time)

    14. Missing avatar

      Sara Blackmore on

      This is the first e-book i have ever purchased, i normally opt for print only so i am probably asking a dumb question, why is page 107 sideways ?

    15. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @claire - Backers of Warm Morning Drink ($115) will be getting book 1 as well, it was just an error in the selected message on our end. We'll be sending a follow up message with the book 1 ebook for you this afternoon!

      @snerple - Yes, when all the books are shipped out to backers, the books are put up for general sale in the Hiveworks store! We,ll make plenty of announcements about it, don't you worry!

    16. Missing avatar

      Squaremonger on

      @Hiveworks Comics

      The e-books look awesome! Thanks for sharing this gem over Kickstarter!

    17. Missing avatar

      snerple on

      Will there be an opportunity to purchase a physical copy of book 1?

    18. Claire Rochelmeyer

      Will the book 1 pdf be incoming as well?

    19. Missing avatar

      J. A.


    20. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @junelle - They are designed to match, the changes are mostly just fixes and different file formats/gutters needed - as they change per publisher. The cover texture, size, page quality is meant to replicate the original book 1.

    21. Junelle Ward on

      I just saw that you had to reshape book 1. Does that mean book 2 won’t quite match the existing book 1?

    22. Kageve Gonswic

      Sweet, cant wait to hear more about it!

    23. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @kageve - We are finishing up the book proofs for book 1 & 2 this weekend (we had to re-shape book 1 to fit the new printer's templates), and then they are off to print! We'll be doing a more detailed update when that is done!

    24. Kageve Gonswic

      Any news on progress? Any little tidbits of information you could share?

    25. Missing avatar

      J. A.

      So how is it going?

    26. Missing avatar

      lackadaisicalSarcasm on

      I don't know if this is what was intended for the interview questions, but here I go anyway!

      Mikkel: Do you have a medical license or any certification?
      Sigrun: What is the most impressive thing you've ever hunted or taken down?
      Emil: What's your favorite way to start a fire?
      Reynir: Have you ever gotten your hair cut, or even trimmed? (Kids these days, with their long hair and sagging pants...)
      Lalli: Why don't you seem to like cats at all? Too much competition for jobs and nap spots?
      Tuuri: What was your favorite experience - or experiences, if you can't pick one - since leaving Keuruu?
      Kitty: Who has the best lap to sleep on, and who gives the best pets?

    27. Reynald Kurniawan on

      We made it! Congrats everyone!!

    28. Windy Wickander on

      haha wow, Minnions sure are a fantastic (and slightly obsessed) bunch, aren't we? Congrats Minna & Hiveworks! :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Ping Xin Lee on

      excited! excited! excited! The cat plush is so cute.. I feel tempted..

    30. Scott C


    31. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Justin the whole team is on the edges of our seats.

    32. Justin "Vex" Brissette

      Can we hit 250K raised by the end of this campaign?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jon L on

      I agree! Loving where the cat plush is going but hoping she'll look even poofier with smaller, stylized feet :) And a sleeping option etc. would be cool too.

      So glad I saw this Kickstarter and can support such beautiful artwork. Hoping we can choose multiples of the add-on rewards as I have a feeling some friends who are interested will want to bundle their books with my shipment.

      Thanks again for arranging the Kickstarter!

    34. Scott C

      @Creator - great. I look forward to both of these future projects.

    35. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Ryan - Basically all the rewards minus the Sketched bookplates should be available.

      @Virginia - Yes, in late 2018.

      @Scott C. - First, we must complete the Redtail project. So probably early 2019.

    36. Scott C

      @Creator - when do you think you will come back for book 3 as all the chapters for that book are already online?

    37. Virginia

      Are there any plans to reprint A Redtail's Dream at some point?

    38. Missing avatar


      Liking where the plush is going - but she needs to be poofier with daintier feet and a longer tail. Also, would LOVE a sleeping version of her like on the campaign page. Or even a plush that could be placed upside down (like the campaign page drawing) or held in your arms (right way up)!"

    39. Missing avatar


      @Creator - Will we be able to add multiple add-ons after the campaign ends? Are there plans on having both books, stationary and signed bookplates as add-ons?


    40. Scott C

      @Creator - great. I don't want miss a thing in the future. Thanks.

    41. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Scott C - As long as the creator is working with us, it is certain!

    42. Scott C

      @Creator - thank you. Will you continue to use Kickstarter for future stuff?

    43. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Scott C - Book 1 is Prologue to Chapter 5, Book 2 is Chapter 6 to 10 with bonus materials. We do not know how many books the complete story will be, as webcomics tend to be looser on that estimate then printed series. We do not have a determined number at this time. Future series plan is simply to keep going, produce more books and materials. Minna is also working on a game.

    44. Scott C

      @Creators - I would still love to hear an official answer from you before the campaign ends.

    45. Scott C

      @Celelorien - thanks for the info.

    46. Missing avatar

      Celelorien on

      Oop, my mistake - I think book 2 actually goes through the end of Chapter 11! Which is an even better stopping point than 10, honestly. The descript for the campaign says 10 but the "End of Book 2" page is after what's listed as ch 11 on the site.

    47. Missing avatar

      Celelorien on

      @Scott C - I'm not the creator (in either sense, neither Minna herself or Hiveworks) but I can tell you each book contains 5 chapters of the comic as it can be found on . I would say that while the overarching story arc does not finish in either book, being a more long form contiguous story, they do leave off at compelling but satisfying stopping places.

      The online version of the comic is already well into chapter 18 (book 3 when, Hiveworks?!! Do want!) and is still ongoing, but I believe (can't find the post right now) that Minna HAS stated before that she knows the story's direction and completion and has a definite plan for it and its end. :3 Hope that helps!

    48. Scott C

      @Creator - is each volume a complete story arc? How many volumes will make up to overall story arc? What are the future plans for this series? Thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Occa on

      I just started reading the comic recently and I'm a huge fan! I'm glad I can finally have the chance to pledge to a kickstarter!

    50. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Brett - A comic always finds it's fans!!

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