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Help us release a GIANT, elegant print edition of the webcomic fantasy epic! The first volume...with many more to come. :D
Help us release a GIANT, elegant print edition of the webcomic fantasy epic! The first volume...with many more to come.
Help us release a GIANT, elegant print edition of the webcomic fantasy epic! The first volume...with many more to come.
1,893 backers pledged $102,686 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @ Kathryn Ann Whidden

      Hi Kathryn

      We'll be posting an update tomorrow about the state of things so hang tight!


    2. Kathryn Ann Whidden on

      It's been a while since there has been any update. Is everything still going alright? I'm just a little worried something might have happened.

    3. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Laura Wilson

      Hi Laura. Kadi is still working on the sketched bookplate tier so those will be a bit late.

      We'll have an update about that in the hour.

    4. Missing avatar

      Laura Wilson on

      I am wondering as well. I am also a Orphic Priestess tier and i never received the bookplate or the art doodle? I understand Kadi needs time but there hasnt been an update in a few months?

    5. Rosie on

      Hello! I pledged at the Orphic Priestess level and have only received the book itself and the art book. Are the other rewards still being worked on?

    6. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Merissa - sent you a link privately with the ebooks, wallpaper, and artbook!

    7. Merissa Mayhew

      Where might I find a working link for the PDF?

    8. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Ramsay on

      I received it today! It's so beautiful! Thank you very much :)

    9. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @charlotte - It is not - Can you contact us at We will solve this for you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Ramsay on

      Hi! I received I think a month or two ago the rewards package but still didn't received the one with the book, is it normal?

    11. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Bill - Yep! We,ll be sending all of that together! We apologize for the delay.

    12. Bill Scheitzach on

      I pledged at the "Orphic Priestess" level and have received my hardcover book — which is nothing if not beautiful — as well as the mini art book, but have not yet received the rest of the rewards (the bookmarks, postcards, charms, and poster). I presume that this is because this level also features the bookplates with the unique sketch — which I believe Kadi is still working on — and that all remaining rewards will be sent along with the bookplates once they are ready?

    13. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Sarah - Shipments cannot be corrected once sent by the shipper, only the receiver. But they are usually returned. We can fix up another shipment with a new address if you contact us at

      @maja - The wallpapers are digital only! I link was sent via direct message, I can send you another.

      @Maddie - the posters travel solo due to them being in a tube, the other rewards are together.

    14. Maddie Tranter on

      Are the postcards, bookmarks and charms shipping out with the bookplates? The poster arrived on it's own today.

    15. Maja! on

      I'm sorry if I've missed something, but I don't seem to have received the wallpapers? I've received the rest :)

    16. Sarah Gillam on

      I got an email telling me that my rewards were being shipped - but they are going to the wrong address?! My book came to the right one. Can we please correct this? :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Anna M. on

      I got confirmation that my rewards package shipped yesterday, and it's going to my correct address, yay! Thank you so much for making sure it gets to the right place, I really appreciate it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rebeca Salomon on

      The book is beautiful! I pictured it smaller in my mind for some reason and I was thrilled when I saw the size of the package. Loved the rewards as well, it was worth the wait. Can't wait for volume 2!

    19. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Abby - send us a private message or write to and we'll sort this for you!

    20. nathanthescott on

      Both books are in my hands and beautiful! I love the spot glossed quail on the hardcover. :3

    21. Lisa Ohle on

      @hiveworks @maria : Thanks! The book has arrived!! - It looks so pretty :)

    22. Maddie Tranter on

      My book arrived here in Australia. One corner is dented sadly but it's such a gorgeous book.

    23. Abby on

      Hi there! I got my book. Thank you so much. It's lovely :) I also upgraded to a hardcover book in my survey and got a softcover one instead. I was wondering who I should contact?

    24. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Maria - Thanks for stepping in and sharing!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Maria Armansperger on

      Hey there!
      @Lisa and all the other German backers: don't loose faith! It's been about two weeks since I got notice, that the book started it's journey - and yesterday it finally arrived! No dents, no bent corners, all perfect and with a nice little green "Zollamt"-sticker on top. I'm sure yours will arrive soon as well. ;)

    26. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Dave - We will be putting up the books for sale as soon as all the books shipments are compelted, and we,ll let you backers know first so you can get extra copies before everyone if you so desire!

      @lisa - According to the notice your package has shipped and arrived in Germany. Some border crossing can take a long time (it's part of why international shipments can take up to 8 weeks)

    27. Lisa Ohle on

      Hey! How is shipping the book going?
      I'm a little worried cause I have a tracking ID since 14days but it still say that it's not shipped by today...

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave Figaro on

      And also....both my wife and I are all in for volume 2, lets make that happen.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave Figaro on

      And now I will need 5 more Blindsprings books alongside 5 more copies of Awaken....jealous sisters and teens are ready to mob our little family.... these books are very precious...going to need to know as soon as these go on official sale because I will have to do a bulk order for Christmas.

    30. Missing avatar

      Odwin on

      I just finished reading Volume 1 and I loved it. I'd stopped following on the web and had forgotten how deep and interesting Blindsprings is, and it was delightful to revisit it with this beautiful, beautiful book. Thank you!
      So, where do I send money to make Volume 2 happen?

    31. Rosie on

      I got my book today and it is absolutely perfect!

    32. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @sheila - i]m so glad is arrived perfect! As stated in the updates, we are shipping the rewards separately, partially because Kadi is still working on the bookplates. Have no fear, it will come your way!

    33. Sheila D. on

      I JUST got my book and I AM SO HAPPY (a great early B-day gift)!!! :D
      It's perfect, no dents or damages at all from the delivery and I love the mine art book. I just have one question, my Tier ($90 pledge) is supposed to come with a bookplate with Kadi's signature but I didn't see anything like that in the book. Is the bookplate going to be shipped out later like the rest of the rewards?

    34. Birgit Bellingradt on

      Hey, I got the book and am soooooo happy! Although I'm kinda missing the E-book, wallpapers, postcards and bookmarks. Did I miss an E-mail or Update? :( Great work Hiveworks! ^^

    35. Isabelle

      @nathanthescott - because an automated system was used to import the responses, a few seem to have been dropped - we contacted the drops we noticed. I will send you a private message!

    36. nathanthescott on

      I requested a Hardcover in my survey and paid extra to get a Softcover as a second book.

      I got the Soft cover and Art book yesterday (and love them!), but didn't get a Hardcover...? :C

    37. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @letoze - sending a private message as a response!

      @Taylor sorry to hear the delivery service was so rough!

    38. Missing avatar


      Recieved one book today. It is Lovely~<3, vague feeling my mom wants to claim it. I do have a question as I added extra to get a second book but did not get it. Is that coming along with the other rewards later or did my survey slip through the cracks?

    39. Taylor O'Donnell on

      Finally got my book and It's lovely! I am so excited to read it (as this will be my first time!). It got pretty dinged up on the top of the spine and a middle part on the two covers which is really upsetting since I paid so much for this book and have waited so long for it. Nonetheless, it's fun to see my name and all the other's alongside me who have helped bring this book to life. Thank you to all who have made this book a reality, and I am glad I could be a part of it! :)

    40. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Sarah - Oh we did the sketchbook a tad later then the wallpaper and ebook, so it didn't get packaged with the rest - i'll do an update to make sure everyone gets access to it.

      @bobby - scheduled you for a return.

    41. Sarah Messerly on

      My book and art book arrived today safely and in good shape! Both are gorgeous!!

      Was there supposed to be a digital version of the art book? I have the digital version of the main book... did I miss the link for the digital version of the art book?

    42. Missing avatar

      Bobby Player on

      Mine arrived today but I was shipped the softcover rather than the hardcover requested in my survey... Insert frowny face here...

    43. Ashley Lemon on

      I received the book and the art book yesterday. It is so pretty! I am really glad I chose the hardcover edition. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on it.

      Can't wait to get the extras now. <3

    44. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Roland - Sorry to hear about the customs! Sadly, because duty tax is not tied to shipping but applied by the country to the recipient for international goods, it's difficult for us to counter it :(

      @Joline - From past experience, making the shipment $0 tends to make it suspicious, but I was thinking of setting the rewards at $5, which is usually under the border fee in most countries. Unless someone has better information for me from their home country (which I would 100% appreciate, please let me know!)

    45. Missing avatar

      Joline van Beek on

      Mine arrived today (in The Netherlands)! It's very awesome! Also encountered the +€15 customs. Is it possible to send the extra's without a valued stated? Otherwise we'll have to pay customs for that as well apparently.

    46. Roland Nikolic on

      Mine arrived today!! So happy, not even the extra €15 I had to pay for customs could not ruin it �

    47. Missing avatar

      Dave Figaro on

      Ok I now have 2 very ecstatic girls....these books are very awesome, Now we wait for my wife to receive hers....She can't wait.

    48. Maija Andersson on

      Yayy, the book arrived today all the way to Finland! It's absolutely beautiful, thank you Kadi. <3

    49. Hiveworks Comics 7-time creator on

      @Deseri - Apologies for the wait, as stated below we had issues due to holidays and all the stuff happening in the USA. Stuff will be going out gradually this week.

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