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€628 pledged of €6,000 goal
By Stefan Hinüber
€628 pledged of €6,000 goal


Hi! I'm Stefan Hinüber, a German designer. In the street- and sportswear market I've worked for world- class brands like Adidas, Levis and Vans. In November I started something new. Now I wear my own backpacks and the business that makes them. I'm HINÜBER

In the past I was part of the big fashion business. I can tell stories about top level managers going crazy and weird. There are stories you could not imagine! All of this could fill a book and maybe later I can make a second Kickstarter book project out of that. But one things at a time...

Time For A Design Focus Approach

With HINÜBER I want to try for a better approach. I want to grow a real design focused brand with capable people making enthusiastic and brave decisions. A company where overtime is a exception and not the norm. There are so many things I could tell but let's keep it simple: "I want to establish a company where the people love to work."

The New Design

For the new design I’ll focus the mass market. During the first backpack period I also spoke to buyers dedicated to mass market. I took feedback from them and I used it to create a new design with the needs of market in mind.

Sometimes design concepts can turn into something crazy and I like to give an example:

If you study economics creating a case study they ask you: "What problem is your new product solving?" This is the reason why new backpacks often focus on some "new" technical detail. But if you are looking at the most successful brands in the market they don't do that. They are focusing on quality, lifestyle and a catchy design. The real problem a backpack is solving is pretty easy: "You can pack your things on your back and carry them with you." If a customer is on the sales floor searching for backpacks he or she will always head towards the product he likes from a visual and emotional aspect. This is the reason why HINÜBER backpacks are build on style first.

The new backpack has a color blocking design with a special "quick ejector hook" as an eye catcher. This hook originates from parachutes. Normally it is used to quick and easily eject the body harness after a landing. Now with the backpack it gives easy access to main compartment. A special style with a useful function.


  • Waterproof and durable 700 d polyester fabric
  •  Fleece-lined 15" laptop sleeve
  •  Quick ejector hook for easy main compartment access 
  • Zipper pocket inside main compartment 
  • Two small extra compartments inside main compartment 
  • Front pocket with zipper
  • Ventilated air mesh back padding 
  • Contoured shoulder straps


these colors are ready to go for first bulk production. If you get the reward No. 2 you can select from this range.

Where Do I Stand Now

In the moment the HINÜBER brand is rising. I have a lot to do with design, photos, story, web design and sourcing. When it comes to production I check different suppliers for product quality, employee treatment and sustainability. For each individual product I select the factory that is most aligned to my ethos. I currently have one backpack in the market and I sell it wholesale to some boutiques or via the website. The backpacks where also sold at the monoqi platform for extraordinary design. Additionally you can find HINÜBER at Facebook or Instagram.

Hinüber In The News

Fortunately, the media loves HINÜBER. In the past few weeks there where several newspapers and online media outlets that mentioned us including BILDZEITUNG and WAZ.

Why Backpacks

Backpacks are a great product around which to start a business. They are a huge fashion trend and there it is a massive market for backpacks. Delivering a quality product in special style offered at an affordable price is key to success. This is what HINÜBER wants to do.

  • It's also very good that we can offer a unisex product. This lets us target both the female and male markets.  
  •  If you compare backpacks to garments there is less trouble in the right fitting. Backpacks suit everybody.

Target group for the new design

HINÜBER backpacks is approaching mainly the younger customer like students and senior school kids. This group often uses backpacks and they are looking for a individual style representing the own lifestyle. But also adults up to 41 can combine the backpack with a sport and street outfit and use the backpack as a daypack.

Your Money and Support

HINÜBER is a bootstrap enterprise. Due to my experience in backpack design and production I know about the costs and difficulties. If we reach the founding limit I will be able to order the backpack at my producer in Asia. For the new backpack they have a minimum order quantity. If the founding limit isn’t reached I will be also not able to produce the backpack on my own. All funds above that will help me to grow the brand an push sales. If you spend higher than the founding limit I will use the money for:

  • Online marketing  
  • A exhibition at Berlin fashion week 
  • Employing people

 Time Line

After the project is successfully founded I will place the order for bulk production. Depending on quantity they will need 4-6 weeks for producing the goods. Shipping the backpacks to Germany will take also 5-6 weeks. Total lead time of three months for delivering the backpacks is what we’re expecting. After they have arrived I will send out the presents for my founders. 

First Collection Still Available As Reward

For the first design I was inspired by army vintage backpacks and silicon covered working gloves. The bottom color gives a nice contrast to the green canvas. The colored coating is also good for water and dirt resistance. The product is dedicated to a fashion customer who is interested in more niche products. This product is already available in retail. Kickstarter backers can get it for a special discount rate as reward No. 3.

Let's make it happen. Be a part of the story!  


Risks and challenges

In the process are some risks and I want to explain how I will cope with them.

Before starting bulk production the manufacture in Asia wants to have 30% deposit and before shipping the ready goods he wants to have the other 70% of the money. In worst case this can mean I send the money but they don't send the backpacks. For this reason I will buy "Trade Assurance", which is meant to cover this case.

Also there could be a problem with the quality of the backpacks. Maybe the quality in bulk production is not the same as that of the sample. To address that I will use a 3rd party inspector. After production is finished he will check the backpack production and make sure that the production quality is the same as that of the agreed-upon sample. If this is not the case the 70% of the money will not be transferred. In this case the 30% deposit will be refunded by Trade Assurance.

Due to the fact that I have successful managed the same process with the first design, there should be no doubt that I'm able to handle the project.

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    Pledge €30 or more About $35

    Get a Hinüber Drawstring Bag

    You get a black HINÜBER drawstring bag with white surprise printing. The printing will be exclusive customized for Kickstarter backers.

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    Get The New Backpack Design

    You will get a HINÜBER backpack with the outstanding quick ejector hook from the new production. Instead of retail buying you save at least 10% on the regular price.

    The color can be individual selected from regular product range.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Get The Classic Canvas Backpack

    You get a HINÜBER backpack from the first successful collection. This classic quality backpack is made from cotton canvas and real leather. Instead of retail buying you save at least 20% on the regular price.

    The color can be individual selected.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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