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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
6,966 backers pledged CA$ 256,217 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Don Reba on

      This Kickstarter was executed better than Tides of Numenera. Great performance despite not having an established cult following, despite aiming at a very niche audience, and despite coming out on Kickstarter Canada, without the benefit of Amazon Payments.

    2. Nobody on

      I hope the next kickstarter to a sequel of “The Long Dark” will be a little better prepared and executed. Not that i had any influence on the game in overall, but a lesson from Torment: Tides of Numenera and Divinity: Original Sin, could result in more money form the Kickstarter, to make the game even better.
      My major concerns are about some of the game mechanics and about the realism concerning the survival situations:
      Are there a lern effect for often executed tasks?
      As in time decresse for often made fire or even a higher possibility for succes of the task.
      Are the elementar effects of the eviroment influencing the time or fail possibility of a task?
      As in failed attempt to make fire due to harsh wind conditions, cold, night and wet fire wood?

    3. Xia Zhu on

      Razer Surround sounds VERY much like the TrueAudio by AMD (which was a partnership with AstoundSound) which had a very cool demo at their R7 and R9 series reveal. How will the 2 work together?

      I'm also super excited for the extended sound track! Here's to hoping it'll reach 250 000!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. John delaney on

      Soz , very early backer !!!! ( idiot me !) lol

    6. John delaney on

      Nice one Dwight , I'd love that myself , but I'm still happy to have been a ver early backers , great stuff guys , it's gonna happen NOW !!!!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      dwightk on

      I wonder if Razer Surround will be coming to OS X

    8. Hinterland Creator on

      @Don: As long as engine outputs surround (5.1 or 7.1) the Razer .exe takes care of the rest.

    9. Don Reba on

      @Hinterland, I meant, what is your part in the partnership? Will you modify game code to better support Razer's software?

    10. goettel on

      Installed and tried it, and it's a big step up compared to what usually passes for virtual surround - a great partnership. Just to clarify, will Razer Surround be bundled free with the game? The site states it's free only until December 31st.

    11. Hinterland Creator on

      @Don: You'll simply choose to install their software (it'll be optional) when you install the game.

    12. Joey Viner on

      w00t @ lowering the stretch goals! But you gotta update the graphic on the main page! That'll bring in more backers. Yay for the graphic novel, excited for that

    13. DarkHumor XIII on

      SWEET just a lil bit more to go :D
      +great news with the razer partnership

    14. Don Reba on

      What do you have to do to support Razor's surround sound?

    15. Jordan York on

      Wow! Great update! I'm a huge razer fan, so them hopping on board gets me even more excited. I'd love to see some of their gear themed after this game as well (mousepads, headsets, etc).

    16. Jetro Koro on

      Grats on the Razer partnership guys!
      The quote video gave me goosebumps and I bet it helps fuel the hype even more.

      I like the new stretch goals and enabling paypal could help to get us to even $300k, hopefully. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      frag on

      I'm excited to see more and more gameplay footage.