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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
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    1. Conatus Creative on

      Jennifer Hale! Mind = blown.

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      Neo on

      I like the concept of Safe House! :)

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      Tomi Linkinen on

      @Rickard Johansson: It would be awesome if they would get John "Lofty" Wiseman on board as an advisor. Now THAT would rock.

      Incase you dont know who the dude is:

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      Rob Taylor on

      I'd love to see a crafting element in the game, for example building make shift shelters if you get lost or caught in the open at a bad time. Something other than just a campfire.

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      Martin Blass on

      @Rickard Johansson
      Good ideas. I would definitely appreciate such book to be part of the game and/or to be able to actually buy it.

    6. Rickard Antroia

      I fact... If you would get a hardcore survivalist writer on board or you'd release what's written in the in-game books as a real-world, printed book or addendum to the game - that would be worth pushing in more money into the project too.

    7. Rickard Antroia

      I'm hoping that bookshelf won't contain just in-game knowledge mechanics, but actually have written survival tips and tricks in them, that ALSO affects gameplay mechanics, but above all, changes how the player view the world.

      It's like when you watch a lot of survival-related tv-shows, or read up on local flora and fauna in areas where you go camping... You actually come out of it with a bunch of real, both theoretical and practical, knowledge.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tomi Linkinen on

      Yeah, i agree, don't waste resources on licensing.
      Waste resources on planning a good safe house :)

      Im in no mean's hoping you go Sims with it, but at the same time, i believe the immersion needs to be strong especially there. If its just a house with your stock of food and water, it wont carry the title safe house very well. There has to be something special in there so you WANT to go back there after a long trip, get those wool socks on and get warm by the fire while reading a good book :)

      In my opinion, its the little things that make those kinds of things feel cool and immersive, not 1 or 2 big things.

      Also, thanks for the response.

    9. Hinterland Creator on

      @Tomi: Since combat is not a big part of our game, we won't be emphasizing weapons very much. But you will still want, and need them. In terms of the naming, we might end up using generic names like ".308 Hunting Rifle" or "12-Guage Shotgun" and whatnot to avoid licensing issues. Gun manufacturers expect royalties for using their names in games, and publishers like EA pay millions to have these rights. We're small, so we won't be wasting resources on those things. Of course, we might find some creative work-arounds too.

      @Lance: You get it. Also, multiple Safe Houses refers to having more than one in the world, but perhaps only one per major "region" of the world, if that makes sense. So, you might have a long journey to get from one to the other, and you wouldn't tend to travel between them very often. Those shorter trips would involve camps you make up along the way, or shelters you come across. A good example of this, potentially, is how you see Safe Houses in Red Dead Redemption. You can have multiple but you rarely use more than one, because they are usually set up in a region of the world where you will be spending a lot of time. Hope that helps!

    10. Lance Lindley on

      At first, I thought the idea of a safe house broke the game. I was like, "OK, here's a survival game where you already have safe shelter." But pretty quickly I realized it serves pretty much the same function as an "inn" in any D&D-style CRPG. You return to the inn to heal, to swap out gear, to pick up storyline elements through rumors and new quests from NPCs. And sure, you can sit in the inn the whole rest of your life and stay safe, but then what's the point of playing the game? So, I get it now and I think it will work well. Multiple safe houses is basically the many inns scattered around a CRPG game, only perhaps in Long Dark you will first have to find a way to secure that house. The game looks too open ended to have a direct set of "quests" that lead to acquiring the house, but hopefully there can be interesting (and player intuitive) challenges to solve that logically lead to getting your new safe house.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tomi Linkinen on

      The actions in the safe house will be major part of the game experience. All modifications you can do to it that affect gameplay somehow will make feeling of "being there" more true.

      If you design fire place, design visible firewood storage also. For Example:

      That way player doesn't need to check some silly inventory (that also needs to be available ofc) how much dry wood is stored. Not a major thing technically, but its these little details that matter. Also, firewood needs to dry up a bit before its good for use, but im not sure if that would be too much into micromanagement department.

      One of the best gameplay moments in history of PC games have been when I as a character/player "own" something of my own, for example Baldur's gate 2 Stronghold thingie. Little things made well, make the immersion.

      Also, you speak about weapons. I really REALLY hope you stick with "less is more" ideology with those. I mean that there can be great variety of weapons but they have to stay in context. If i would get my hands on hunting rifle with 2 ammos and no known means to get more, that would be "more valuable" than hunting rifle with 20 ammos.
      Also for the love of god, use some real name for it other than "hunting rifle" like Sako 85 or other premium hunting rifle.

    12. Junaid Hussain

      I really really hope this game makes the pledge in 6 days. I want to see this happen, and I know my friends do too.

      Best of luck, and fingers crossed

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Hirschman

      Just read your Readdit - great thread and quite illuminating of your development process and the thoughtful questions (and comments) of the participants. Great Safe House, I like the idea of some customization but don't see the house as "home" that I will always return to. Looking forward to seeing/experiencing how the Auroras will influence me and the environment around me. Upped my pledge to aid in the process. No doubt we will make it!

    14. Denys Medianick on

      Uhhhh! I realy love the idea of this shelter!

    15. Rob Doar on

      Thanks, haven't seen that one.

      But your analysis is spot on, you have to leave sometime. Your calorie count is a constant reminder of that. :-)

    16. Hinterland Creator on

      @Rob: Yeah, we have a forestry industry museum not far from here and there's an old ranger station/lookout there. Just seems like the perfect place to hold out, pretty defensible, great visibility. But at some point, you have to come down.

      If you haven't seen this movie, check it out:

      It's a short documentary about a guy stationed at a forestry lookout tower in the Flathead mountains in Northwestern Montana (a few miles from the Canadian border, incidentally).

    17. Rob Doar on

      Love the fan art. The safehouse is a great idea. I remember when hunting on a fly in in Alaska coming across emergency cabins that the state has. They would certainly be a life saver if I was stranded.
      It would take something very compelling to make me leave though.

    18. Hinterland Creator on

      @Rulke: We have some design currently for Safe House customization, but aren't yet sure how far we'll take it. As we continue building out the survival sim, the right amount will certainly become clear. Since this is a location we want players to feel protective of and safe in -- against the backdrop of a world that is quite threatening in many ways -- we'd like to be able to let you invest time and personality into it. But like everything else we do, it comes down to scope and what we're able to do with the resources we have.

      In terms of the KS progress -- we're thrilled with the "high value, low noise" community we have, and although we'd love to raise more money, we'll be happy to hit the goal knowing we have connected in a meaningful way with you. We still believe we have the potential to hit and exceed our goal, and have some more tricks up our sleeves to hopefully help drive that, along with your continued support.

    19. Dara Robinson on

      The guys are right, as I have mentioned before, Kickstarter projects get a good boost and even with no real push from Devs and/or the fans projects will get an average of about 4-5% of total funding on the last day alone, never mind the preceding days. You guys are very active and interact a lot. I would imagine that the huge surge of pledges we saw the last few days is a direct result of the AMA and its well deserved. Pity more studios do not do this.

      I will promote it and I hope others do also. Would love to reach the all voice stretch goal.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rulke on

      Great idea. Question: (and sorry if this has been asked before) would it be possible to expand the potential of such a building based on adding extensions, thus opening a channel for extra missions/content? For example, if I'm required to collect a rather large pile of wood and also happen to stumble upon a box of nails, could I build an extension to add, say, an observatory, medical bay, radio room, kitchen, tool she's etc. extra rooms = greater opportunities.

    21. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      I agree, I expected this thing to shoot off like a rocket and reach the whole game voiced stretch goal. Hopefully with the paypal option and the last 5 days we can get the extended soundtrack or even global reach goals.

    22. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Kickstarter's always get the final '48 hour' surge toward the end from reminder emails going out and those of us upping our pledge/addons etc.

      Got no worries about the goal... I'm sad for little to no stretchgoals however.
      Honestly would have thought the concept and talent behind this one would have propelled it to much greater funding than currently =(