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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
6,966 backers pledged CA$ 256,217 to help bring this project to life.


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      Linda Tresham on

      I put a link on my gamer profile on Xbox to your kickstarter page, and have put up stuff on my Facebook. Hey every bit helps!

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      Daniel Mulligan on

      I have been waiting for a game like this and am super excited. Like many of the other comments, I enjoy the sound effects and artwork so far. One suggestion/hope would be the ability to fully interact with the environment (i.e.- eating snow for hydration at the cost of core body temperature or throwing a rock/picking up a stick nearby to defend against a hungry doggy). I know these types of interactions may complicate the game a little bit, but in a survival situation Will would need these options at his disposal to survive. Keep up the hard work! We can't wait for alphas and betas!

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      Logan Griffith on

      Okay, the next gameplay update, if there is one before we reach our goal needs to be going into that shack on top of the hill and getting all cozy near the fireplace. The sound was done so well, it will definitely help with the immersion factor.

    4. goettel on

      And one more thing: great as the video is, I believe a small demo video with a great bit of soundtrack (its own or a placeholder) might be more immediately appealing to more people at this stage.

    5. goettel on

      Will the voice acting get more processing done to it so it sounds more 'inside the world' - like convolution reverb with different impulse responses when you're outside or inside? Perhaps even GSound for ray-traced audio? :)

    6. goettel on

      That looks stunning, already! Hope we make it in the time left - but even if we don't, I'm sure that offering an after-Kickstarter crowdfunding or presale option would easily push it over the $200000 line. Happy that it will be made regardless.

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      Rulke on

      Happy to back this one. Saw it on

    8. Coleman on

      Love what I just saw, but I've got one question as to the mechanics. In the footage the character is first thirsty and then becomes dehydrated. Among all this snow?
      So how is it going to work? Will I need to find a bottle of water or can I just melt down some snow? And when I'm out of kindling, can I just chop down that shed?

    9. Hinterland Creator on

      @JD: Thanks!

      @Jay-VO: I'm not Alan but I'm fascinated by your story. Thanks for sharing.

    10. JDTX88

      Looks like a helluva great start ya'll, good luck and keep up the great work!

    11. Hinterland Creator on

      @Jay-Vo: Thank you Jason, I really appreciate it!


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      Jay-Vo on

      Looking great! I wanted to share with the devs my facebook post. I hope it helps keep the creative fires burning through the last week of fund raising.

      "One of the first video games I really got into was called "Wilderness: A Survival Adventure."

      A brutally detailed game for 1986, it's the story of a downed pilot in the Sierra Nevada mountains who must scrounge supplies and navigate across hostile geography to find a ranger station and rescue. Although I never came close to winning, I did learn how to read a topographic map and tell what direction I was heading in with a wristwatch.

      Over 25 years later, an ex-coworker of mine from the video game business would put out a call for kickstarter backers for his new independently produced game, "The Long Dark." Hinterland Games is staffed with a small team of long time industry veterans with dozens of AAA titles amongst them. They're making a starkly beautiful game that instantly reminded me of the first time I crash landed in the Pacific Northwest.

      They just put out a prototype visual and game play video that I'd like to share with you all. If you happen to like what you see or know someone else who might, feel free to spread the word."

    13. Hinterland Creator on

      @Stephanie: Whatever your reasoning, we're glad you're here.

    14. Stephanie Kawan on

      I really have to agree with Stephen Reid on the footage you showed us, but well... I fell in love with the typeface of the logo and backed it up before I even read the detailed description of the game, so... LET'S GET THIS BABY FUNDED!

    15. Hinterland Creator on

      @Dara: Don't worry -- the wildlife and survivor behaviour will be fully dynamic and governed by an AI director of sorts so you don't have to worry about that. We also want to be able to modify wildlife behaviour to be more or less aggressive depending on various conditions. For example, if there had been more than one wolf, your fire might not have been quite so effective.

    16. Dara Robinson on

      Oh and the smoke, brilliant, loved it. Thought it was very pretty. Looking forward to seeing more pretty touches like that :)

    17. Dara Robinson on

      The game looks amazing guys, just was I was hoping. It will be a real contrast from the Day-Z's of the world, make it stand out for sure. I think its more important for an art style to me fleshed out and polished than for any one game type to fit into a stereotype.
      The Aurora looks great, cant wait to see more of them and see how they interact with the world.
      Audio, The Audio sounds amazing. Tell Dave to keep up the good work but that he has set a high standard and not to sit on his laurels :p

      One thing I noticed was with the wolf, he seemed to come out of no where. If that was the case and its just for the demo then that is fine by me but if the wolf was triggered and they will normally appear like that I would ask you to consider changing that. I would ask you to consider a dynamic system for wildlife and survivors. If not, triggering events can be avoided when you know what to look for or anticipated and prepared for (a habit I find myself doing with games when I know what is coming up) and takes away from the survival element to things, as there is little to surprise you. If that wolf was actually tracking you and the fire scared him off that would be great but if he appeared and you lit a fire and walked away within 30 secs then a wolf tracking you in the wild would not give up so easily, they would hover and investigate more so simply lighting a fire and leaving it behind would not work.
      Just a thought

      @Stephen Reid and Jørgen Hunstad, Don't be worrying too much about it being the last week or so. Kickstarter projects only ramp back up again in the few days and on the last day or so actually normally receive about 3.5% of their total amount on the last day.
      More here:

    18. Don Reba on

      Here's hoping that cast shadow and self shadow will be equally dark in the game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gilou on

      In the audio samples, it seems that the character will talk to himself to inform the player about some important info. And we can hear him say something like "what is it" when he hears a noise.

      If this is a feature, will there be a way to dis-activate the warning the player has from the character?
      For example: not having the character say anything when he hears the noise of a branch breaking, so that the player has to think about checking himself (immersion)

    20. Hinterland Creator on

      @Ryan: Yes! Audio is going to be hugely important for The Long Dark. It's something we are putting a lot of thought and effort into.

      @PJ: There will be crafting (and repair) in the game. We haven't talked too much about it yet, but we are planning to reveal information in this area in a future update. Thanks for your support!

    21. P.J. Miller on

      Was wondering if there was going to be any type of crafting in the game? Seems like a great feature to have but of course it can be added way later on if you didn't already have it planned :p Keep up the good work guys/gals, you have our full support from everyone at FNG Nation!

    22. Ryan Carey on

      I love the audio of the wind rustling through the trees and the crunch of the snow beneath your feet. The audio will make this game stand out.
      When the wind picks up the trees can rub against other trees or deadfall and make eerie noises.
      Great job!
      Hope to see more footage soon.

    23. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Gosh, such awesome art design

    24. Hinterland Creator on

      @Stephen: Thanks for your feedback, Stephen. We feel that the gameplay video shows a good amount of content and should help our backers, current and future, better visualize the game we've been talking about. So far the response has been incredible.

      Everyone else -- thanks for the feedback and support!

    25. Stephen Reid on

      Great to finally see gameplay - but, and I have to be brutally honest here, as you have a week to go - you didn't show enough. Essentially we saw you walk to and from a small area, view a wolf (from a distance) and speed up time.

      Working in games myself I completely understand the limitations of prototypes and alpha. I am sure there are parts of the game you don't want people to see as they're ugly and unfinished. But we're backing a game in development here; your audience, I'd suggest, are probably okay to see stuff that's not done, as long as it's flagged as such.

      This is the crucial time to get support, and gamers are visual types. You need a lot more gameplay footage (ideally, a trailer, but you probably don't have time to do that). I'd strongly suggest a Twitch live stream, showing off the game if possible (relatively easy to put together), or more footage on YouTube. A live stream could be archived to YouTube, in fact.

      Even in rough form, you need to show potential and possibility, and there's not enough of that here to excite new backers - which is really what we want at this point. Increasing pledges is great, but it won't guarantee to put you 'over the top'.

      Good luck in the last week.

    26. FalconHalo on

      This looks great! I love what I see so far, and the thought that you're going to spend a year improving this and building upon it is highly exciting. I cannot wait to dive into this world you've created! Best of luck, Hinterland! I'm updating my pledge right now!

    27. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Impressive! I like the atmosphere of survival in this game.

    28. Jørgen Hunstad on

      Thanks alot for showing this! The kickstarter dont look to promising, and I am verry sorry for you guys, who have been working so hard and hold a great kickstarter for us who backed! I can only hope the last days will turn things around and you will see a surge in the backers. All the best!

    29. Elie on

      Brilliant stuff.

    30. Pogopuschel on

      This looks very promising!

      I can't wait to see how the game evolves.
      Wish you the best luck with the funding!

    31. Jordan York on

      I'm loving the art-style of the game. Good work guys! It looks great. Once you have a fully fleshed out UI system it'll really compliment the gameplay.

    32. Jetro Koro on

      I'm astonished about the beauty of the game! Even when it's still alpha, it looks amazing.
      Also I really love the way it looks just like the concept photos with that heavy comic -look. Great job so far! So glad I backed you guys up. :)

    33. Michael Labbé on

      This is the first video that lets me really understand what it is you are going to create and I've watched them all.

      You have some cool gameplay tools to use to weave an interesting game.

    34. Alexander on

      this is way better than I imagined it to be. The art style and the survival system seem great. Once you said "calorie meter" I knew you guys were taking this game and genre to another level. I hope this video gets the game its much needed attention.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      This looks awesome. While I'm normally into this animated-looking style, I have to say that this might actually be one of the games where I would lean more towards realism for the visuals. But I'm also for whatever will be economical enough to let this game achieve the scope and complexity it needs. It's really cool to actually see the various systems at work together.

    36. ETD on

      Is the sound kinda broken in the video for anyone else?

    37. Magic666 on

      very interesting! Hopefully you guys reach your desired goal!

    38. ETD on

      Woah. It actually does look a lot like the concept art. I love it!

    39. Missing avatar

      Matt Norwood on

      Your video link is broken in your RSS feed.