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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
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    1. Hinterland Creator on

      @John: We're glad you brought that up, because it's important that you have the right expectations of The Long Dark. For perspective, The Last of Us (an amazing game!) is a $50-75M production with a team of over 100 developers. The Long Dark's budget will be more like $1.2-1.3M with a much smaller team. The Last of Us has a goal to create a very realistic portrayal of the post-disaster world 20 years after the fact. The Long Dark is a slower-paced, more stylized representation of a quiet post-disaster wilderness setting. They delivered photo-realistic graphics and animation. We are focused on creating a very stylized, atmospheric world that looks like our concept art. The Last of Us is a highly scripted, linear game. The Long Dark is more of an open-world simulation.

      We believe that The Long Dark will feel fresh and different from games like The Last of Us, in that it offers the player more freedom, and the gameplay is much more simulation focused.

      If our two projects were movies, the Last of Us is the summer blockbuster, and we are the small indie art film. That said, we have great ambition for The Long Dark and will do our best to deliver on expectations. And believe us, nobody's bar for quality of experience is higher than our own!

      Hope that helps to set expectations appropriately!

      @Jonas: Thanks for your faith in us.

    2. Jonas on

      I had chills while reading. Good job, Hinterlanders! You guys raise my expectations with every detail. (I don’t know, if it’s good for us all [you, the community and me] but I have big faith in you.)

    3. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      Wow, love this.

      Everything about this game has showed so much promise so far. I'm praying for a good execution! I'm really hoping that they keep this as 'realistic' as possible, i.e. avoid making it to sensationalist to appeal the masses!

      And the other thing that concerns me is The Last of Us. I hope the experience of this game has worn off by the time I play The Long Dark. Though the gameplay wasn't the best ever, TLoU raised the bar SO high in terms of the characters, setting, graphics and emotional story telling! I'm worried that with the similar settings, I will be constantly judging TLD by TLoU's standard (imo the best game in the last decade - joint with Dark Souls). You never know, TLD could match or surpass TLoU (at least in some respects)!

    4. Missing avatar

      jonathan wood on

      Lol, Oh @Runar. Of course games aren't made with only ME in mind. That doesn't mean I can't pay especial attention to games that look to take place somewhere I can identify with, and if that changes I can express my disappointment in a project I am helping (however limited) to fund.

      Also as COH was developed by a Canadian developer I hoped that they would take the opportunity to acknowledge the Canadian troops that did fight in places like Juno beach on D-Day, etc. I know that they did put in a CAN Artillery unit in one of the expansion packs, which had abilities derived from the advancements in artillery warfare made during the attack on Vimy Ridge in WW1.
      I wasn't looking to have a Can campaign or anything, I'm not unrealistic enough to think that would sell to the US players, just more of a nod.

    5. Missing avatar

      jonathan wood on

      "We don't think you'll find a more Canadian game than The Long Dark"

      I am intrigued! Do you have more details on how it expresses this beyond Black Creek? I did like that Mackenzie flew a Beaver, as I am very familiar with them. I grew up in Stewart, and they were a common sight in the sky.

      I think I'll stick around for a while and see what else comes out, I really like the gameplay concepts you've laid out so far and can't wait for those Canadian touchpoints. If you can give it half as much of a Canadian flavour as 'Sir, you are being Hunted' did a British one, I'll be more than satisfied.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Cannibal Nazi's are so 200X. How about something new: Communist Vampires? Anarcho-Liberal Mummies!

    7. Runar Jenssen on

      @jonathan wood: Games are not made with only YOU in mind. What kind of CANADIAN content would Company of Heroes have? What, the Canadian campaign? When Canadian soldiers defeated Nazis in Canada?

      I'm Norwegian, but you don't see me complaining that Age of Conan doesn't have any Norwegian content.

      What does the name of the place matter? Are you pissed because Minecraft doesn't take place in Canada as well? Aren't you happy that there is finally a game coming out that is based on the Canadian wilderness and the Canadian culture?

    8. Missing avatar

      Drew Hickcox on

      Does the DeHavilland Beaver not have a mechanical control system? It should be possible to maintain control of the aircraft even in the event of a complete power failure. A crash would still occur due to an inability to create enough thrust for level flight, but you'd at least be able to maintain a steady rate of descent and crash in the least threatening set of trees available...

      That's assuming of course that the aurora borealis/apocalypse thing only removed the ability to generate electricity, and doesn't affect vehicles in some other way

    9. Hinterland Creator on

      @Don: Or Nazi Cannibals! You heard it here first.

    10. Hinterland Creator on

      @Jonathan: Fair enough. Many of the place names in The Long Dark riff on or are inspired by names we find in this part of the world. Sitka is not only the name of a place in Alaska. And, as we've pointed out in other updates (including update 15 where we talk a bit about the fictional setup), the game is not set in a specific real-world location, and it isn't set in Alaska. We're sad that you're disappointed about our choices in one of the location names in the game. We don't think you'll find a more Canadian game than The Long Dark, but each backer has to make their own choice, so we wish you good luck with yours!

    11. Missing avatar

      jonathan wood on

      @Raphael., ok. Look for my new game coming out set in the entirely fictional setting inspired by large US cities, I'm calling it Chicago! (no relation to the actual Chicago, sorry if that's confusing) :P I did notice the place of birth and that added to my enjoyment of the setting for the game, yes.

      My own personal feedback is that if you want to create a fictional setting, create a fictional name to go with it. If you are going to set the game somewhere people can place on a map with the same name and flora/fauna typeset, then it's no longer fictional.

      I'm sorry I'm hitting on this point, it has really irked me to see it even nominally set in Alaska. I won't bug you about it anymore and will decide on my own if the project is still something I want to back. I know setting is only one minor aspect of a game like this, but a lot of my decision to back came from the Canadian connection.

      @Eric I am fairly sure there are plenty of islands off the coast of BC. Fairly sure. :)

    12. Don Reba on

      > @Don: You'll find out!

      Zombies are out, so that leaves Nazis and Cannibals.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      @Jonathan I would imagine a lot of reasons got them to Sitka.

      Islands make it easy to corral or partition the playable area without having to resort to obnoxious invisible walls. It also give a pretty obvious visual clue to advancement to a player; heading towards the mainland (and British Columbia) is probably going to feature pretty heavily in future episodes, if it doesn't happen in the Winter portion itself.

      Also, a nice, isolated island is a good place to be to avoid the Dying Times that are going to be going on on the mainlands through winter and spring, I imagine.

      Speaking of those, I imagine we'll probably get a chance to see what the aurora's and flares do to a larger city at some point, Vancouver seems like to choice to show off what happens to a big city when the food stops coming in.

    14. Hinterland Creator on

      @Don: You'll find out!

    15. Hinterland Creator on

      Hello, Jonathan. In our fiction, Sitka Island is not Sitka, Alaska. The game is set in our own entirely fictional setting that is inspired by Vancouver Island, Northern BC, the Yukon, and Alaska. Also, Sitka is a town (city?) in Alaska, on Baranof Island. But we can understand where that might be confusing. (For the record, I like the original Russian name for the real Sitka: New Arkangel - Raphael).

      Perhaps you noticed Mackenzie's place of birth? That should make you feel at home.

    16. Don Reba on

      > He realized that they were now working for organized crime, or worse.

      What is worse than organized crime? Disorganized crime?

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric on


      OK. I'm ready to play the game now.

    18. Missing avatar

      jonathan wood on

      Hi! I was so proud to back a Canadian developer making a game based in my area of the world! I was looking forward to details that were familiar to me instead of the inevitable setting in the US.

      (This goes back to frustration at my favorite developer Relic not putting more Canadian content in company of heroes)

      So what do I read in this latest update? That the main character has crashed on Sitka island...hmmm where is that...oh, Alaska.

      I know that the terrain will be similar to northern BC but really - why was the decision made to set the game there?