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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
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    1. Ian Boudreaux on

      So would cities ever be a possible addon? I love the starting point that it's at now, but assuming one day if it becomes very successful, popular, etc... would we see a city "map" or expansion of the current world. I really love survival horror games, but NONE take place in cities. Granted they are harder to do, but with the right about of care and dedication, I believe it could be done.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Cool update. I'm liking a lot of the direction so far. I'll admit I was hoping for a sword and bow kind of Apocalypse, but Bullet Scarcity and Antique Cars sounds like it could be a lot of fun, thematically and visually; bandits chasing you down in their uncle's restored bootlegger is a thing that I feel should happen.

      Also, what are you plans for the scale of NPCs, especially for the Sandbox mode? Are you shooting for something like Red Dead Redemption, with multiple 'townish' hubs, or something where survivors are a lot more scarce? Or is that something that might be configurable when creating a sandbox?

      Actually, now that I'm asking, I realized I'm not sure if you plan to have a distinct 'Story' mode and 'Sandbox' mode, or a single playable mode. I realize that either way Story Mode will have sandbox survival gameplay, but is there any plans for a separate 'Sandbox' mode, without specific story-driven stuff going on; just surviving in the wilderness and experimenting?

      This post turned out a lot longer than I had intended, but can you tell I'm a little excited about your game?

    3. Asmon Lacroix on

      @Avarchillion: I'm not sure that would be the case. Fukushima was physically damaged by a tsunami. In this scenario there's not damaged and all nuke plants have redundant shut down emergency measures. Some of which probably do not need electricity to work. And as a post 9-11 world, there is a good chance nuke plants are armoured against EMP.

      @Jabberwok: And all current tech that was specifically armoured against EMP.

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      Jabberwok on

      I like the setup, and the idea that some older appliances and machines might still function.

    5. Avarchillion on

      First of all, the scenario you show here with the coronal mass ejection, is a distinct posibillity in real life. So this game will be very interesting to play.
      Anyway there is something you might have overlooked though: The nuclear power plants. When earth is hit by such a powerful flare, the cooling systems of the nuclear power plants will fail and you will have huge Fukushima like events all over the country belching our massive amounts of highly radioactive particles.
      Your distance to a nuclear power plant will be a deciding factor of survival in an event such as this.


    6. Asmon Lacroix on

      I love the setup. It makes me think of how things were before the bombs fell in Fallout. Perhaps to a lesser extreme but still similar. Over population, food and resources shortage, world politics are a mess, etc... But this time humanity is not going with a bang. But with a whisper as the silent killer creeps over it.

      @Don Reba: If there's ever a PM mentioned in the game, it would probably be in summer. To give some time for humanity reorganize itself. Ottawa being way to far is out of the question. Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Victoria would be good candidates. Perhaps our hero would be lucky enough to meet the New-Victorian Queen as she rides a iron horse to unify the land under her rule.

    7. Hinterland Creator on

      @Don: Ha ha...cheeky!

    8. Don Reba on

      > The setting is based on the real world, inspired by it
      > and functions according to familiar rules, but it's also
      > fictional, which means we take liberties with locations,
      > names, people, events, etc. The setting should feel
      > eerily prescient and uncomfortably close to the reality
      > we see around us.

      Could you make Michael Ignatieff PM? Just try it, see how it works out. :)

    9. Hinterland Creator on

      @Yawei: I think there are some top-level similarities with Revolution, simply due to the "no power" setup, but Revolution takes place 15-20 years after the fact whereas The Long Dark is set in the immediate aftermath.

      Jericho was definitely an early inspiration; dealing with the kind of small-town psychology around this sort of an event, pitting neighbour against neighbour, but also bringing out the heroism of "normal" people -- those were handled really well in the show.

    10. Missing avatar

      James Hulonce on

      This sounds awesome! What happens on the 7th?

    11. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      @yawei, it reminds me of both of those shows, in some aspects, as well which is a good thing since there are parts of both of those shows that I like.

    12. Yawei on

      Reminds me of the TV show Revolution, whose background is really close to this one; all the electricity in the world was gone overnight, and people had to live with it for over 15 years.

      Also another TV show Jericho explores how a small country side community is affected by nuclear attacks on the U.S (coping after an EMP attack, dealing with refugees, resist armed raiders and bandits, relief tension with neighboring town, facing new governments created by remnant of old military forces), which in turn may offer some insights into what we can expected from the game.

    13. Stephen Dixon on

      Another amazing update guys. This project keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work.

    14. Lee Banyard on

      I think some backers realise you're better off showing quality work in terms of gameplay and captures of builds *later*, than grabbing that stuff now. As much as I'd love to see work that is an example of the finished game, if that were easy then the game would be... nearly finished! :)

    15. Hinterland Creator on

      @Alexey: See Update #12.

      Everyone else: Glad you like the setup! We're looking for to revealing more about the world of The Long Dark over the rest of this week.

    16. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      Another excellent update, you guys are doing a great job, it still sounds awesome, can't wait until the 7th to see what you have put together so far.

    17. Stephen Reid on

      Chillingly plausible background, with lots of scope for expansion later. As an urban dweller myself, I've had scary thoughts about any sort of long-term electrical blackout....

    18. Alexey Marakushev on

      I think all of potential backers want to see real gameplay and graphic instead sketches...

    19. Pilgrim on

      Does that mean that good old Europe was saved of this?

    20. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I'm in love with the basic design of the game. That's what originally attracted me to it, and I can't wait.

      However, after reading that, I am now also envisioning other games in other parts of this amazing setting. It's such a cool scenario, ripe for so much.

    21. ETD on

      YES! New update!