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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
6,966 backers pledged CA$ 256,217 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Hinterland Creator on

      @Chris: Remember that the $65 reward tier includes all the rewards from the $40 reward tier. So in addition to a physical copy of the game (DVD in hardcase), pledging $65 also gets you two digital copies of the game, access to beta, game soundtrack, concept art book, and making-of book. Each season is a stand-alone game that offers 5-6 hours of content in story mode, and dozens of hours in sandbox mode.

      @Karsten + @saluk: Thanks for your comments and feedback on our terminology.

      @Jabberwork: (1) Your pledge gives you the first season, which you can think of as the first game in The Long Dark universe. It will offer 5-6 hours of story mode gameplay, and dozens of hours of gameplay in sandbox mode. (2) I assume you are asking if there is continuity between seasons (correct me if this is incorrect). There won't be direct gameplay continuity between seasons, as each is a stand-alone game. However, there are some interesting possibilities for character persistence between seasons (for example inventory, injuries) that we would like to explore.

      @Richard + @ETD + @Kaisan +@Karsten: We're glad you hear the clarification on our budget was useful/informative!

    2. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      The wording is a little obtuse, but I think they are saying "season: winter" is like "mass effect 1" where "season: spring" would be like the sequel, ME2. You are getting roughly a telltale season amount of content in the first content they release in The Long Dark, all it once. It's not really episodic content the way we have come to know it. The "episodes" are just their terminology for a quest chain.

      At least that was my interpretation of it.

      And we are getting a sandbox, like the mission designer that comes with Arma3, to play around with surviving in different scenarios.

    3. ETD on

      I was wondering how you could possibly make a game like that on 200k. Thanks for the clarification guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Pretty excited about the sandbox mode, and its possibilities. Seems like a somewhat odd choice to begin the first episode in the winter, for some reason.
      A couple questions:
      1. Does my pledge mean I get only the first episode, or do I get the first season, or all future seasons of the game?
      2. Can my choices affect later episodes, and is there gameplay continuity between them? For instance, if I stashed a bunch of canned food in an empty cave (I don't mean a decision the game asked me to make, just something I did on my own), would it still be there in the next episode?

    5. Kaisan on

      Sounds good - I like the idea of the Stories and a free sandbox-mode - and it´s very good to know that you already raised $1M - with the Kickstarter-Goal of 200.000 $, that should be enough to design and produce a game like this. I´m really looking forward to this! Can´t wait! ;-)

    6. Richard McCormack on

      Cool :) , thanks for the info. 200k did seem a tiny sum for the game you guys were describing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Karsten Rohweder on

      Oh, and I'm really glad you explained the funding situation in such great detail. Knowing you have $1M additional funding increased my confidence in the project by a lot!

    8. Missing avatar

      Karsten Rohweder on

      Maybe "Season" is not the best word to describe the game's content. TV series often don't tell a complete story in one season, rather just a part of a story arc, and as such are an incomplete tale. I think this is not what you mean when you say The Long Dark will be a "season", and indeed your lengthy update is proof that you need a lot of explanation to make this distinction clear. Maybe you should reconsider the wording.

      Apart from that, I'm totally fine with 5-6 hours of narrative content plus X hours of sandbox gameplay! Being in my thirties, having a job and a family, I imagine that'll last me a long while. :-)

    9. Chris on

      So because you have a very deep on-going payment which will still exist well beyond the initial release of the game, even if it doesn't get funded on kick starter, I can imagine your plan is to drive players to continually spend money for in-game items, silly upgrades, content, ect... Your initial backers are your lifeline for keeping hinterland out of future financial troubles. If this game fails here ( which don't think it will) how would this shift your sales strategy??? I can't imagine spending $65 to own a hard copy of a game with only 5-6 hours of content on it let alone multiple other seasons at the same price... No one would pay for a full game costing over $200. How do you plan on packaging these seasons into a single game??? If you're requesting $65 for a SINGLE hard copy SEASON Why would I back this project... Knowing you won't be able to sell at that price in the future... Even at the downloadable price $20 for each season on the future $80 is a lot to spend. Like most people, I was under the impression I was backing an entire game not a 6 hour chunk of a much more expensive series. You wouldn't buy a season of Lost for $65 and they even give you a lot more content!

      I know you're not planning on putting 4x 6-hour seasons on store shelves at the standard game prices. It's not fair to us; it's not smart for you. What gives...

    10. Hinterland Creator on

      Thanks everyone! Everything you are doing -- being here, commenting, backing with what you can, spreading the word -- it's all helping. Taking the message of The Long Dark and spreading it throughout your social networks is extremely important and valuable to us. If you frequent any game forums or other communities you think might be interested in the game, please point them in our direction. This is about raising awareness, grassroots style! You are all amazing and we wouldn't be here if not for you. Thank you!

    11. Nick Evans on

      I am all for episodic content if the game turns out to be what you envisioned. Thanks for the explanation, and I am sure we all look forward to some gameplay footage down the road.

    12. Jeffrey Lewis on

      I hope this works, I love the idea and you have some great people working on this project, I only hope my small contribution is enough to help make a game that everyone will be talking about in the near future

    13. Rivfader on

      I want to see some gameplay!

    14. LeCroissantCyclope on

      Don't worry, it's a season.
      "Our intent with The Long Dark is to ship Season One of this experience: Winter."

    15. Kurt Maxwell on

      So we're buying one episode not the season, right?

    16. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      Everything sounds great, I wish I could give more to this project. Thanks for your hard work and I am looking forward to future developments/updates.