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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
6,966 backers pledged CA$ 256,217 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jeremy Anderson on

      Thank you very much, Hinterland!

      I've bumped my pledge accordingly. =^)

    2. Hinterland Creator on

      @Jeremy -- Very good idea about making the LOCKET available as a $5 Add-On, so EARLY BIRD backers can get the reward for a fair price. This has been added to our Add-On list!

    3. Jeremy Anderson on

      Thanks for this change, Hinterland! I am now far less bewildered than I was after the first customizable photo announcement. =)

      That said, I'm still wondering how EARLY BIRD pledgers could possibly claim the locket and yet not lose out on their "perk" of being pledged up before everyone else?

      Suggestion: Make the LOCKET available to anyone at any level for a simple +$5 CAD pledge. That way, if you're an EARLY BIRD, you just up your pledge (without changing your EARLY BIRD status selection) to $20 CAD, and you get "the locket" as well. This would give us the best of both worlds - the $5 discount for being EARLY BIRDs + the nifty LOCKET.

      Just a thought. =)

    4. Hinterland Creator on

      @Kerri -- Wildlife is going to play a big role in The Long Dark. It is going to be one of the main threats the player faces while exploring. Some examples I can give are wolves (solo and in packs, bears and cougars). Animal activity will vary based on time of day, weather conditions and terrain. It's not just about the player being careful to avoid wildlife threats -- it will be useful, perhaps necessary sometimes, to hunt animals to survive. Hunting is going to be important in The Long Dark, and details for this will be provided in a future update.

    5. Kerri Coffey on

      Thanks for the reply. No, I wouldn't want them to stretch it just to be customizable, I'd prefer the core game play to be good than to sacrifice it for being able to pick my hair color or something else unimportant.

      I have a question, and this may have been answered somewhere, I can't remember. How are wild animal interactions going to go? Will there be any?

    6. Hinterland Creator on

      @Kerri + @Logan -- The level of player customization for The Long Dark is something we talked a lot about. There are certainly technical considerations like @Logan was saying, but it also makes it difficult or impossible to have an iconic character that infuses all aspects of the game story. This is why we have both a Story Survival mode and a Sandbox Survival mode. The Sandbox mode can be thought of more as playing "yourself" as there isn't a story structure in that mode. We would like to have some customization elements there, and certainly naming your character when playing Sandbox is a very reasonable (i.e., not risky/difficult) feature request. How far we can take the customization angle in Sandbox will depend on our available resources. It's one of those things that we can push if we can, but it is lower priority than the core game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      @Kerri, I like customization in a game, but only if it doesn't take away from the story and content of the game. With a small project like this, providing for customization may take up too much time and/or resources which could be used to perfect the base story-line/game. It would be great to be able to completely customize the main character and back story, but better than that would be a really solid survival game, even if I have to play a character named William

    8. Kerri Coffey on

      This never actually occurred to me when I was reading about the Polaroid, but now that I've heard it I really, really like it. Definitely deepens the emotional connection for the player and probably means a lot to people for a lot of different reasons.

      The only way to further this would be letting the player pick the character's name (Or alias? What they go by to everyone else?) But my guess is because of voice acting, that can't be done.

      Either way, love the update, glad I supported this.

    9. goettel on

      I have to say that your feedback responses so far have been uncommonly open and graceful, which is great to see, and I'm looking forward to the game more and more. NB. I meant the personalized locket, below, of course.

    10. goettel on

      Great news, the locket is an excellent idea I for one would have been disappointed to miss out on. I'll put grump away now! :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jean-Christophe Gatien on

      I love everything about this game so far, and this feature really struck me I was going to upgrade but now if you keep looking this good I might upgrade to the 65$ tier instead, I mean I never saw such a good looking hardcase! :D Can't wait to see more concept art, I'm a bit woried about the look of the game, I hope you guys will go for a realistic look :)

    12. Hinterland Creator on

      @light487 -- One thing we're still trying to determine is whether Add-Ons are something most backers feel comfortable using. I wish Kickstarter had them built into the system, rather than being something campaigns have to kludge in.

    13. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Good feedback listening :)

      What would have been probably the most ideal win-win, is to have made the locket a digital add-on rather than part of a pledge and then at the same time given it away as part of tiers of a certain level and above.

    14. Hinterland Creator on

      @slugnet: We're including the Polaroid for everyone, and everyone can also update the photo to a personal one. We'll do our best to make sure that backers who choose the locket can also go back to using the Polaroid if they wish.

    15. Loren the GM on

      At the higher level, are we locked into the locket, or do we have the choice between Polaroid or locket? I'm pledged at a higher tier for other rewards, but don't want to lose out on the Polaroid.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rob C. on

      I hope everyone will consider not cutting their pledge down from $25 if you increased it $5 or $10 in order to get the locket and customizable photo feature. I'm not especially interested in a locket item as a cosmetic feature but, I mean, the project's not even guaranteed funded yet and $25 still seems very reasonable for the game itself unless the finished game ends up being really, really short on content per episode.

      I think it's really nice the Hinterlands team wants to make game experienced personalized for everyone but to criticize them over initially making it an exclusive thing just for Kickstarters who helped make the project happen is a little outrageous.

    17. Michael Hartmann

      That improves the situation. It's still an in-game exclusive, but hopefully minor enough to not scare potential backers away.

      You should probably close the existing $25 tier by limiting it to the number of current backers and make a new $25 tier with the new description.

    18. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      Hey, I just want to say that this is awesome. It wasn't worth it to me to upgrade $10 for what sounded like a cosmetic feature, but the idea of putting a loved one's photo into the game really means a lot and will deepen my emotional investment. Thank you for generously including it for all.