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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
6,966 backers pledged CA$ 256,217 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Hinterland Creator on

      Alex -- We love steak too.

    2. Hinterland Creator on

      Hello Hinterlanders! We've just posted Update 6, to clarify some details of the Willpower Photo system, and also to let you know that we're unlocking the ability to customize your Willpower Photo for all backers. The $25 tier will now simply include the actual Hinterland Locket artwork. More details here:

    3. Alex Stretton on

      Awesome idea, instead of my family im going to put in a picture of steak, to remind me how awesome steak is and that I want to survive and eat another steak. steak

      Cool stuff

    4. Michael Hartmann

      @Stephen: Some declared dropping their pledge as a result of the in-game exclusives in the Dreamfall comments. It's hardly news. I don't know if there were more that didn't announce it or not.
      The potential loss of pledges is certainly not worth the little boost the new tier gives. I guarantee that there are people who won't back this project now.
      And there is also the problem of how the extra content is going to be distributed. Activation codes will probably require some kind of registration, which is not exactly DRM-free. Or they can offer multiple versions to download, which sounds like a lot of extra work for a few hundred Dollars in extra pledges.

    5. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      It was pretty much due to all the add-ons and extras that people were adding on for that Jagged Alliance Flashback only barely made it toward the end.
      This has absolutely no in-game advantage or benefit anyway, just like how Banner Saga Backers can create their own family crest over people who simply buy the release on steam - it's a little 'Thank you' for pledging and helping fund the project.
      News to me that Dreamfall "lost backers" over this too..(At worse like me they probably just didn't add on for those skins) Dunno why people are getting up in arms over this.

      Was looking at upping my pledge eventually anyway, this is just more incentive now ;)

    6. no refund on

      Ya, I have to say adding an exclusive in game item tier after the fact of so many pledges, could be upsetting to some people. I my self don't really care. If I want to up my pledge I can, if I don't want to can can just hack the game later and do it myself ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Dabney on

      Have to respectfully disagree with Richard and goettel. More than anything else I want this game to get funded and made. And as a nice extra reward for backers going the extra mile to help the game get there, the locket is *genius*. I boosted my pledge to $25 from $15 pretty much straight away. I can only imaging what it will be like to pull that photo out in Oculus Rift, and see someone I really care about looking back at me... brilliant touch, guys.

      Doesn't seem to me to be any reason/logic/rules why a reward "should" be a stretch goal, rather than a backer reward. And adding stretch goals is best saved for when stretch goals are the most pressing concern, not just 'getting funded.' Seems a bit arbitrary to declare the you should get extra goodies without paying extra. You paid at the level you paid to get the reward offered; are you suddenly discontent with that deal just because of the knowledge that there is another goodie out there? Is it worth $10? Then boost your pledge.

    8. Richard McCormack on

      I agree with goettel ,this is not cool. We have already paid ... something like this locket sits better as a stretch goal for all the people helping this KS , not a way of squeezing more cash out of those who have paid. Not impressed :(

    9. pulsar9 on

      Is it just me or does that photo seem a little creepy?

    10. goettel on

      Don't want to be a sourpuss (I'm gonna be though), but adding the locket now leaves us early birds hanging, since we now have to pay a premium of $10 instead of $5 compared to the regular digital tier to get at it. But, hell, it's (finally) friday, I'll get a cold drink, or two, and maybe that fiver won't matter so much...cheers.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rob C. on

      This got me to increase my pledge a few bucks and it's practically a gift to everybody who pledged at a greater level than me. People like getting extra goodies and I think and hope this gets uninterested people to pledge and a few hundred people to kick in an extra $5 or $10. We just need more referrals and game media coverage.

    12. Michael Hartmann

      @Nick: I know that. I'm not worried that I don't get the in-game exclusive, the problem is that there is an in-game exclusive and those have never been good for any project I backed so far. Worst example is Hexit. They got a pledge boost for a day and then the project completely flatlined and ended up unsuccessful. Dreamfall Chapters lost backers over this. Others quickly abandoned in-game exclusives. I can't think of a single project that benefited from in-game exclusives.

      I get the reasoning for creators to do it. It sounds like a good idea to give backers something special, but on Kickstarter it is poison to include in-game exclusives. Of course it is always hard to measure the actual effect. It's easy to see the pledge increases and dropped or lowered pledges, but impossible to see how many people didn't back at all because of this.

    13. Nick Evans on

      It even says at the bottom of the actual pledge for the locket tier:

      "This tier is included for tiers $25 and above"

    14. Nick Evans on

      @Michael - I don't know if you read the description or not, or the answer to my previous question way down below, but ANYONE who pledges at a $25 tier or higher will automatically get this locket.

    15. Michael Hartmann

      Cosmetic change or not, it is still something that only backers at a certain (albeit still low) tier will get. That is never a good idea. It gets a few people (currently 9) to raise their pledge by $5-$10, but it will also prevent people from backing at all or backing at a higher level. There is a reason why most creators quickly got rid of such nonsense or failed to get funded.

      The feature itself sounds pretty good, but making it an in-game exclusive will do more harm to the campaign than good in the long run.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      On the one hand, I feel like a customizable photo is something that probably should have been included in the game by default, if they have that mechanic already there and usable. On the other hand, calm down guys, it's just a cosmetic change. Don't get worried till you see the "Bear Grylls Experience" reward tier that gives your character a free hotel stay and every box copy comes with a giant grub.

    17. Jeremy Anderson on

      Okay, I'm excited about the locket, but I was also excited about getting in on the EARLY BIRD tier a week or so ago (I so rarely find kickstarters before all the best "early bird" type tiers are completely sold out)...

      So how do I get the locket without sacrificing my Early Bird status & benefit? If I pay another $10 CAD to qualify for the locket, then I'm basically losing all the benefit of my faith and willingness to pitch into this game at the start of things...

      No problem kicking in more money, just confused about what it "means" in the grand scope of things...

    18. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      While I agree that adding in game benefits for people is a bit cheap, the addition of the locket doesn't fit that at all. The locket is just a cosmetic addition that adds no benefit except for allowing a bit of customization for those who truly helped contribute financially to the realization of this game.

    19. Adam Bollen on

      I don't have any comment on the in-game reward debate, but as a husband and father, I got serious chills reading about the locket and envisioning its use in my playthrough of the game. Master stroke, Hinterland!

    20. Lisa Hawthorne on

      I am so excited about the locket. Having a little personal touch in the game appeals to me.

    21. Bec Tan on

      If I want to obtain this locket, can I do so by adding to my $15 pledge?? Or is getting the $25 the only way?

    22. Michael Hartmann

      Terrible idea to add in-game exclusives. I'm on a higher tier already, but I urge you to get rid of in-game exclusives ASAP. They always cause backlash and yet this mistake gets made again and again by developers. Add as much digital rewards as you want, but don't add something in-game.

    23. Missing avatar


      "And if you pay enough money, you can just win the game without even playing it and post in on Facebook before all your friends, right?"

      Uh, I think you've misinterpreted this update. There is no mechanical or gameplay advantage that the locket provides over the Polaroid. It's purely cosmetic. The locket picture will still fade whenever you use it, just like the Polaroid.

    24. Hinterland Creator on

      @Dablue -- thanks, glad you like it!

      @Nick -- yes, it is automatically included for all tiers $25 and above.

      @Aram -- There is no gameplay advantage to using the Locket compared to using the Polaroid, we were very deliberate about that.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aram Khalili on

      And if you pay enough money, you can just win the game without even playing it and post in on Facebook before all your friends, right? 'Don't cheapen the mechanics of the game by putting a dollar amount on victory' is my advice.

    26. Nick Evans on

      So this new locket will be included with higher pledges?

    27. Dablue

      very cool mechanic folks. Especially the possibility to add your own photo to the game.