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THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
THE LONG DARK is a first-person post-disaster survival experience set in the Northern wilderness. How far will you go to survive?
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    1. Hinterland Creator on

      @shawn: We'll actually be doing an update about this this afternoon, but essentially you have the right idea.

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      Logan Griffith on

      @Shawn Roets, This is an answer I received earlier regarding a question I had about the end game:

      In Survival Story mode there will be a definite ending -- but this isn't the end of the story for Mackenzie and The Long Dark universe. It is just the ending of the first winter season. We plan for The Long Dark to have a long lifetime, as we have a lot we want to explore (much more than will fit in this first installment). Sorry if this sounds a bit vague, but we can't really be more specific at this stage.

      There is also the Survival Sandbox mode, where players will stay alive as long as possible (so there is no real ending there, like there is in Story mode).

    3. Shawn Roets on

      Love everything about this, pretty much the game I've been waiting for. My question is how will the open world aspect work if it's also episodic? Will it just be the story aspects that are episodic and you get to free roam once you've finished an episode or some other system?

    4. kalliff hewitt on

      yer need to walk before you can run :) thanks

    5. Hinterland Creator on

      @kaliff -- Right, only single player. In a lot of ways The Long Dark would make an awesome multiplayer game (similar to DayZ). I could see a multiplayer-only game set in The Long Dark universe in the future, but one thing at a time. :)

    6. Hinterland Creator on

      @Dara -- companion animals would be awesome (another backer had some great thoughts on having a dog for a player pet). It's outside our scope for the first season, but it's certainly something we could support in the future.

    7. kalliff hewitt on

      sorry i just found the info that said your just doing single player :( apologies

    8. kalliff hewitt on

      Hi also have to say the concept of this game is something that i have been waiting for.
      i was just wondering if you may have thought of a online experience as well as the solo campaign as it would be interesting to have community's to live with or just surviving with a few friends.
      just something to throw in to the mix :D

    9. Dara Robinson on

      Cool, sounds good. So sticking to my goat theme :D What about a pet goat? A fun and odd companion that you could milk :D lol

    10. Hinterland Creator on

      @Dara -- thank you for your support and questions! We haven't revealed too much about how the player may set up a base of operations, but we can tell you there will be player safehouses in the game. These will essentially be a "base of operations" that give the player an anchor in a location to help him survive. There is a lot of detail in this area, but it will need to wait for a future Update.

      Regarding your question about long term planning -- generally speaking you are going to have to keep moving to new areas to survive. You will eventually exhaust supplies in a given area, and we don't plan to allow the player to stick around indefinitely by doing things like planting crops. That being said, there will be the ability to store food and supplies (which is subject to spoilage over time), so stockpiling will be an option (and probably necessary, as players can only carry so much before becoming encumbered).

    11. Dara Robinson on

      Just backed the project, loving the concept. Cant wait to get my hands on the tbh
      So, quick question.
      There are different ways of surviving, and mainly here this would depend on your story line. Will Mackenzie be moving or will he be able to set up a base of operations. It is after all not just a temporary situation (or at least that is what it seems like).
      Also, if a Base camp idea is the case, will Mackenzie be able to corral animals like goats for milk and so on? As normally in a survival situation this could be life or death.
      Finally on this subject, will there be any long terms planning like complicated (well just normal but just not survival) buildings? Planting food? Storage of wood and other stock piles?

      Letting everyone I can know about this game. Cant wait to see and read more.

    12. Hinterland Creator on

      @Logan -- A "hardcore" mode that uses permadeath and no HUD is definitely an option we will consider. Making those changes is actually fairly straightforward -- the risky part is that we then have two modes that will require testing and potentially have their own tweaks for balance. What we ultimately do here will depend on feedback from the community.

    13. Missing avatar

      Logan Griffith on

      concerning premadeath, perhaps different difficulty settings can result in one which has no HUD and permadeath while an easier setting can show certain health/condition parameters as well as allow reloading previous checkpoints.

    14. Hinterland Creator on

      @Rick -- having a companion animal is such a cool idea. As always, deciding what features to add to the game is a delicate balance of weighing the cost and complexity versus how much better it makes the game, and of course determining if we have the resources and time to do it right.

      Having a dog is a big-ticket item for sure, but it would also be something a lot of players (including us!) would love. Being honest with you and the backers, it's probably something that falls outside our current scope, but it is an idea we will discuss. If you don't see it in the first season of The Long Dark, it could very well be added in the future.

    15. Rick Fleischer on

      What about having a dog to help hunt and alert you to dangers? Not sure if it'd be something you start out with if you are in a plane crash. Though a dice roll could determine whether your dog survives the crash! If they don't, or you must make the choice to eat him later D:, there could be other opportunities to acquire a dog. And of course, you'd have to be careful he/she isn't attacked by wolves/bears!

    16. Hinterland Creator on

      @Kenkenny -- regarding the game graphics -- the concept art you have seen is the art style for the game.

    17. Hinterland Creator on

      @Kenkenny -- we definitely want to factor in the psychological side of survival. Stay tuned for Updates about this in the future.

    18. Hinterland Creator on

      @Vyacheslav -- play as a vegan? A distinct possibility. Hm, I think we may have a new achievement for the game. :)

    19. Hinterland Creator on

      @Jabberwok -- the world is going to be large and there will be lots of things to explore. Obviously we aren't going to be Skyrim-scale epic, but our goal is to provide a rich world for exploration. Partly this goal will be achieve with modular and procedural content.

    20. Hinterland Creator on

      @gh3ry0n -- We are striving for a minimal HUD, and instead want to rely on visual and audio cues for things like hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc. There will be a more detailed status interface (which is outside gameplay).

    21. Hinterland Creator on

      @Gadgetprop -- we haven't talked about Pathologic as inspiration, but now you have us intrigued. We'll check it out.

      You will be able to save progress in the game, so you can restore from the last save point (there will also be an auto save). Permadeath is something we've talked about, and an option for that is a definite possibility. We'll certainly be looking to the community for their thoughts on this.

    22. Kenkenny on

      That's sound nice.

      If you go "too far" to survive will will be possible to fall slowly into madness ?

      And the most important question for me, the graphics will be minecraft like, realistic or somewhere between them ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Gerry Ryall on

      Not many plants growing out of the snow in a typical Canadian winter, Vyacheslav, but I guess anything is possible :)

    24. Mike Lacasse on

      I very much appreciate you guys not shying away from that survival possibility.

    25. Missing avatar

      Vyacheslav Vlasenko on

      So much to discover... but could I as a player avoid hunting and follow the path of vegan?

    26. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Went ahead and pledged, even though I don't usually back things with no gameplay footage. I'm really curious as to what the size of the world will be like. I respect the decision to keep the content of the game constant, but I would also love for it to be epic in scope.

    27. gh3ry0n on

      @Hinterland will our status be managed through in-game HUD, via a specific screen (like the one in MGS Snake Eater) or both ? Having basic info (health / tempature / hunger / thirst) on the HUD is important, but a specific screen for full status management allows for more info to be displayed without overloading the HUD...

    28. Missing avatar

      Gadgetprop on

      The player's meters remind me of those in Pathologic. Were you inspired by that game?
      I also wonder what happens when the player dies: game over screen, checkpoint reload, permadeath, respawn?

    29. Hinterland Creator on

      @Mike -- there will be visual and audio indications for things like hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc. We definitely don't want to do something as sterile as a number (even if under the hood that is how it's being tracked). This is a very important thing for us.

    30. Hinterland Creator on

      @Mike -- re: cannibalism, "What would you do to survive?"

    31. Mike Lacasse on

      Oh. Disturbing thought but relevant to desperate survival situations.


      How dark will things go? Shall it edge into possible horror territory or are ALL THE NOPES a go?

    32. Jordan York on

      Very cool update. Thanks for sharing!

    33. Mike Lacasse on

      Yes, yes and more yes!

      Very, very cool. A good balance between more fun and realism is definitely the way to go. Going too far into realism, while still awesome, would be an insane burden on the programmers because of all the thousands of little variables with everything. One thing I'm hoping for is a lack of a HUD and that the game presents things like hunger, thirst, fatigue, injuries and all that in a more innovative way than, say, a percentile meter. Things that would require us to not only pay attention to our surroundings, the wildlife, and other survivors but also how William reacts to things. Panting, wheezing, stumbling, commenting on hunger, thirst, vision getting a bit wobbly, things like that. That'd be pretty cool.

    34. Joshua Johnson

      thank you, this is exactly the type of info I was looking for pertaining to gameplay. looks really nice, do you think we might be able to see more concept art of what the game will look like?

    35. Mel on

      That is so cool! I love the idea of time of day and weather actually meaning something.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joel Baxter on

      I'm curious: how many of you Hinterland folks have played Miasmata, what did you think of it, and how (if at all) would you place its systems, goals, pace, atmosphere, or whatever in relation to what you are thinking about for The Long Dark?

    37. Hinterland Creator on

      Jesse -- probably not a tutorial or training mode but we'll do our best to make it accessible without compromising on the experience we're trying to create for you.

      Ryan -- re "rabbit starvation"; that's a good question and something we haven't made any decisions about yet. We'd like to play with different animal behaviours and "presets" in terms of how aggressive they are, and that could account for food supplies in a given area. But we have to be careful not to get too carried away.

      We would like to, as much as possible, create survival experiences that translate to useful real world knowledge.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ryan O'Grady on

      Very cool. Any plans to include rabbit starvation or are you leaving it at "enough food/not enough food"?

      Also, you know what would be extremely cool (but maybe too ambitious) is to include real survival information in the game so that people can learn things as they play, especially if those skills will help them in the game. Recognizing spoors, predicting weather, etc, would be really neat to learn about.

    39. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Sounds like it's going to be beyond awesome. Hope there's a tutorial or training mode or beginner mode, though. :)