THE LONG DARK, a first-person post-disaster survival sim

by Hinterland

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    1. Evil Duck on

      Still no news about the physical rewards?

    2. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Huh, guess I was right to hold off on playing until all these eps are actually done if progress is going to be wiped anyway.

      Sucks being someone who literally only backed this for the campaign and will never touch the sandbox side mode. Slowest production ever.. =(

    3. Thomas Melberg on

      Hi. I must have missed my key to the game. Can you guys at Hinterland resend it ?

    4. Karl Hedstrom

      I am like @Thomas Melberg, in that I never started to play the game and will need my key, thank!

    5. Christoph Zürcher on

      Thanks for your tireless work on the game, really looking forward to Ep3!

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Dear devs! This game is one of the best in the world! I spent more than 200 hours on it! :)

      Please add some digital stuff on GOG: like manual, artbook, soundtrack, maps in PDF e.t.c.

      I also think it would be nice to have something like "Complete Game Hints" PDF with real guides and hints from devs (with a description of various non-obvious mechanics e.t.c.).