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What would you do if the strip club you worked@ became a brothel?Adapt, fight or quit?This film follows 3 strippers facing this dilemma
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Hima B.

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Skylar Price (Stripper @ Mitchell Bros. + Porn Star)

This is a short clip from an interview with Skylar Price, a stripper + porn star who is currently working at the Mitchell Brothers/O'Farrell Theatre (MBOT) in San Francisco.  Below, she talks about prostitution.

DISCLAIMER:  I don't agree with Skylar's belief that legalizing prostitution will cause it to be free. Legalizing alcohol hasn't made it free. But I think it's important to hear this logic as many sex workers (who aren't activists) think that keeping it illegal will drive the demand for it + allow them to charge high prices for sex. More specifically to this film, I think it's a logic that many strip club owners have that it's more profitable to run an underground brothel than join the movement to decriminalize prostitution.

Backers will see a longer section from this unedited interview clip with Skylar Price. 

NEW REWARD:  Backers at the $25 and up level will get the entire unedited 8 minute interview clip with Skylar as she talks about not being a prostitute, legal brothels in Nevada, Proposition K (a 2008 San Francisco ballot measure that tried to decriminalize prostitution) & why she'd never work for a pimp.

FUTURE UPDATE:  Mitchell Brothers opened its doors in 1969 and became infamous for producing artsy porn (Behind the Green Door) as well as innovating lap dancing. In 2007, they lost their 2nd class action lawsuit in favor of dancers on the grounds that the piece-rate system they used to charge $180 quotas per shift was illegally applied. Nearly 370 strippers were reimbursed their quotas paid from their tips in a multi-million dollar settlement.  Stay tuned for a future update with Meta Jane Mitchell, co-owner of the Mitchell Brothers, as she talks about the gift card system that MBOT developed to comply with labor laws.

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