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What would you do if the strip club you worked@ became a brothel?Adapt, fight or quit?This film follows 3 strippers facing this dilemma
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Hima B.

505 backers pledged $30,795 to help bring this project to life.

What Would You Do To Change The System?


When San Francisco strip clubs began charging their illegal stage fees back in 1993, Daisy was one of the first dancers to organize against it.  She played a lead role in making sure that strip club owners could not claim 100% of the dancers' tips by working to strike down legislation devised by the clubs. 

In License To Pimp, we follow Daisy as she goes public about how the strip clubs’ illegal fees have continued to push many strippers to prostitute to pay these stage fees + commissions. She appears before city and state agencies to demand that they enforce the laws to uphold workers’ rights. One agency listens. The Commission on the Status of Women (COSW) drafts legislation to recognize strippers as employees, end the stage fees, & dismantle the illegal private booths. However, a battle ensues as strip clubs & most surprisingly the strippers themselves rally in support of the illegal conditions and try to maintain the status quo.

In the scene below, Daisy appears at a public meeting held by COSW, which is investigating San Francisco's strip clubs. While Daisy feels that dismantling the private booths can end pimping & violence in the strip clubs, the majority of the strippers believe otherwise & ask that the private booths not be removed.

Thanks to everyone who's backed this film.  We're crawling a bit right now, but have hopes that we'll make our goal.  Please spread word about this project far + wide + help us connect to audiences who want to learn more about sex workers & their workplace conditions.


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