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Comic-book stories celebrate women who crack ceilings, take names, and change the game.
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Brenda Starr creator opens doors for female cartoonists

Posted by Hi-Fi colour design - Brian Miller (Creator)

THANK YOU for backing FEMME MAGNIFIQUE. Over the course of this campaign we'll take you behind the scenes and reveal the magnificent female subjects and talented creative teams who will bring their stories to life on the comic-book page.

Dale Messick created the character of Brenda Starr in 1940, naming her after a debutante from the 1930s and basing her appearance on Rita Hayworth. Messick wanted to produce a strip with a female protagonist; she decided a career as a reporter would allow her character to travel and have adventures — adventures more glamorous than those actually experienced by most reporters. 



PAIGE BRADDOCK is the Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.  Braddock is the creator of the long running, Eisner nominated series, Jane’s World, and co-creator of The Martian Confederacy. Recently she released a new graphic novel for kids titled, Stinky Cecil. She has illustrated several Peanuts children’s books and the Snoopy U.S. postage stamp issued in 2001. More about her work can be found here:

Writer & artist Paige Braddock and artwork from Haven published in the anthology Alphabet
Writer & artist Paige Braddock and artwork from Haven published in the anthology Alphabet

Quick Q&A

Q: I wanted to be:

A: A cartoonist

Q: I didn't succeed at:

A: Basketball

Q: Trouble and desire:

A: Sometimes go hand in hand

Q: You and a bottle of $$$ champagne are joined by 2 famous writers or artists (living or dead) for a picnic. Who's in attendance? 

A: Cormac McCarthy and James Agee. We have an in-depth discussion about the human soul.

Q: Famous quote that explains your raisons d’être?

A: “At any moment be willing to sacrifice what you are for what you might become.”



That Girl with the Curls podcast episode 83 features interviews with three of the creators contributing to FEMME MAGNIFIQUE. Listen to Christina Rice, Tess Fowler, and Cecil Castellucci chat about their work in comics, the women who inspire them, and their stories in FEMME MAGNIFIQUE.

LISTEN HERE > That Girl with the Curls: Episode 83 — FEMME MAGNIFIQUE 

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