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A charming augmented reality children's book.  Let's explore hidden worlds together!
A charming augmented reality children's book.  Let's explore hidden worlds together!
A charming augmented reality children's book. Let's explore hidden worlds together!
1,003 backers pledged $36,799 to help bring this project to life.

Packages, App Development, and Shipping



We have been working hard to get the rewards ready for shipping.  We recently finished packaging them up, and the only thing holding us back is the app development.  Our estimated timeline is as follows:

- App finished (6/22)
- App approval by Apple & Google (6/29)
- Begin shipping packages (6/30)

This means that you should start receiving rewards in early July.  This is a little later than we'd hoped, but we are working on all cylinders to bring it to you as early as possible.

Note: We are optimistic that we'll get the app done and that we won't have any problems in the approval process.  But either of those two items could push us back slightly.

We are getting super close!
We are getting super close!

App Development

App Development has been coming along nicely.  A couple of things have taken a little longer than hoped for, but all-in-all it is looking really good and should be ready by the end of the week.

The biggest cost of time has been the touch interactions.  After watching Logan use the app we realized that he wanted to touch everything.  We decided that every single item in the book needed an interaction.  This by far took the most time as we made sure that they were unique and fun.

Here's the summary of a few things that we've done and the items left to do:


  • Specialized music has been included for every page.
  • Touch interactions for every person and item in the book.
  • Narrations sync'ed to every single page.
  • Added support for t-shirts and ability for unlock cards to unlock content.
  • Improvements to augmented reality algorithm.

In Progress:

  • Sound effects for each touch interaction.
  • Unlock card content (getting close on this).
  • Menus and tutorials for how to use it interface.  (Menus are done, but we are polishing and improving them).

Future Release:

These are items that won't go out in the current release, but will go out in an update in the near future.

  • Translations for a variety of different languages.
  • Extra narrations (including the Pirate voice).
  • The ability to select a girl (Lily) instead of a boy.

We've been working day in and day out to get the app together.  And it has come a super long way.  We are excited to share the final product with you soon.


Last update we mentioned that most of the rewards were complete except the pajamas and the blankets.  We are happy to say that all the rewards are now complete.  The pajamas turned out great, so great in fact that we decided to make a couple more for our two boys.


One of the big tasks we've been working on has been packaging.  And it has been no small feat, with over 1000 packages going out to all four corners of the globe.  The smaller rewards ($20, $25, $30) weren't too bad as all the rewards in each level are exactly the same.  They are also smaller, and fit nicely into bubble mailers.

And even with the 800 or so of them that were being packaged up, we were able to fit them nicely in a variety of totes.  With how quickly we packaged them up we were feeling pretty good about things, but we knew the hard part was still to come.

 Things got a little trickier once we hit the reward levels that include t-shirts.  With 4 t-shirt styles and 17 different sizes, that made for a total of 68 different variants we had to worry about.  So with a little help from Logan, and a lot of help from friends we got to work making sure that each order had the correct t-shirt style and size.

Things were fairly daunting in the beginning when we realized how many boxes we had to fill.  We wondered how much time it was really going to take us.

But little by little Sarah chipped away at the work, every night, and often through the day.  I wish I could say I helped, but she (rightfully) banished me to only working on the app, as that is something she couldn't help with.  At first I felt guilty, but as she passed me up and the app became the bottleneck, I was glad for her foresight.

But we are proud to say that every person that has filled our a survey now has a package with their name on it waiting in our house to be shipped.  For the 39 people that still haven't filled out your survey.... Please do so soon!  We don't want anyone to have to wait for their reward.


Even though everything is packaged up there is still a pretty big job of labeling and shipping each of the boxes and bubble mailers.  As of right now we are simply waiting for the app to be completed so that we can start the process of shipping.  But we are super excited to finally get them in your hands.

Wish us luck in getting this app finished quickly!  And thanks for all the support.


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    1. Ariel on

      Whoaaaaa! I can't wait!!!

    2. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      David - The girl version will be a free update to the app. I'm hoping to finish it in July.

    3. Annette Daniels on

      Nice! Totally looks overwhelming... thanks for the pics and updates. As my first backed project it's been really fun to witness. And realizing that your baby wanted EVERYTHING to have a feature is exactly what my daughter would want. So way to go logan for the insight! Can't wait to get the book but will definitely be patient because as you're also a working family it's truly awe-inspiring.

    4. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Getting excited about the shipment of our books. We'd rather have it done right the first time and not have problems after receiving them and trying the app with the kids. Kids have no patience for such things!

    5. Missing avatar

      David on

      I can't wait for the book. my grandkids are going to love this. Do you have dates on the girl version. is that going to be an unlock or software update.

    6. Mathew Thalakotur on

      That worked. Thanks, looking forward to the book!

    7. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      The easiest way is to follow these instructions. If you can't get it to work, let me know and we'll work around it:

    8. Mathew Thalakotur on

      Hey Brad, how do I update my mailing address? We've moved.