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A charming augmented reality children's book.  Let's explore hidden worlds together!
A charming augmented reality children's book.  Let's explore hidden worlds together!
A charming augmented reality children's book. Let's explore hidden worlds together!
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    1. Graham Connor

      We're expecting out first grandchild any day now. Our purchase of "Goodnight Lad" was a preemptive strike. Wish gander unknown, is there a female version?

    2. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      David - I'd gladly send you a new set of cards. I just sent you a personal message, email me back when you get a chance.

    3. Missing avatar

      David on

      Migrated off cell phones for my grandkids to a couple of kindle Fires. Let me tell you it was as if they were getting it for the first time. They can not put down the tablet and have mastered it better than the cellphones. I purchased 2 books but I can not find the little cards and can not find the email for the little girl and now I am getting were is the other things. Is it possible to send me an email with the QR codes to scan if that will work. THanks

    4. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      Robert - There are two pages at the beginning of the book that give instructions. The right one is the settings page. Here's what it should look like this:…

    5. Robert Petersen

      Yeah the back of the book. It pops up sporadically. Where do I access options?

    6. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      Jann - I sent you a personal message with the tracking number. Let me know if you have any questions.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jan Krynauw on

      Hi, I still haven't received my book. Do you perhaps have any tracking number for me?

    8. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      Robert - When you say the back page, are you referring to the back cover (with the barcode)? Because the back cover doesn't have any animations associated with it.

    9. Robert Petersen

      The back page seems to be a little hard to pick up on the iPhone. Every time I get it to show up it disappears. Is there a fix for this?

    10. MrClem

      the android app update arrived yesterday. thank you ;-)

    11. MrClem

      is there an update of the android app with translations ?

    12. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      Daniele - Translations are almost in. We are hoping to have them in over the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

    13. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      George - I sent it over two months ago. They claim the average shipping time is 3-5 weeks, so it is well past the normal time frame. I'll ship you a replacement copy, check for my email.

    14. George Malekkos on

      hello,still haven't received my book
      have you send it?

    15. Daniele on

      The book and app look and sound great!
      In the campaign it was specified that the app would allow to read the story in other languages (we speak Italian).
      When is this feature going to be implemented?
      Since the text is repeated as superimposed image in the app, it should also be possible to translate the text displayed by the app.

    16. Anibal A. Itriago Trujillo on

      I received my book this week... And the job is awesome! Congratulations for your work!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brett Patterson on

      Just great!! My little one loves the book and the augmented reality blows his mind!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mikkel R. Pamperin on

      Bradley Grimm -> Will you pls. check your pirvate messages in here.

    19. Bill on

      Love it!!!! Great Job!!!!!!! :-)

    20. Zubair Hamed on

      Finally got the loot! One thing though, the page which goes "And so his parents hatched a plan" and the adjacent upside down :-\

    21. Jason wingrove on

      both books arrived with thanks, drops all jaws that see it. congratulations everyone including you Turtle dog. So... whats next ???�

    22. Missing avatar

      Gonzalo Donaire on

      I got my book two days ago. It's amazing. My friends and family here in Spain love it. Good job!!!!!. I hope you'll make more books

    23. Jerry

      @Bradley got my book a few weeks ago and the kids just loved it. I back your first campaign and was super excited when you made a second attempt at it. Well done and congrats to you and your family. Please give a big thank you to the animator as well. I hope you consider doing more books.

    24. Missing avatar

      simon enderby

      Bradley - I have just received my order here in deepest darkest Borneo and as per all the great comments below it was like opening and viewing a piece or miraculous magic! Absolutely mind blowing. You deserve all the rewards now yourself from all your hard work and incredible conception of a truly original and amazing book. All the very best to you and your family - you must all be very proud indeed. An amazing latest addition to your already great family!

    25. Zubair Hamed on

      Can't wait to get it! Its crawling over here to Singapore unfortunately but..sooon i hope!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Schwartz on

      Its really amazing. I love it when Kickstarters vastly exceed my expectations. I hope you'll make another.

    27. Missing avatar

      DR on

      Received everything. Fantastic!

    28. Francisco on

      Got mine and my son loves it! Really cool technology. Can't wait for more books. Fantastic Job.

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Thanks Johnathan - never would have picked that. I was getting narration through my bluetooth headphones but not the phone's speakers.

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Barnard on

      For those of you without narration, make sure your ringer isn't set to silent via the switch on the side of your iPhone/iPad. It works perfectly once this is done.

    31. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Barnard on

      Received mine today in Australia. Great work. Narration doesn't work on my iPhone. Is there some I'm missing?

    32. Pamela P on

      Received my copies of the book the other day and think it's awesome. However, I also had problems with narration. Specifically, I wasn't able to change the narration to an alternative...I just couldn't get it to scroll over to select anything else. I was using an Android device.

    33. MrClem

      I received my book in France. Great job.

    34. Valerie on

      Love this book! However, it works great on my iPhone6, but when we use the iPad 2 gen it crashes frequently and that's frustrating. Let me know when you get a fix for that. Great job with the book, it's loads of fun to show off!

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I got mine yesterday and will do a test run tonight. I am having trouble getting the narration to work though....

    36. Missing avatar

      Bas Wienen on

      Got the book today. When i got the package my first reaction was about the size.
      But after looking at the book i'm happy with the result. And right on time for my nephews birthday.

      Keep up the good work.

    37. Bradley Grimm 3-time creator on

      Jason - Most international orders don't have tracking information. Some have emails (others didn't). I sent you direct message with the details of your package.

    38. Jason wingrove on

      for intl postage is there any tracking numbers or emails sent out when they're posted?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jaehwan Oh on

      I also got it yesterday and it was great for my children! It works as the creator mentioned and my kids are quite interested in the unique interactive book. However, just one time, it failed to aim at the book, so I closed the app and re-booted it. Fortunately, the problem was solved. It is a marvelous gift for children. Thanks.

    40. Robert Cote on

      Got my shipment yesterday, was perfect as expected, kudos to you and your team Bradley, great job. I didn't get a chance to go into the book but I was able to download the app and try it out on the shirt, you may want to look into that. I feel like the message displayed under the family is upside down, I can try to send you a screen shot if that helps? The message itself looked good, just looked flipped. It's possible maybe i'm doing something wrong?

    41. Joe on

      Got mine yesterday in England. Absolutely amazing. As with other comments I'd love to see one twice the size, and look forward to seeing another book.
      It's got me wondering though about applications outside of fun bedtime stories. Any chance this could be used in education to bring to life otherwise flat books? Visualising a heart, or a skeleton in 3D, or seeing the animation of how an engine works as examples?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey E. Cahhal on

      My son absolutely LOVES this book (heck, I even love it). This is the COOLEST thing EVER. I have used augmented reality apps before on iDevices, but this is the first time I have seen on actually just work, without issues. I just need to say: hats off to the Grimm family! You guys have come out with a great product that my son will enjoy for years to come. I am anxious to see what other books you come out with in the future. Keep me on your email list, I am ready to buy!

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Feltham on

      Received my book yesterday - all the way over here in England.

      Like other commenters have said - the physical size was smaller than I had anticipated, but this doesn't detract from the experience in any way - the book is just....magical! It's the only word I can think of to do it justice. It's going to be a birthday gift for my nephew, and I'm going to have to be disciplined to not give it to him sooner!

      Great job all the way through the project. I wish you all the best with your future efforts.


    44. Steven Black on

      Hi Bradley, my son loves it! Only issue is that the app on an iPad mini keeps crashing. Fine on iPhone 6 but the iPad mini is his so would be great if you had a possible fix if a known issue? Thanks

    45. stoob on

      Just received the book, downloaded the app, and astounded people in my office with it :) Can't wait to show my son tonight! Wonderful project, thank you!

    46. Steven Black on

      Brilliant book and app! Job very well done.
      Looking forward to any future features and other books released. Friends are impressed to so other orders coming your way.

      Proud to have been a part of this project.

    47. Patrick

      We just got our copies. They are amazing. I hope you decide to make more. If you do, I'll buy them without hesitation.

    48. Missing avatar

      Eric Swanson on

      I got my book yesterday and read it to the kids - they loved it, but I couldn't get the sound to work. Any suggestions?

    49. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Received my book in the mail earlier this week. Couldn't wait to open and read through it with the app. My first observation was that the book itself was a lot smaller than I had expected, ie. than most children's board books that I own. But once I started using the app I forgot about the book size and was mesmerized by what was happening on the pages. I can hardly wait for Lily to appear.
      What makes this book so good is the adorable animation, combined with the bright colors, which children are drawn to anyway. It also makes quite a difference with the background music. The narration was also spot on. Great job!

    50. Missing avatar

      edelle on

      Received yesterday - my toddler highly approves! She was very fascinated with the book coming to life on her tablet. App crashed once on our Nexus 7 2nd gen - but hey, that might be a problem with the tablet rather than the app :) Thank you, Grimm family, for bringing this project to life.

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