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Defense Grid 2 December Update

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

The holidays are approaching, and we wanted to to give you the 411 on Defense Grid 2 before they arrive! 

In this update we fill you in on the status of DG2, what our team is currently working on, and talk about our "12 Days of Defense Grid 2" Sweepstakes on Facebook (running from Dec. 9 - Dec. 20).

Happy Holidays!

Shall We Play (Another) Game (While Waiting)?

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi Team,

Hopefully we've made it very clear that we're extremely thankful for your backing and support of Defense Grid: Containment and Defense Grid 2.  Thank you so very much for your support.

While DG2 is going through all the necessary behind-the-scenes development to make sure that each tower is being created to do what it is supposed to do, that our level editor is developing levels like it is supposed to do, that each new mob is getting built and animated like it is supposed to be, we now have an opportunity to share with you the work of another team here at Hidden Path who has been working diligently on a new title for the studio called Windborne.

The upcoming DG2 beta will take place as soon as the code and assets are ready - don't worry - the DG2 team is hard at work.  Once the beta is ready we plan on testing out some multiplayer play and user created content submission and downloading with you (that's going to be the focus of the first beta experience).

Meanwhile, we are going to start sending out today to each Kickstarter backer, something completely unrelated:  Windborne preview experience codes. These codes are highly sought after right now, and let you in to the Windborne early preview experience   Today you get a floating island with which to explore, mine, build, and craft, as well as interact with just a few creatures in a very minor way.  You can also join your friends and work with them on one of your islands.

This alpha is helping us achieve stability and compatibility with player computers, and then we will be adding in the other populations of the world, allow for different and unique islands, and adding in the quests and the objectives that allow you to change the world and grow the ability of our Jin inhabitants who will be joining the game shortly.

The preview experience will last just for a limited time - perhaps 2 more weeks or so before it will end.  But, we wanted to share with you, our biggest supporters, what other things we're working on here at Hidden Path and let you get a sneak peak while also obtaining your feedback and thoughts.

So, you should receive an email with a Steam key later today that will open up the world of Windborne to you.

If you don't receive an email with a Windborne code in the next 24 hours, drop us a line at info [at] hiddenpath [dot] com, and let us know that you are a backer and didn't receive our email.  We'll respond to those requests as soon as we can.

Thanks so much for your support!

The Hidden Path Team

Multiplayer & PAX - Polygon Article

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi Team,

I just wanted to take a quick moment and point out the release of Part 3 of Polygon's behind-the-scenes coverage of the making of Defense Grid 2.  This article not only goes in depth on our preparation for PAX, but this time around, they brought a camera crew who captured 36 hours of coverage.  They boiled that down to 9 and a half minutes and I love the coverage of lead designer John Daud and his approach on making multiplayer work.

Enjoy the article and video:

Also, as an aside.  Our forums and path to UserVoice were hacked last Saturday and we expect to have them back up and running on Monday again after they've been repaired.  Sorry for the radio silence on the forums.

The Hidden Path Team

DG2: Gamescom & PAX Update - Completing First Playable

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi team,

As always we are grateful for you and your support as we make additional progress on DG2. Because of your initial support and then with the backing of Dracogen, we're well on our way to making a great DG2 game that will go to all backers and will be released for sale to others in the first half of next year on Steam.

This last month we hit our first major milestone goal - a new playable game built from the ground up to be able to go much farther and have more features than the original.  It needed to be a playable experience showing off both single player and multiplayer, and demonstrate both original and key new features.

We showed the single player alpha experience to press at the Gamescom convention in Germany (our first time attending), and then presented the first competitive multiplayer alpha mode for the game on the floor at PAX (our first time having our own booth) for players to try out and enjoy.

We have a long ways to go from here, but we're very excited about accomplishing this step - getting the code and content to a place where we could play a game, build the content with the new tools, and explore our new engine's capabilities as well as new features for Defense Grid play.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the game at PAX, below are some video and written accounts that are just starting to be published covering the game.  I wanted to make sure and share them with you so you can see the progress.  Remember - this is still very early and the first level ever built for DG2.  There is so much more that remains to do.

Also, if you have missed it, we've allowed Russ Pitts from Polygon to come spend weeks at a time with the DG2 team and record his take on what is going on.  He has complete freedom and we find out what he writes when you do.  It's been surreal for us to read about our work, interaction, lives, and sometimes way too much about ourselves individually, but if you want an objective, outside look at what is going on at HIdden Path Entertainment while we're making DG2, this is a series to follow.  Parts 1 & 2 are linked below, and for Part 3, he brought a camera crew with him to film us the week before PAX.  We were told that they captured 36 total hours of video footage over the week and will now edit it down to 10 minutes or so.  We're waiting like you to see what comes of that.

Next steps for the team include getting additional content and features into the game, and we hope to host several beta tests in November of this year.  You will of course be invited to participate as backers.

Thanks again for your support!

The Hidden Path Team

Eurogamer First look Video from Gamescom:

True PC Gaming from Gamescom:

GamesRadar from PAX:

Polygon - Making of DG2:

Part 1:

Part 2:

DG2 Show and Tell: GameTrailers & PAX

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hello again, and thank you again for being a backer of DG: Containment and DG2. Today we’re excited to partner with GameTrailers to show you and the rest of the world a first-look early alpha peek at DG2.

Here is the link to the trailer:

The team has been working hard to build a new Defense Grid 2 on a new engine that takes the next step past what the original game was able to accomplish, and adds new features, functions, and approaches that should enhance the game experience even further. We talked with you about some of those features in the previous development update and now you get to see some of them in this first-look trailer.

First off, you’ll notice the new game engine gives us much more visual fidelity to play with than we had in the original game. I have to stress again, that we’re early in development, so we’re barely taking advantage yet of new things we can do with the engine, but we have a new lighting model, new shadow tech, new effects such as fog and water, new particle systems, new emissive light sources, a fully rendered environment which lets us move the camera around for flythrough shots and to give you camera angle options for your gameplay (more on that later). There still are several features coming in over the next several months in the engine, so even more features will enhance what we can do with respect to visuals and also how they interact with gameplay.

In addition to showing the new look for several returning aliens and towers (in the trailer you’ll see new versions of swarmers, walkers, and juggernauts as well as new gun, cannon, inferno, and laser towers), we introduce some new features. We introduce the Boost tower – it blocks a space allowing you to path aliens more easily. It’s cheaper than guns were, but it also doesn’t do any damage. It does allow you to build another tower on top of it though, so you aren’t giving up a build space. It gives that new tower on top of it a better line of sight and provides a further enhancement upgrade option with available abilities such as Overcharge (do more damage), or Score Bonus (increase your score), or EMP (detect stealthed aliens and diminish shields).

We also show at the end of the trailer one of the major new features of DG2 – dynamic levels. Levels can have new sections added to them that allow you to utilize additional build spots or create new ways to path aliens. We won’t ever take any of your existing build spots away from you, but we will allow the level to grow and expand over time. We also may allow you to make some level configuration decisions during play too! In the trailer, you see a new section of road and build spaces rise from the water in time for you to path the last couple of waves even farther on their journey to the cores.

The best part of all of this, though it is still very early, early, alpha code, it is looking good and is already “Defense Grid” enough, that we feel good taking it to PAX. This won't be indicative of what the shipping game will be like, but… if you can, come see us in Seattle at the Penny-Arcade Expo, August 30 – September 2nd, we’ll have our first Hidden Path Entertainment booth ever – it’s #3330 on the expo floor - and not only can you try out Windborne at our booth, but we’ll also have DG2 there and you can play the demo level for yourselves! Come, play, and give us your feedback as we continue development of DG2 and target a release in the first half of next year. 

We’re so excited to start sharing this with you, and can’t wait to see you at PAX. 

The Hidden Path Team