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The Making of Defense Grid 2: Part 5, When a Successful Game is a Failure

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)
Defense Grid 2 In-Game Screenshot from
Defense Grid 2 In-Game Screenshot from

Russ Pitts at Polygon has been following Defense Grid 2 throughout its development and now releases the fifth installment of his Making of Defense Grid 2 series.   You've inspired us to be extremely transparent during our development and working closely with Russ is a big part of that.

This article focuses on the business of making games, and also is the first to announce our new partnership with 505 Games in addition to Angel investor Steven Dengler. 

The new partnership means that Defense Grid 2 will now not only release on Steam (Windows, Mac, & Linux/Steambox), but also will be coming out for the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 as well. We're very excited to be building a great Defense Grid 2 that will ship on 5 platforms. 


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    1. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Sadly no beta date yet. We're working very hard on it though, and we keep expecting it to be held at any time. There keep being good reasons to move it back until X or Y is in for the testing and experience. Hopefully we'll know more soon and make an announcement to everyone as soon as we lock it down.

    2. Missing avatar

      tom on

      Fascinating article! thanks! Is there a public date for something new for me to play with?

    3. Missing avatar


      I was reading this article this morning and wow, was if fascinating! Thanks so much for being open about all of that stuff, Hidden Path, it was an interesting and refreshing view into the sort of stuff that goes on in the background, and we gamers never get to learn about.

    4. Russell Venaska on

      Just saw your prior post and it partially answers my question: "We make the game, but Sony and Microsoft don't typically provide codes to us without full price purchase." This is part of the reason I've been converting to steam for cheap sale games now that are digital. If I'm going to pay premium prices ($60), I want a game on disc, with box, cover art and instruction book (which they are ripping me off on now, I see). I'm assuming this title will be comparably priced to Steam however, $20?

    5. Russell Venaska on

      Congrats. So as a KS backer do I only get the Steam license? I assume I must repurchase for PS4/Xbox one. Is this correct? It seems confusing to me for the same game. Though for example, Nintendo resells the same licenses for NES/snes/ETC on Wii and then Wii U even if I own the cartridge. Why is this? Perhaps you can explain in another update why this is necessary. It's hard to believe much time is spent converting to a new platform. Thanks.

    6. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Already (you guys are fast!) we've received a couple questions about Kickstarter backers receiving console codes rather than Steam codes now that the game is on console. Since many more may ask, we figured we'd be a little proactive and post the answer as we know it here:

      Q: Given today's announcement, will backers get to choose which platform they'd like DG2 on? I might want it on a console instead of Steam.

      A: Based on past experience, it is unlikely the console companies will "give" us complimentary quantities of game codes the way Steam does.

      We make the game, but Sony and Microsoft don't typically provide codes to us without full price purchase. Because of that (or unless that changes) we couldn't afford to give away codes for anything other than Steam.

      So for now, I expect we'll only be able to provide Steam codes. We'll of course ask the console companies when it comes time and if we can give our backers a choice, we absolutely will, but we wouldn't expect that to happen.