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Defense Grid 2 December Update

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

The holidays are approaching, and we wanted to to give you the 411 on Defense Grid 2 before they arrive! 

In this update we fill you in on the status of DG2, what our team is currently working on, and talk about our "12 Days of Defense Grid 2" Sweepstakes on Facebook (running from Dec. 9 - Dec. 20).

Happy Holidays!

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    1. Joshua Fennema on

      @Carsten The answer isn't "don't post on Facebook", the answer is "don't ONLY post on Facebook.

      Just because you don't use Facebook doesn't mean they're not allowed to post there.

    2. Missing avatar

      Carsten Krüger on

      Could you please not post on Facebook?
      I've no facebook and I want no facebook, but I want news about DG2!

    3. Gilles Gaumont on

      Thanks for the update ^-^

      Any Backer specifics on the beta testing process?

      Also any way that we would be able to get a couple more Keys for windborne? Love the game up to now but I run a gaming group and would love to give out a bunch of codes as a X-mas gift.

    4. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      I currently don't expect Linux to be ready for the first beta. We'll see where that comes in.

    5. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      For folks who are concerned, you can be confident we're not interested in a pay to win model either. We're on track for a premium download (as it was in the first game) where you get all the content that we ship with the game.

      As in the previous game, we can imagine DLC expansions that extend the game and story, but that's not our focus right now. We're focused on making the content for the main shipping game.

      One new opportunity we are going to provide is for new levels made by other players to be sold in-game and those who make those levels to receive a royalty (as seen in Team Fortress & Dota2). Purchasing these user-made levels will be completely optional and not part of the main storyline or content that comes with the game.

      The item system is a way of providing you a customizable experience that you can earn as you play. By putting it in your Steam inventory, we're giving you the ability to give items to friends and trade them - that's the main feature for it being in your Steam inventory, and it is simply an additional opportunity for you to share the extra items you earn in-game.

      As for development delay, we're still on track for the first half of 2014 as we said before - that's what we meant by not impacting what we've told you before. We expected uncertainties like this before the end of development and we've also made some progress faster than expected in other areas, so we'll see how it all works out, but to the resolution we've been targeting, nothing significant has changed.

      Hope that helps clarify.


    6. Cheeseness on

      Nice to hear things are moving forward :)

      Are we going to see Linux support in the first beta?

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Armstrong on

      Beta will be about 2 months late and it DOESN'T impact the development cycle? I'm not in a hurry, but I don't like being mislead.

      I find it extremely difficult to believe that being two months late on this milestone will not affect the release date of the title.

      I would have been fine with just announcing the title was behind schedule (have you ever seen a software project arrive on time?). But announcing the product is on track BEFORE beta testing on the heart of the game? Remember the first beta is just testing new features (multi-player, map editor and "item drops". The second beta actually involves testing the game's playability.

      Finally, does anyone else see "in app purchases" coming to DG2? Working with Steam to add power-ups? Really? I am completely uninterested in a "pay to win" game. If the game is moving this direction, I will probably NOT be playing.

    8. Missing avatar


      Awesome news, thanks for the update!

    9. Thane Armbruster on

      Is it just me, or did Emily (it was Emily, right?) say almost nothing for the entire video? what was the point of making her stand there for 5 whole minutes? I mean, I'm sure she does a lot of work managing us community members and arranging all those awesome prizes (and looking good is a nice bonus), but the video felt like one of those awkward class presentations where one group member does all the talking. I'd know, I'm a student right now.

      as a side note, its a shame hidden path can't afford to do internships.

    10. Wahngrok on

      @William: New ETA for Beta: 3rd week of January. Delay because of innovative features which have to be implemented first. Overall developement still on track.

      Sounds great. I really like how Hidden Path is pushing the boundaries. I fondly remember the Portal 2 ARG.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on

      happy holidays to all the people at hidden path too :)

    12. William

      Checking on this during lunch at work. They block youtube. Anyone have a summary?

    13. Titeflafla on

      Thank you very great job :)
      I'm looking forward to testing the beta
      happy holiday too

    14. Brian Widman on

      Defense Fridge is amazing. Great update, can't wait!