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DG2: Gamescom & PAX Update - Completing First Playable

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi team,

As always we are grateful for you and your support as we make additional progress on DG2. Because of your initial support and then with the backing of Dracogen, we're well on our way to making a great DG2 game that will go to all backers and will be released for sale to others in the first half of next year on Steam.

This last month we hit our first major milestone goal - a new playable game built from the ground up to be able to go much farther and have more features than the original.  It needed to be a playable experience showing off both single player and multiplayer, and demonstrate both original and key new features.

We showed the single player alpha experience to press at the Gamescom convention in Germany (our first time attending), and then presented the first competitive multiplayer alpha mode for the game on the floor at PAX (our first time having our own booth) for players to try out and enjoy.

We have a long ways to go from here, but we're very excited about accomplishing this step - getting the code and content to a place where we could play a game, build the content with the new tools, and explore our new engine's capabilities as well as new features for Defense Grid play.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the game at PAX, below are some video and written accounts that are just starting to be published covering the game.  I wanted to make sure and share them with you so you can see the progress.  Remember - this is still very early and the first level ever built for DG2.  There is so much more that remains to do.

Also, if you have missed it, we've allowed Russ Pitts from Polygon to come spend weeks at a time with the DG2 team and record his take on what is going on.  He has complete freedom and we find out what he writes when you do.  It's been surreal for us to read about our work, interaction, lives, and sometimes way too much about ourselves individually, but if you want an objective, outside look at what is going on at HIdden Path Entertainment while we're making DG2, this is a series to follow.  Parts 1 & 2 are linked below, and for Part 3, he brought a camera crew with him to film us the week before PAX.  We were told that they captured 36 total hours of video footage over the week and will now edit it down to 10 minutes or so.  We're waiting like you to see what comes of that.

Next steps for the team include getting additional content and features into the game, and we hope to host several beta tests in November of this year.  You will of course be invited to participate as backers.

Thanks again for your support!

The Hidden Path Team

Eurogamer First look Video from Gamescom:

True PC Gaming from Gamescom:

GamesRadar from PAX:

Polygon - Making of DG2:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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    1. Jonathan McLeod on

      Why not let the PAX / Gamescon build be playable to Kickstarter backer?

    2. Missing avatar

      SuperSijy on

      Looks awesome as a pre-alpha level! Can't wait for November!

      (also the notion of others making levels and selling them is awesome! I probably won't ever make good enough levels, but more defense grid I can play is always good!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Gordon Gibson on

      Looking good guys, can't wait to get into some beta action. Actually wearing my Defense Grid T-Shirt today too ;-)

    4. Dominik Deobald on

      Damn, missed it on gamescom...

    5. Missing avatar

      Steven Champness on

      For an early build, that looks excellent. I love seeing the alien's path relative to the towers I have built/am about to build. Very helpful. The dynamic content sounds like fun, and the ability to actually use the characters, rather than just listen to them, should make them a more immersive part of the game. Although I rarely get around to multiplayer, that DG Fighter mode sounds intriguing and immediately suggests from interesting strategies and challenges.

      Keep up the great work.

    6. Marc Aranha on

      Thanks for the links. I hadn't seen those articles or the video play thru. Good stuff!

    7. Jeff Truelsen on

      This is an early build, and I'm sure the clarity and the details that make each object identifiable will continue to get refined. I'm delighted to get this update.

    8. TheChosenOne on

      Hmmm it looks promising but I hope the overview" gets worked on A LOT. I mean its so much harder to see what is where and all that.

      That grass combined with the shadow, aliens, line, more colours etc is just really distracting in a way. Certainly not as readable as DG 1.
      I really hope you don't shoot yourself in the foot by adding to much fluff with the whole full 3D effect of the towers, aliens etc. Gameplay > graphics. Blizzard is key in this with E.g. Diablo 3.
      Still looking forward but a bit more reserved for now.