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Our First DG2 Development Update

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Producer Jeff Pobst and Lead Designer John Daud catch you up on all the things that have been happening in the Defense Grid world since the DG2 announcement, and then tell you more details about some of the new features in DG2. Learn more about the Boost tower, Tower items, and the Command Team features.  Also read John's designer blog at for more details.


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    1. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      I'd be interested in seeing a Totem Tower which consists of 4 tower parts which allow it to be effective in a small space against all types of units (if that was your choice),

      Short range, low power. The first placement is a mini version of all the other towers, so you could choose the gun tower for the bottom, whatever you need first.

      Then the second upgrade could be the flame thrower and etc... so you eventually have this 4 stack tower shooting lasers and fire and cannons at nearby enemies.

      The trade off should be it's weak but effective against everything if your short on space, however if you pile up 4 flamer towers then it's cheaper then a level 2 flamer, longer to build and you can't upgrade it afterwards.

    2. Adavanter on

      I loved absolutely loved everything I heard. Everything. Especially the boost tower. Tweaking the tower functions and stats? Just wow. This really sounds like an awesome sequel.

    3. Nicholas Tang on

      Can't wait guys! :)

    4. Alexspeed on

      Thank you for keeping us updated, that sounds excellent =)

    5. Tom Minton on

      Thanks for the update guys. The new cannon feature sounds great!

    6. Jason Wright on

      Renewed excitement!

    7. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      I recently restarted the DG campaign (Steam Cards appeal to my inner OCD) so this is welcome update!

    8. James C on

      Great update! Especially since I started played through some Defense Grid these past few days to beat my friend's high score on some levels. Cannot wait to hear more about DG2!

    9. Missing avatar

      perplex on

      Thanks for the update guys, you seem to have it all under control, i personally cant wait for DG2