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A Quick DG2 Kickstarter Housekeeping update - your Steam keys

Posted by Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer (Creator)

Hi Team,

Happy DG2 Kickstarter Anniversary!  A year ago today, we were 5 days in to the DG2 Kickstarter campaign and the future was unknown. Now, a paid-for and built expansion and one new investor later, and we've delivered Defense Grid:Containment and are well on our way to making DG2.

Speaking of that, DG2 development is deep and underway with anywhere from 11 to 15 people (depending on the day and the tasks) working fast and focused on getting the foundation of the sequel built.  We'll have much much more to share about that as things come together, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know about our automated messaging that started this morning and will likely run through tomorrow.

If you remember a year ago we were able to send code keys to your Kickstarter message thread as you pledged.  Over time, Kickstarter updated their web site and our ability to post to your message thread in an automated way was temporarily lost.  So, we sent out Containment and Community keys through email.  That worked for many folks, but not for everyone (domain filtering, junk mail filters, lost email, etc.). 

So, the fine folks at Kickstarter provided some technical assistance recently, and we've rebuilt our system and begun sending out Kickstarter messages to every backer with a full list of their Steam codes to date.  Since that thread sticks around, you'll always be able to go into your Kickstarter account, look at your inbox and find all the Steam keys we've allocated to you.  That will include (depending on your backer tier level) 1 or 3 Defense Grid: The Awakening keys, 1 or 3 "DLC keys" which add on the four Resurgence Map Packs and also the You Monster pack, and also 1 or 3 Defense Grid: Containment keys.  

The new system sends messages pretty slowly, like 100 an hour or so, so in theory it will take 63+ hours to get you your messages.  So, it may take a few days.

We'll let you know when we think they're all sent and you can verify you've received yours then.  For now, I wanted to let you know we were getting started with the process.

Thanks again for being a backer!!

The Hidden Path Team


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    1. StranaMente on

      You guys are truely great. I don't know how you do it, but I know I'm glad I backed you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Still good luck with the development of DG2.

    3. Missing avatar

      perplex on

      Nice, just got my codes too! Cant wait for DG2!

    4. Andrew Pierce on

      Um, I think you guys might have messed up somewhere all the codes for DG1 and the DLC matched, but only the first key sent to me for DG: Containment matched, the two additional keys sent to me by email do no match the other two for DG: Containment sent in the kickstarter message I just received :/.

    5. Jason Wright on

      Its been a year?

    6. Cyan Mentality on

      That's very considerate of you guys <3 :B thankyooo

    7. Hidden Path Entertainment, AMD & Razer Creator on

      Ian: Yes!
      Christopher: Soon you won't have to look far. :)

    8. Christopher on

      This is good news. I *think* I still have the emails with my unused keys somewhere, but I'd have to dig to find them. ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian Bergren on

      do we still qualify for DG2 when it comes out since you had to find a separate investor to complete it?

    10. TheChosenOne on

      Glad I pledged at the level I did. :)

    11. Tom Minton on

      Thanks for the update guys!

      Can't wait for DG2!!